Q & A

March 16, 2007

Q: I was just wondering what your opinions are on Alex Shelley? The kid's chock full or charisma, and is amazing to watch in the ring or on the mic, and I'd like to know what you think of him.
A: I havenít seen nearly enough of him, but what I see I like. He seems like a good kid with a lot of potential.

Q: How do you feel about Jesse Venturaís insistence that wrestlers need to form a union?
A: It sure would change the industry but I donít see it happening.

Q: You helped train him, so you must be pretty proud of Bobby Lashleyís success. What else can he do to improve? Iíd suggest he try to look more intense and explosive in the ring. Maybe watching tapes of Savage, Lesnar, Warrior, Batista, Road Warriors and Sid for inspiration on ďintensityĒ might be of assistance. What do you think?
A: Considering how green he is, he is doing fantastic. He has only been in the business a couple years, and starting out with the pressure of such a top spot would be near impossible to do for most people. Iím a huge fan of Bobbyís; he is a great guy and an awesome athlete. Give the man some time.

Q: When do you think Jeff Hardy will become WWE Champion?
A: I donít.

Q: Who is your current pick to win the Money in the Bank match (Jeff, Matt, Kennedy, Punk, Booker, Edge, Orton, Finlay)?
A: Iíll go out on a limb and say Kennedy.

Q: What do you think of the "Strong Style" utilized in Japan?
A: I think it is often misunderstood. Working a strong style is fine if you have the talent to do so safely. I find often now lower caliber workers decide they want to work ďStrong StyleĒ to make up for a lack of skill and they arenít so much working strong style as they are just being sloppy stiff workers hoping to get a reaction for being stiff.

Q: I know there is a good resaon for it and I think I have even heard it before, but why is wrestlemania held at about this time every year? You would think that the biggest PPV of the year should be at the end of the year.
A: I have no idea if there is a reason for when itís held or not.

Q: When you wore the goldust face paint, who actually applies the paint?
A: Dustin did it for me.

Q: On a DVD such as the Rise and Fall of ECW one, are guys give sheets at all with points to hit on when talking about a certain moment or are guys given free reign to say what they want?
A: They generally have a list of questions they ask us when doing DVD interviews. That way they can direct the story where they want.

Q: Ever meet Randy Savage at all, and what did you think of his work?
A: I met Savage in SMW when he did a couple shots for Cornette while he was still in WWE. He was very cool and helpful to everyone else on the show. He watched the matches and gave us compliments and advice on our work.

Q: Ever meet Rick Rude?
A: I worked with him in ECW; not matches but we were both involved in the Triple Threat angle with Bigelow.

Q: What do you think of WWE burying guys on DVD, such as Ultimate Warrior? While it was a good watch, it just seemed a bit small time to go to such length to burry him.
A: I thought it was pretty low end and cheap, to be honest.

Q: Does it bother you that WWE owns most of your career on tape or is that just a part of the business?
A: I was paid for the matches and knew at the time I wouldnít own the rights, thatís just part of the business.

Q: Were you upset at all the Brawler did not know you were in ECW at all?
A: Just surprised!

Q: Ever have any problem with security at airports wanting to open you gear bag(s) to see a title belt or anything like that?
A: It happened but thankfully I flew out of Calgary most times and everyone here was used to seeing title belts, having to deal with Bret for so many years.

Q: Would WWE having a acting coach at event at all to help guys learn to do promos be a help, or are acting and promos too different for it to help?
A: I think it might help and certainly wouldnít hurt. With the amount of time we have to kill at TV a once a month acting seminar could be helpful.

Q: I was reading through some of your Q&As and I noticed a lot of questions about Don West. I have always thought that getting rid of Don West would be a good idea and Kevin Nash would work great as a heel announcer. I feel like West would be better as the backstage interviewer because Borash and Letecia are terrible. What do you think?
A: Don West does wear on me after a while. I donít find his excitement genuine. Nash would be very funny in that role but Iím not sure he would be effective getting others over.

