Testosterone Replacement Therapy

August 05, 2011

I've got a bee in my bonnet again so I'm going to channel Dennis Miller and rant about it. After my Tapping out on MMA commentary I've been quoted or mentioned in several MMA article talking about drugs use and more specifically Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). While I did not read all of the articles I was mentioned in, I did hear one particular fighter took exception to my stance and made an attempt to justify his TRT use, which makes me want to clarify my stance and once again state that TRT use by MMA Fighters or competitive athletes in any sport, where steroid use is banned, is complete and utter bullshit.

In my opinion Athletes attempting to justify testosterone (steroid) use fall into two categories, they are either complete liars looking for an excuse to cover up their cheating, or naive whiners looking for an excuse to compensate for their own short comings. Both groups have no place in competitive sport, in my opinion. I think for the sake of this article I will discuss the latter because I would hope everyone would agree there are a lot of the former and those trying to cover up their cheating drug use should not be allowed to compete.

To be honest I believe even the inadequate whiners are more than likely just lying cheaters too, but let's take them at their word and let me explain to you why they too should be booted out of the sport.

The going excuse for TRT is that these individuals are suffering from a low level of testosterone and need TRT to get their own levels up into the normal range to allow them to compete fairly. Since when was sport about making sure everyone was completely the same on all levels; the same strength, speed, testosterone level, etc? The point of sport is to determine who is the strongest, fastest, or toughest. To then ensure combatants compete fairly and do not cheat, certain drugs that give individuals an advantage were banned, in hopes that athletes would train and compete with what, God, Mother Nature, or Genetics, depending on your particular belief system, gave them.

To this end, if you are a person legitimately suffering from low testosterone, and that low level makes it impossible for you to compete at a high level in MMA, or any other sport, you don't belong in that sport, end of story. You don't get to take banned drugs to enhance your performance because you aren't good enough or strong enough without those drugs.

To illustrate my point let me use an analogy. Let's say I wanted to compete in a target shooting like sport, a sport where a steady hand and calm nerves is requirement for success. Now let's also assume drugs that steady your hand and calm your nerves are banned in this particular sport, because the whole point is to determine who has the calm nerves and steady hand to be the best target shooter. Anyone using these banned drugs is cheating, because they illegally enhance your performance. Now let's say I suffer from an anxiety disorder that causes me to be extremely nervous and my hands to be abnormally shaky. Should I be allowed to take these banned drugs to be able to compete or should I just accept the fact that people with anxiety disorders and incredibly shaky hands, are shitty target shooters and this sport is not for me?

All men were not created equal; if they were there would be no point to competition. Rules (drug bans specifically) are there for a reason. They are there to even the playing field. They are not there to even out the players on the field. If you can't compete in your chosen sport without banned drugs, then you do not belong in that sport. You need to either admit you are cheating or admit you just aren't good enough; either way you do not belong in the game, so get the hell out.

In closing I think I need to make one last clarification, because I know some idiot out their will try to jump on me, claiming I'm advising against seeking medical treatment for legitimate medical condition, which I am not. If you have a legitimate ailment that is hampering your quality of life by all means seek out medical treatment that might make your life better and more enjoyable. Just don't then use that treatment as a crutch to compete in something you aren't otherwise qualified to compete in.

I will use one more analogy to make this point. If you have an abnormally low IQ, which I suspect many who buy into the TRT by professional athletes may well be, and as a result do not have the mental capacity to spell or perform simple mathematical calculations. I’m not suggesting you stumble through life as a moron misspelling words, while putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5. By all means purchase a dictionary and a calculator to make your life easier, just don't start enrolling in spelling bees and math contest and expect to be allowed to use these devices others aren't allowed to, based on the excuse that you suffer from a low IQ and should be allowed to cheat to even the playing field.

Lance Storm

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