The Boys

April 29, 2010

This is going to be a short commentary but I’ve got a great little story to share. You often hear about life on the road and the camaraderie between the boys, and fans often want to hear road stories to get a feel for what kind of relationship the boys have on the road. Sometimes there are great stories to tell about ribs or ungodly road trips, like my Death Tour commentaries, but more often than not a lot of what makes life on the road fun and gives the boys that special place in your heart are little thing that are too small to make a story out of but likely better illustrate why the boys are the boys.

Though I am no longer on the road I still keep in touch with a few of my closer friends, mainly via text messaging, and yesterday I exchanged a few texts that had me smiling to myself, wishing I was back on the road. Okay maybe more missing the boys than wishing I was back on the road but it’s a great little story and I wanted to share it with everyone and put it all together so I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy the complete picture.

We need a little background first. There was a bit of an ongoing joke between Chris Jericho and Christian back when they held the World Tag Team Titles. They generally had great matches and would often get compliments on their match quality. In a light hearted competition/rib each guy would go up to the other and point out that people liked the match but that everyone was saying they thought their stuff was much better than the other guys. As an example Jericho would go up to Christian and say, “I just talked to Vince, he really liked the match but said my stuff looked way better than your stuff.” To which Christian might reply, “Really because Fit and Arn just left and said they thought your stuff was pretty bad but my stuff was so good it covered up for it.”

They would go back and forth like this in what was usually a very entertaining battle of wits. On the nights that they didn’t get on each other I would usually keep it alive congratulating each guy on a great match but point out that word on the street was that the other guy’s stuff was much better than which ever one of them I was talking to. This never failed to produce a smart ass comeback, and provided me endless entertainment while on the road.

Well this past Monday night Chris Jericho faced Christian in a singles match on RAW and I couldn’t help but send both guys a text congratulating them on a great match and reporting that I’ve been hearing everyone thought the other guys stuff was much better.

My exact text to Jericho was: “Good match last night but word 2day is that Jay’s stuff looked better.”

To which Chris replied with in seconds: “I know it’s because I spent the afternoon working with him to make his stuff look better.”

My text to Christian very similar: “Good match last night but word 2day is Chris’ stuff looked better.”

To this Christian replied, again with in seconds: “Most people r saying I took his stuff so good it appeared his stuff was better.”

I don’t know if this is as funny to others but I loved it. This is the kind of conversation and debates we had on the road all the time to amuse our selves and I really miss them. Had their texts been between each other instead of just to me, there would no doubt have been a much lengthier verbal debate. For the record though I think they were both equally great and if they continue to improve and apply themselves, their stuff may one day look as good as my stuff does.

In closing I think we’ve learned today that wrestlers don’t engage in deep philosophical debates on the road, it’s more about childish one-upmanship.

Lance Storm

Just a brief post script addition to the above commentary:

After posting this commentary I received an email from my good buddy Paul Lazenby, which made me laugh so I thought I would share it with everyone.

Paul's exact email, which he no doubt typed mere seconds after reading my commentary: "Not a bad job on the article about Chris and Jay. Of course, the stuff I write for my site's much better."

You can check out Paul's writings at: but be warned that despite how talented Paul's writing is it pales in comparison to mine.