Q: I was watching some clips of shoot interviews, and during Matt Hardy's, he stated that Don Callis had INCREDIBLE heat with the WWE lockerroom. Never really explained why. I thought since you two seemed pretty close, you might have an idea.
A: The thing with WWE is that there isnít always a valid reason for back stage heat. One small thing can be misconstrued and things grow from there. There was heat on Don, but Iím not sure anyone truly knows where or how it originated.

Q: I know that you have said you will not work for TNA or WWE as a wrestler, but what about as a booker. If TNA wanted you as their lead booker would you consider it?
A: The head guy would have to be at the events, which would mean traveling again, so no. If they wanted me to contribute via videoconference, e-mail, phone and fax I would certainly consider it.

Q: How would you feel that instead of having WWE branded international shows they traded talent with local promotions? Loaning a few mid card talent to a promotion in the hope that they can find their edge or a new character direction, much like the informal arrangement with ECW, whilst also being able to bring in the cream of the crop of international markets to offer something fresh and different to the main roster would both expose WWE contracted wrestlers to a more diverse range of styles and allow them to expand their repertoire, whilst also allowing local markets to develop themselves.
A: Good in theory but WWE likes to be in control and trading and working together is seldom what they are looking for.

Q: In a recent commentary you mentioned that one of the few things you missed about "the road" was the pancakes. Specifically you mentioned that you loved Cracker Barrel's Maine Blueberry and Bob Evans Cinnamon Toast pancakes as your favourite. I was surprised when I read this post, for you failed to mention what I thought was your favourite: The Moon Dance Diner's "Crunch Berry Pancakes".
A: The Moon Dance pancakes were more about the gimmick and how big they were. They were also something I only got in Chicago so they were a rarity and not as much of a staple, so I donítí miss them as much.

Q: Nothing to do with wrestling but who is your choice to win the Stanley cup this year?
A: I do not follow hockey and donít even know when the Stanley Cup is.

Q: I am a college student who has studied creative writing, not being very "Athletic" but being a big wrestling fan all my life, do you have any tips for how you can break in to the wrestling world as a booker or part of creative?
A: You need a degree and legit writing experience in either movies or television.

Q: You brought up the tag match with Jado and Gedo in the last Q&A column. If you meant the one that was on tv, that was one of the best matches I've ever seen. Somehow it lead me to this question... is it diffiicult to work with wrestlers from Japan, or wherever, who do not speak english?
A: Iíve never had a problem, Clothesline is pretty universal.

Q: Not to long ago I was watching Royal Rumble '92 and it seemed like most everyone who came through that curtain that night was over big time, had a lot of work put into them and was a classic character. Guys like Piper, Flair, The Million Dollar Man, Big Boss Man, on and on the list could go... fast forward to present day and it seems like those days are long gone as the distance between the main event guys and the mid carders seems like miles (i.e. compare how far Carlito seems from HBK/Cena as opposed to the early 90s when Ted Dibiase could do mid card feuds one week and fill a main event heel slot the next week without much of a problem). Now, do you think these lack of characters/top guys/weaker looking undercard is a fault of the talent for not "doing more" or is it the fault of the WWE for focusing way to much around Cena/Edge/DX and casting their 2nd tier guys to the wayside? Orrrr, am I just completely wrong?
A: I think the problem (if you can call it that) is in the TV formula. Back in 1992 all you saw on TV were squash matches so everyone on TV looked like a star and won with their finishing move easily in 2 or 3 minutes. Now mid card guys see a win once in a blue moon and itís seldom with a finisher so guys arenít seen as Superstars as much. Big name matches were rarer back then and thus when you saw all these guys square of it was huge and even the under card guys won regularly on TV with their finisher.

Q: Do you think that it is possible for Vince McMahon to bring back WCW like he brought ECW back?
A: If you mean so that it doesnít resemble the original at all and doesnít draw worth a darn, Yah he could likely pull that off.

