Chris Jericho: Undisputed

February 19, 2011

This won’t be a long book review but I promised I would post my thoughts when I finished reading Chris Jericho’s new book, so here we go. The book is titled “Undisputed: How to become the World Champion in 1372 easy steps”. I don’t think he explains the title in the book but for those of you who haven’t figured it out, it was Jericho’s 1372nd match when he won the Undisputed (I still prefer Unified) World Title.

The reason I prefer Unified to the title Undisputed is that he actually unified the WWF and WCW World Titles, into one Championship, when he defeated WCW Champion The Rock and WWF Champion Steve Austin in one night. If you recall when Randy Savage won the WWF Title in the tournament at WrestleMania IV they called him the Undisputed Champion, because he was undisputedly the WWF Champion. Jericho was the guy who unified and combined the 2 long standing, major World Championships. I know arguing over a word is silly but I am a stickler for detail and anyone who knows me will back up that fact.

Enough about that, lets get on to the book. “Undisputed” is of course Jericho’s second autobiography, the first one being “A Lion’s Tale”. “A Lion’s Tale” covered Jericho’s life up and to the point where he was about to make his WWF debut. “Undisputed” picks up right where “A Lion’s Tale” left off and covers everything from that point up to the moment he makes his WWE return with the “Save Us” campaign. One can only assume there will be a third book eventually titled, “The Best in the World as What I Do” covering his 2nd WWE run, and all his other exploits post November 19th 2007.

“A Lion’s Tale” was arguably the best Wrestling Autobiography ever written. General consensus was that it was almost as good, or slightly better than (depending on your personal preference) Mick Foley’s “Have a Nice Day”, which was almost unanimously considered the standard barer for Wrestling Autobiographies before “A Lion’s Tale” hit book shelves. Both books were awesome but I lean towards Jericho’s book as being the better read because, let’s be honest Mick didn’t mention me at all. Come on seriously how dare he… after all the great matches we had… oh wait, hang on a second, I’ve never wrestled with Mick Foley. Alright scratch that, I forgive Mick for omitting ,me from his book, but I’m sticking by my stance that “A Lion’s Tale” was better than “Have a Nice Day” based solely on the fact that the former had more of me in it.

“Undisputed” unfortunately is not as good as, “A Lion’s Tale” at least not in my opinion. In all fairness though that’s like saying wining a 10 Million dollar lottery isn’t as good as winning an 11 million dollar lottery. Both would be really great and quite probably the difference is negligible but there is no getting around the fact that 11 is better than 10, is there? It just is, it’s 1 better. (Plagiaristic Authors’ note: shameless Spinal Tap rip-off done solely to pop Chris Jericho, and let him know I was paying attention all those time he subjected me to that movie.)

I suppose I should get a bit more specific. The book’s strength’s are Chris’s great writing style and his honesty. He’ll be the first one to point out how great his match was but he will also be the first person to admit when he falls on his face and stinks the joint out. You get a ton of back stage insight into the ups and downs of his first WWE run and all the heat he had to over come after his debut. In addition to all the great wrestling stories we get a ton of Fozzy stories, which were in a lot of ways the highlight of the book for me. Chris Jericho is not just a wrestler so this is not just a wrestling book. While “A Lion’s Tale” was his struggle to succeed and make it in wrestling, “Undisputed” becomes his struggle to deal with that success, while simultaneously starting at the bottom and trying to succeed as a musician as well.

There is also a lot of serious stuff in this book, as Chris deals with the loss of his mom, going to jail, and the death of his best friends Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. His chapter on Chris Benoit was by far the most interesting part of the book and was so well written I had to text him immediately after reading it to tell him how good a job I thought he’d done.

Do yourself a favour, if you haven’t picked up a copy of “Undisputed” do so immediately, and if you haven’t already pick up “A Lion’s Tale” too, you won’t be disappointed.

Good reading everyone,
Lance Storm