Q and A

May 12, 2008

Time to dip back into the mailbag and answer your questions. Iím going to try to do this once a month, so if you have any questions you would like answered be sure to drop me an email @ StormWrestling@shaw.ca

Q: After Montreal 97, did wrestlers at all become paranoid that something like that may happen to them if they disagreed with management for whatever reason?

A: I donít think you really grasp what went on in Montreal. No one else would be paranoid over getting screwed on a finish because no one else had any degree of creative control, so they would pretty much have to do what they were told anyway. If you are planning to do the finish they are asking you to, what is there to be worried about? If you arenít the champ, donít have creative control, and arenít leaving the company you canít be in the situation Bret was in, or get ďscrewedĒ in such a fashion.

Q: I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the possibility of TNA incorporating a 'stiffer' more MMA based style, As somebody who takes great pride in the fact you worked so safely throughout your career, do you feel this approach cheapens the art/illusion of wrestling?

A: I think you are combining two possibilities. Just because you are incorporating MMA doesnít mean you have to work stiffer. There are people who can appear to work very stiff and not be stiff. If you are just going to start stiffing people and calling it an ďMMA StyleĒ Iím very much against it. If you can incorporate some MMA stuff into a match without exposing the ďworkingĒ element of pro-wrestling style, then more power to you.

Q: You mentioned holding a title involved more money, would that be true for someone like the Undertaker. Is he due for a pay raise during a title run and then a decrease when he doesnít have it?

A: I mentioned being higher on the card means more money and a Title could ensure a higher spot. That does not mean that Taker definitely gets a pay cut if he drops the title. Taker is always featured in top matches and would be paid accordingly. His pay may not change much with or with out the Title, because he is a top draws either way. If a Matt Hardy got the World Title he would definitely be in a higher position, which would translate to more money.

Q: Why haven't gymnast been tapped for talent much like football players and amateur wrestlers. I know most gymnasts won't have the size most companies want but I could see a cruiserweight or even just a midcard champ be a gymnast. I honestly think that gymnasts are some of the strongest people in all of athletics but I don't know of any wrestlers with a gymnastic background.

A: I think you answered your own question. Gymnasts, while being incredible athletes, are usually very small people. WWE likes their athletes to be over 6 feet tall, so they would no recruit athletes from gymnastics because; few gymnasts, if any, are over 6 feet tall. There are a few pro-wrestlers with gymnastics backgrounds but again they are smaller guys who you likely wonít see in WWE. Matt Cross from ROH was a gymnast and he can do some fantastic stuff, but he is likely too short to ever end up in WWE.

Q: I watched the WWF Vs. WCW/ECW Alliance Immunity Battle Royal on YouTube and you were in the final four, so with something like that how is decided who goes out in what order? Or is there just a ring general stating who goes out when?

A: Our order would have been completely laid out for us. I know at one point I was going to win that match and they debated back and forth between Test and I on that one. He obviously won out in the end.

Q: I'm not sure if you have the channel in your neck of the woods but on Classic ESPN I recently found a show called AWA Wrestling Championship. This was a wrestling show from the mid 80's with matches from around the Midwest U.S. I recently saw a match with the Midnight Rockers (Michaels & Janetty) and also the tag team of Kurt Hennig and Scott Hall. It's amazing to watch these stars in their early days of wrestling. Have you seen this show? Did you ever work for the AWA?

A: The AWA was around when I was a fan but out of business before I had the chance to work for them. WWE put out an AWA DVD last year, which was awesome, and a lot of that old footage airs on WWE 24/7. If you get a chance check out the ďWrestle Rock RumbleĒ video on YouTube, itís from the AWA and is so bad itís AWESOME.

Q: I'm a big fan of both Ring of Honor and WWE, for various reasons, but I'm basically a wrestling fan no matter what. While I love guys like Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness in ROH and other places, I sometimes wonder if they would be a success on the 'big stage' so to speak. I know a lot of it would probably be booking, but do you think either could be successful in the WWE?

A: There is always a chance but considering their size, their success in WWE would likely not be at the scale you would expect or like. I was on the smaller end of the WWE locker room in size when I was there and I am considerably bigger than Bryan and likely a bit bigger than Nigel was well.

Q: How are your wheels doing now?

A: I guess I never really provided that much of a follow up after my knee surgery. My knees are doing fantastic. I have full range of motion back, can train my legs with no trouble at the gym, and am back doing full cardio. Iím wrestling with my students again and am having no trouble at all with my knees.