Q: Lance, I love your site. Just wondering, why does Vince seem to dislike Ricky Steamboat? I know he's hired him as an "agent", but there's no reference to him anywhere. From the classic matches with the "Nature Boy and "Macho Man" to his amazing pop during last years HOF ceremony when his was mentioned, I feel that the WWE has not appreciated all his work. What do you think? Will he ever be a HOF'er?
A: The problem was in the rights to the Steamboat name, which I believe up until just recently where not owned by either Steamboat or McMahon. I think now that they are free to use the name; he will be mentioned more and also inducted eventually.

Q: In an interview, Bret Hart was asked if he knew of plans to work a WCW angle with Lance Storm. He said he would have loved to but doesn't remember any plans to do so. If you could book your own fantasy Bret Hart/Lance Storm angle, what would it be? Paired together in a new Team Canada/Hart Foundation or tear the house down in a classic technical feud?
A: I had never heard any plans for this either but always thought it would have been the smart thing to do after Bretís concussion. Since Bret couldnít really bump at that point anymore it would have been an easy way to utilize his Star power as well as give me a HUGE rub by having him with me. It would have been a way to use Bret despite the concussion and would have elevated my status tremendously. I had the work rate and with Bretís added credibility I would have been a legit top tier guy.

Q: What would it take to get Lance Storm back in the ring full-time? Time? Money? The right schedule?
A: To be honest yah, a big pay cheque. My wife and I might be willing to put up with life on the road again for maybe a year if it was a substantial enough pay cheque to offset the hardship.

Q: Can WWE get ECW back on track?
A: Depends if they know it is off track.

Q: In a recent interview, Mick Foley mentions that the first WWECW One Night Stand sold very well despite no TV build-up and now ECW has its own weekly program and can't sell a PPV. DOES NO ONE ELSE AT TITAN "GET IT?"
A: Youíd have to ask them.

Q: Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart didn't get inducted to WWE's HOF until they were on better terms with the company. This makes me wonder if Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino, Kevin Nash, etc will EVER be inducted. Do personal feelings stand in the way of an induction?
A: Bruno is the only one standing in the way of him getting in. WWE has offered and he has turned them down. Bruno is a man of principal and he does not approve of the WWE product and thus does not want to be associated with it, you have to respect that.

Q: They Showed your match with HHH on Smackdown on May 2002 this week on WWEs from the Vault shown here in Europe. Any memories of that match?
A: I got a ton of email about this match and was very surprised to hear I was on SD this week (in the UK) I do remember that match well. I was real happy with it because with HHHís injuries from Hell in a Cell this match had to be more of a fight and less of a wrestling match. I thought I proved to a lot of office people that night that I was more versatile then they even thought I was. Everyone in the office and HHH included put over my performance huge that night, but of course nothing came of it. Tom Zenk even wrote an article about that match on his website when it happened.

Q: Even though I'm willing to suspend a LOT of disbelief when it comes to wrestling and not worry about some logical gaps, is there any reason why punching is technically still illegal? I know this isn't a big thing but it just always seemed a little weird to me. Much like your comments about Taz's use of a "chokehold" which should technically be illegal, I remember a number of wrestlers who used punches as a finisher (ie Johhny B. Badd, Tank Abbott, Ox Baker, one of the Von Erichs etc). Does this just relate back to the roots of pro wrestling in amateur wrestling where obviously striking isn't legal? It just seems that if you can kick someone in the head, punching them should be allowed as well.
A: I agree completely and always laugh when a ref tells a wrestler to open up the fist and stop punching. Everyone punches all the time, so state it is legal or make everyone stop, itís stupid!!!!! Could you imagine a DQ finish for punching? Hey maybe TNA could switch the title on a finish like that. Christian punches Joe in the match so he is DQíd and Joe wins the title.

Q: I recently read on wikipedia.org that MIke Awesome once had a run in with yakuza at an FMW show that almost turned disasterous for all the Americans in the locker room. ive read that puroresu has very close ties to the yakuza dating back to the rikidozan era and id like to ask if you've ever had anything similar happen to you or any fellow wrestlers while working in japan.
A: I believe the Yakuza have had a financial stake in a lot of the pro-wrestling in Japan. I have never had a run in with them but some likely have.

