The Jim Cornette Experience

April 14, 2016

In an attempt not to get caught up in a childish Twitter war, or go on a Podcast and get into a heated discussing with a man I do not know, nor respect, I am going to calmly address my issues with the co-host of Jim Cornette's Podcast (The Jim Cornette experience) here.
If you are unaware last week on the JCE Jimmy and his co-host were discussing WrestleMania. Jim hadn't seen the show so his co-host was running it down for him. In his review of the show he made several statements about my friend Chris Jericho that I felt were disrespectful, completely false, and just plain ignorant. In response I Tweeted that Jim Cornette's co-host was being a complete Ass-Hat and was a classic never been there, talking out his ass. According to my Twitter time line said co-host took me to task on this week's JCE. I have no intention of listening to this week's JCE but thought I should at least clarify my statements and let everyone else judge who is the Ass-Hat.

The statements I took exception to were his reasons for not liking Jericho anymore, which came up when they were discussing the Jericho vs. Styles match. I will address each statement and why I took exception to them and let you be the judge.

He made fun of Jericho's chest and said it looked like he had a bad breast reduction and this for some reason is justification of not liking a guy anymore. Well for the record Jericho's chest does look odd and the reason for that is he suffered a muscle tear in his chest. I'm not sure when it became acceptable to make fun of a 25 year veteran of this sport because of an injury he suffered or how said injury should change your ability to enjoy his matches, but I'm calling this pretty much the definition of Ass-hat behaviour. I wonder if Mr. Co-host enjoys Kofi's work at all.

Mr. Co-host also stated that Jericho has new lifts in his boots, which are making him clumsier than he used to be. Now I'm curious if Mr. Co-host has spoken first hand to Jericho's boot guy or perhaps Jericho himself to verify this matter of fact statement, which I am almost 100% sure if False. Chris is a good friend of mine and I've seen his old boots as well as his current boots (I'm not even sure they are new) and they seem to be the exact same to me. If I am incorrect and Mr. Co-host has actually spoken to the guy who made Jericho's boots and knows for a fact he has added additional lifts to them for Jericho's current WWE run, then I will apologize. I'll even come on the Experience to do so. If he hasn't and in fact has zero knowledge of Jericho's boots and was just making a short joke at the expense of a Wrestling HOFer, then I again call Ass-hat.

He compared Jericho's program with AJ Styles to the burial of young talent in WCW, and basically called Jericho a hypocrite for complaining about it in WCW and perpetrating it in WWE. This is of course a complete bullshit thing to say. I suggest Mr Co-host go back and watch some WCW and rethink his statement. The Jericho vs. AJ program ended with AJ pinning Jericho with the Style's Clash in the middle of the ring on RAW. While I too thought AJ should have won at Mania comparing this program to say Hogan vs. Kidman in WCW or that absurd segment on Nitro where after winning my third consecutive Championship Kevin Nash came out, gave me the big boot, and proceeded to cut a promo about someone else, is ridiculous.

Cornette called him out on the Mania finish stating that Jericho isn't the one booking the finishes and you can't blame him. To this Mr Co-host stated that he was sure (confident, not sure exact word) that Jericho has enough creative control to get Vince to change the finish if he really wanted to. As per the previous point, not actively arguing to do a job is a far cry from actively politicking and booking programs to bury talent and put yourself over. Even if Jericho made no attempt to change the finish, which I have no knowledge of one way or the other, this still isn't on him. Furthermore I'm curious what kind of firsthand knowledge Mr Co-host has where he is confident Jericho has the stroke to change a Mania finish if he so chooses. I suspect he has zero knowledge of this and was once again talking out of his ass. If he does have such knowledge and can factually state that Jericho could have switched the finish if he wanted to, then again I will be happy to apologize. I wonder if Mr. Co-host will do the apologizing if he doesn't.

The last point I want to address was my statement that Mr-Co-host was a never been there talking out of his ass. I could see many people thinking this is akin too "He's never taken a bump, therefore he can't have an opinion". That is not what this statement was, this statement was a simple FACT. When Mr Co-host was talking about Jerihco's ability to convince Vince to change a Mania finish he was quite literally a Never been there, talking out of his ass. I don't believe Mr Co-host has ever been backstage at a WrestleMania, sat down with Vince, and tried to convince him to change his mind about a finish. If he hasn't then he's never been there and was talking out of his ass. Now once again if in fact he has negotiated a Mania finish with Vince, or even been in the room while someone else has, then I am the one who is mistaken.

That's pretty much where I stand on the issue, and won't comment on it again. If Jimmy reads this and his co-host does in fact have the first hand knowledge to back up his statement, or feels that dumping unfair blame on, or making fun of a 25 year veteran of this sport just for shits and giggles is acceptable then I will happily come on the Jim Cornette Experience and apologise to his co-host. If Jimmy agrees with me on these issues, I call on him to see if his co-host is man enough to apologize for his statements a week ago, and potential anything offensive he may have said this week.

Lance Storm