Q: Will Chris Benoit ever be honored by WWE for his wrestling career? Maybe not now but maybe 5 or 10 years from now.

A: I doubt it. Wrestling fans seem more apt to forgive and forget, but double murder is a pretty big and unforgivable crime. Chrisí contributions to the wrestling business were great but I think they still pale in comparison to the horrific nature of killing your wife and child. I donít see WWE publicly embracing Chris Benoit in any capacity in the future.

Q: Do you have any favorites in MMA today??

A: Iím a big Brock Lesnar supporter. Itís so much more fun watching people you know compete. I love Frank Shamrock as well; he always puts on one hell of a show. Iím also getting into Quinton Jackson because of his personality on TUF.

Q: What would you think of ROH if they got a TV deal soon? I hope they do get 1 soon as a lot of the fans do to. What do you think of Nigel McGuinness?

A: I wish ROH nothing but success, because I love their product, but TV is a big step and I would only support that step if they were ready for it. Iíve just started watching Nigel and thought his PPV title match with Danielson last year was AWESOME.

Q: Hey Lance, what is your favorite WrestleMania?

A: There are some WrestleManias I havenít even seen, and my perspective changed when I was no longer a fan and became a worker. Iím still a big fan of Mania X. Bret and Owen was awesome.

Q: In your opinion, does the WWE have too many PPVs and show too much wrestling on television which forces them to show the same matches over and over again just to garner interest?

A: For my tastes yes, if there were less product on TV and fewer PPVs I would be able to follow it closer. That being said WWE is a business and keeps real close tabs on things like this and Iím all but positive that the current formula is the most profitable business wise. When they increase PPV events they take into account buy rates and total profit to make sure they are doing what is best for business.

Q: Whatís the fastest way i can be a creative writer or booker in the wrestling biz? (TNA Needs me)

A: There is no fast way, and the job isnít as easy as you think. To get hired as a writer/booker you either need years of experience in wrestling or a legitimate education and degree in writing as well as experience and writing credits on your resume.

Q: What road should I take to become a pro wrestler?

A: If you are serious about becoming a pro-wrestler I would recommend Storm Wrestling Academy, but I may be bias (LOL).

Q: What do you personally think TNA should do to shape up?

A: I think they need a creative change. TNAís Impact ratings have remained at approx. 1.0 for more than a year now. I believe and their PPV buy rates with a few rare exceptions have either been stagnant of decreased. They have all the talent in the world in their locker room, they just need to refocus and be the alternative they could be. TNA needs more action (remember what TNA stands for?), and more X-Division (exciting matches, not goofy comedy).

Q: I was just wondering if you still watch TNA iMPACT! Because I remembered that you once wrote a commentary in which you stated unless they made some changes you wouldn't watch the show ever again.

A: When I said that I said I was stopping until the New Year, which I did. I watch Impact most weeks. I have a lot of friends there I still like to watch.

Q: I was wondering if you were ever going to return to the wwe, you were one of my favorite wrestlers?

A: I have no plans to return to WWE or anywhere else. I retired so I could get off the road and be with my family. I love my time with my family and donít plan on giving that up.

Q: I was watching a match with you and William Regal facing off against JR and the King in Oklahoma. What was your personal opinion on how it came across and what did you think when you were told that you were going to have to wrestle the Raw announce team in the main event of an episode of Raw?

A: That was a lot of fun and the crowd loved it. What I remember most about that match was that JR apologized all day to us for having to work with him. JR respects this business so much that he felt he had no business being in the ring with us. I remember telling him that wrestlers are often put at the desk with him, for guest commentary, and most have no business being on the headset with him either, and that we should just do our best and try to entertain the fans. He agreed and we did.

Q: Do you think that Chris Jericho will get another opportunity as the World/WWE Champion during his second run with WWE?

A: If I had to lay bets I would say no, but as corny as it sounds anything can happen in WWE. If he does, and I think it would be great if he did, I see it happening on SD more than RAW.

Q: Hey lance, what is it like to know Chris Jericho and Joey Styles and all kind of other wrestlers as your friend?

A: Itís likely the same as you feel about having the friends that you have. To me theyíre just people. The only real difference is my friends live in different cities and Countries, which makes it hard to see them as often as I would like.

Lance Storm