Q: I was wondering what you thought of the honkey tonk man's excessively long title reign? DO you think he deserved it and why? There must have been others that could have carried the belt.
A: I was a fan back in those days and I hated his long run, which I guess was the intent. I liked good wrestling matches and had no interest in watching Honkey defend the title. He may have drawn money however in that everyone expected him to lose quickly so they may have bought tickets figuring they would see him drop the title.

Q: Is it proper etiquette to say hi/shake hands with every wrestler when you get to each event? I remember when I did training with a local australian wrestling company, everyone did this at training and backstage at shows when they would arrive. Also, if the answer is yes, could someone get heat for not doing this?
A: It is absolutely proper etiquette to do so and you will get heat for not.

Q: Would there ever be a chance you could wrestle Chris Benoit? Maybe if you showed up at a Calgary WWE house show and it could be the possible opportunity to do it? Just an idea.
A: I would wrestle the show for FREE just to have the pleasure of working with Chris!!

Q: Why would Vito take being WCW Hardcore champion so seriously that he would complain to a road agent when you're in the same area?
A: A lot of guys are big marks for having titles.

Q: Whatís your opinion of Crash Holly? Did you ever get to work with him?
A: I worked with Crash at least once in WWE, and thought he was a good guy and a lot of fun.

Q: So, I ran into Chris Benoit at my gym here in Georgia and we got to talking about WrestleMania a little bit. I couldn't help but think of how awesome a Storm vs. Benoit (Battle for Canada) match would be at Mania. Tell me you would rejoin WWE for that...
A: Iíd fly myself in and work the show for free, but I would not come back full time.

Q: If Paul Heyman was to start a new wrestling promotion and had a nice financial backing how fast do you think it could succeed, and how interested in it would you be?
A: I would certainly want to see it but there are a lot of variable to making a winning product and Heyman is but one of them.

Q: How crazy was it to take the Blonde-Bombshell off the top rope?
A: Most nights it wasnít too bad, the Heat Wave PPV was brutal though.

Q: Doesn't it seem a bit odd that the World Title is on SmackDown instead of WWE's biggest show RAW?
A: I think both shows are meant to be equals, as are the World Title and the WWE Title.

Q: Iíve seen some bad matches- but I canít say any of them were bad because of stage-fright, being in front of a huge arena or something. Does it not happen? Or are most wrestlers too Ďin the momentí to have it?
A: Any wrestler who would get stage freight would likely not make it off the low end Indy scene.

Q: I noticed throughout the years that some guys do a great job of taking the pedigree from Triple H and some do not at all. Have you taken this move? How hard of a move is this to take/protect yourself?
A: Iíve taken the move once and had no problem with it, but if the guy wanted to plant you there isnít much you can do about it other than turn your head so you donít break your nose.

Q: Besides Calgary, what was your favorite city to work in?
A: Halifax, Chicago, Tokyo, and Toronto, to name a few.

Q: What is the main reason Shelton Benjamin hasn't received a push to the top?
A: I have no idea. Iíd be happy if they at least pushed him to the middle.

Q: Whatís your opinion on main eventers like Cena and Michaels holding tag titles, do u believe its hurtful to the tag team division by suggesting actual formed teams aren't strong enough to head the division or does having the straps on them boost the division by giving the titles more importance?
A: I think this was done to give Cena and HBK a reason to interact building to Mania. With them both being faces they canít fight each other so they needed a reason to make them fight together to further their build to Mania.

Q: Did you have an opportunity to work with Curt Hennig? What was your take on him as a person backstage?
A: The biggest show I ever worked, SkyDome in Toronto, the Mania 18 Heat match I tagged with Curt in a 6-man match. He was a lot of fun, and a very out going person. He was very old school in his mentality and was a constant ribber.

Q: Why do you think Barry Windham never was pushed in the NWA?
A: He challenged Flair for the Title, held the US Title and was at one point a member of the 4 Horse Man, how is that NEVER getting pushed.

Q: I have watched you from SMW to ECW to WCW to WWE and honestly don't remember seeing you ever bleed. I know you mentioned Mike Awesome teaching how to blade in Japan, but did you ever blade in the US?
A: The only time in the US was my last ECW match when I faced Justin Credible on PPV.

Q: Do you think crack would help Vince Russo's booking ideas?
A: No but maybe if we were all on crack the plot holes would be less obvious to us.

Q: How old were your children before you came off the road?
A: My daughters were 8 and 5 when I finally got off the road.

Q: Who was the first wrestler that you met and marked out for after you broke into the business? Is there a story behind it?
A: Road Warrior Hawk was the first real big name that I met in the business, but Iíve never ďMarked OutĒ for anyone.

Q: U wrote in an earlier Q & A that u sometimes never talked with a guy during u wrestled him. How did u know what he was gonna do and how did he know what u were gonna do?
A: Some times you just wrestle and react to what happens. Apart from being told, this guy up with this move, Iíve done complete matches just by feeling it.

Q: Did you ever eat at Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, Bennigans. TGI Fridays, and Pizzaria Unos? I find all of said locations tremendous.
A: Iíve been to all. Applebees is a big one for the boys because they tend to be open later.

Q: In light of Kurtís link to the Steroid scandal in Florida do you think Kurt's current employer TNA should take action against Kurt (suspension, fining, firing)?
A: If TNA thinks it is a bad enough PR risk they could if they chose to, but this is over steroid prescriptions from several years ago.

Q: Do you think if the evidence warrants it, should Kurt face criminal charges?
A: If evidence proves he did something illegal than he should face whatever charges would relate to said crime.

Q: Do you feel that steroids should be illegal or should it be a personal choice (like tattooing or body peircing)?
A: I think they should be illegal yes. I believe they are detrimental to your health and have contributed to a lot of wrestling deaths over the years.

Q: Was there anyone from WCW or WWE you wanted to face and never had the chance to do so?
A: Iíve wanted to work with Chris Benoit and Bret Hart. I think I would have loved to work with Dean Malenko too.

Q: Would you welcome the idea of an autobiography of you, or a ďBest of DVDĒ containing career insight and matches?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Is there a particular author or genre of books by preference that you donít read or like?
A: I donít usually enjoy Sci Fi, but there are some exceptions to that genre.

Q: There has been rumours and comments on Joey Styles' announcing for some time now. I was wondering what you think of his mic skills? Also, how would you describe the role and purpose of the play by play announcer? Some say it is to push storylines, and others say it is to call the match. What are your thoughts?
A: I think Joey is fantastic. A play-by-play guy does need to call the match and get the storylines over. The problem, if there is one, is that when wrestling is done properly the story is told in the match and doesnít need endless announcer explanation. Joey worked in ECW when the story unfolded in the ring, and he called the matches and could let the story unfold on itís own. This is when Joey was at his best. In WWE the matches are often so removed from the story that calling the action leaves so much of the story out. WWE requires announcers to constantly shove the stories down our throats, and feel the matches are secondary. In my books Joey is a very close second to JR at his best, and I think Joey and Callis were the best announce duo. If I could only hire one announce guy I would take Joey over anyone, doing the job alone is near impossible and I donítí think anyone could do it as well as he does.

Q: If the Eddie Guerrrero DVD was called "Cheating Death, Stealing Life" and the Chris Benoit DVD called "Hard Knocks," what do you think a Lance Storm DVD would be called? "If I could be serious for a few hours" maybe? "Excuse me, can you direct me to the Cracker Barrel" would be my pick.
A: That is an interesting question. Perhaps, ď A working stiff, that never worked stiffĒ

Q: In your Un-American bit, when you guys did the upside down American flag thing. Was this in any way a knock on the American troops who raised the Canadian flag upside down at the Olympics several years ago?
A: The upside down flag thing was actually my Step-Dadís idea. He suggested it because itís the International Signal for Distress. JR explained this during commentary a few times.

Q: Of the 3 bridging belly to back suplexes (german, tiger and dragon) which one if you were receiving one would you really have to know the other guy before you let them do it to you.
A: The Dragon is the most dangerous, and hardest to protect yourself on. There would be very few people if any that I would take it from.

Q: has there ever been a time when you were given a dragon suplex and thought "oh man this is gonna hurt" (yes i know all bumbs must hurt somewhat). Who in the business does the best dragon suplex?
A: Iíve never taken one.

Q: When we see a backstage angle on tv based in the locker room is it the actual locker room you use or is another room in the building set up to look like a locker room.
A: It may not be the exact locker room that guy was using but they do use one of the regular locker rooms for those.

Q: You said in your last Q&A that "IF" Taker wins the belt at Mania that is would most likely be his last title run which would probably be followed by his retirement. From observing his most recent matches, in my opinion...he hasn't lost a step, not by an inch. To me, it would seem like he would have a lot left in his tank. So I'm guessing, if Taker does announce his retirement in the near future...it would have to be for different reasons other than being unable to perform at his standards. So why are soo many people including yourself sensing that he might be contemplating retirement??
A: I agree that Taker is completely on his game right now, so to me that is all the more reason to go out after one more top-notch run he could be very proud of. Why wait until you lose a step, if you donít have to. He should certainly be financially secure, Iím sure his family would love him to be off the road. Why not do one last run on top in great shape deserving that spot, and then step back with class. He could still do the occasional return match, which would be huge.

Q: What are your thoughts on Mike Lozanski and Ulf Herman have you ever wrestled them?
A: I tagged with Mike and Ulf but I donítí think I ever faced either of them. I met Mike my first year in the business. HE was a closer friend of Jerichoís than mine but I knew him fairly well. I worked with Ulf in Europe when I was there for Otto Wanz.

Q: Just wondering if you were in the writing team who would you have winning the 2 heavyweight titles at WrestleMania, and why?
A:I would put Taker over for one last Title run, and I would have Cena retain. Another Title run for Shawn would not elevate him at all, where a big win over Shawn would really help Cena, who is going to be around longer than Shawn will be. The same logic could be used to make a case for Batista but I donít think he has the years ahead of him that Cena does and I think the crowd would be very against him winning at Mania. I think a Taker title run would draw more after Mania than Dave retaining.

Q: I just wanted to know if you've ever been knocked out in the ring? I also wanted to know whatís the most painful finisher you've ever received?
A: I have not been knocked out in the ring. Finishers were never the most painful moves.

Q: Given WWE's tendency to base Hall of Fame inductions on more than WWE portions of careers(Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race being excellent examples), do you think Ultimo Dragon would ever have a shot? Even if he never got in, I think I'll always remember him as one of the best ever, largely due to your words of praise of the man.
A: I would say Dragon has zero chance of getting in. I doubt anyone in the WWE decision-making process even knows about his accomplishments in Mexico or Japan.

Q: I would like to hear your opinion on Teddy Hart. Do you believe that he's going to be a huge star in the future?
A: Teddy has a ton of talent but is often his own worst enemy, with his conduct. He certainly has the potential to leave a strong mark in this business but only time will tell if he can pull that together and get the right opportunity to do so.

Q: On the very rare occasions that you have consumed alcoholic beverages, what have you had, and what was your drink of choice?
A: When I drank it was never my choice. In Japan I drank bear as that is what Tenryu and the boys were drinking and toasting with. In Europe I pretty much drank what ever the hell they handed me.

Q: I know you view yourself as a very good wrestler (and I agree with you on that point) but I am curious to know if you feel you were good enough to be the world champion? If so, is there is any bitterness at all about how you were never really given the chance to be the top guy in the WWE or WCW? I realize it was just a job for you but, if I was in your shoes, I would feel a bit angry about something like this.
A: It was more than just a job, but I am certainly not bitter. I think I was certainly talented enough that if a company WCW or WWE wanted to get behind me I could have done well a champ. That said I doubt at any point in my career if the choice was totally up to me I would have put the title on me. There were always other worthy choices and often far better choices to have the title on than me, so it certainly wasnít an injustice to not put the title on me. I think in WCW when I faced Booker for the title that first time the crowd took me seriously enough that I could have held the title for a while. Had they put Bret in my corner at that point I likely could have drawn real well as a the next top Canadian.

Q: Secondly, when you look at someone like Edge, who is also a very good wrestler, he was in the same position you were in it seems. Sort of a mid card guy. I would have never thought he would get a championship run but he did. Do you think if you stuck with wrestling you'd eventually get a championship run like him?
A: No I donít think a title run would have ever been in the cards for me. There is a lot of politicking required and I think I was perceived as a ďgood handĒ in WWE eyes at that point, which means long-term employee but not a Main Eventer. It would have taken far more backstage maneuvering than I would be willing or able to do to make that perception change, and again there are likely more deserving candidates. If I were both back and booking I would see me as a solid challenger to Cena if built properly but I would likely keep the title on him over me.

Q: I stumped Jim Ross with this question, maybe I could stump you. No need to name names but have there ever been any epileptic wrestlers? I am really curious because if someone with epilepsy decided to train and go through all that effort and be told they could never be a wrestler that would be a shame. Your thoughts?
A: There was a local Stampede wrestler here in Calgary when I broke in who was an epileptic. He had it under control with medication, and I had worked him many times.

Q: Were you at the PPV watching the match when Sid had that gruesome leg injury? What was everybody's reaction around you?
A: I was there but fortunately I didnít see it happen and have always avoiding seeing a replay of it.

Q: What happened with your student Carlo Cannon being "Screwed" by the Hart family? I read a sentenced stating such, and it sounded very odd, is there a story behind this?
A: He had contacted Bruce Hart about coming to Calgary to train. Bruce told him to come on over and he would take care of him and train him. Carlo moved to Calgary from Australia to train with Bruce, but when he got hear was told by Bruce that he was no longer training anyone (I think Bruce had been training guys up at the Hart house but it was being sold and no longer available to him). Carlo moved all the way from Australia and could not train. A month or 2 later Carlo heard I was opening a school and he enrolled with me. He now thinks Bruce did him the biggest favour in the world.

Q: Ever have any interaction with Roddy Piper?
A: I met him very briefly at a Mania. I think it was 19 in Seattle.

Q: I just watched a DVD with Raven where they followed him around at a Indy event. He was giving other workers advice and what they could improve on etc. Is this a normal practice for bigger name guy to give advice to younger guys?
A: Some guys offer advice, but Iím sure Raven just did that for the DVD to get himself over as a mentor and knowledgeable vet. (LOL)

Q: Do most younger guys take that advice well or is it seen as "old timers" trying to tell them what to do?
A: If they are smart they take the advice. If you donít think you can learn from alternate opinions you are an idiot. Even if it is bad advice you should take it and consider it, it makes you evaluate what you are doing and can improve your perspective either way.

Q: Did you ever get to met Andre the giant at all?
A: No I did not. The closest I ever came was standing on the isle as a fan at WrestleMania 6 when he came down on the ring cart. He was MASSIVE!

Q: Is working wrestlemania as big as the WWE makes it out to be or do the boys consider it "just another show"?
A: No itís a BIG deal. It is seen by more people and is the biggest pay day of the year. EVERYONE wants on MANIA!

Q: Would it have been hard to work in the 80's where heels got booed no matter what and faces got cheers no matter what. It seemed like the face/heel did not really have to do anything special to get heat.
A: This would make it easier. Itís harder to get heel heat when everyone thinks you are just ďplaying the part of the heelĒ.

Q: You hear how a lot of guys have problems adjusting to the culture of Japan, did you have any such problems?
A: Thankfully all of my Japan trips were shorter so I managed to tough it out with out going crazy. The All Japan guys back in the day that used to do 5 or 6 week tours had it the hardest. Iím not sure I could have lasted though those.

Q: Is Bad News Allen as big of bad ass as he seemed on TV?
A: If by Bad Ass, you mean legit tough guy that could eat us all for breakfast, YES.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm