Q and A

September 13, 2010

Q: I was wondering if you ever worked with the "insane clown posse" or have heard of their promotion "JCW" each year they hold an event called BLOODYMANIA and over the years have come up with some very big names such as SABU, BOOKER T, KEVIN NASH, and a few others I believe BRYAN DANIELSON will be there this year. My question is have you ever been contacted by them or if you would ever accept a booking on a one of these shows?

A: I have not been worked with ICP before, nor do I plan to. I don’t take many bookings and one of these shows are not high on my list for ones I would consider. I think they did contact me once trying to book my against Justin Credible, but I turned it down.

Q: Do you ever read any books about WWII? If so I have a great book for you. Its called Fighter Boys and its about the Battle of Britain and the pilots that flew and fought. It’s a very good book, and you really realize the type of mentality that those pilots had during those years when they flew in 1940 and 41. Its a great read, and I highly recommend it!

A: I tend to stick to fiction, so I haven’t read much on WWII.

Q: Were there any moments in your professional career where you felt uneasy or had strong reservations about a particular character or storyline? Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett are two performers who were said to have been very offended by certain controversial angles. I'm very curious to see what you have to say.

A: I wasn’t thrilled the first time they pitched the “boring” Angle to me, or the having a large penis idea, but that was more because I didn’t think they could be successful not because they would be controversial.

Q: I'm quite a skinny guy (around 140lbs), always have been, and for a long time now I have been wanting to get to a gym and put on some weight, and get a bit of muscle on me. However, I have a very fast metabolism - I can eat and eat and I never put on any weight. My question to you is, what kind of diet should I go on in order to get bigger, and what kind of stuff should I be doing at the gym?

A: The first thing you have to accept is that not everyone can be bigger and more muscular. Some people have very fast metabolisms and are destined to be thin people. You can try eating lots of protein and carbs but even that may not change the fact that you will be thin. There are certain body types and you have to work within your natural limits.

Q: Which style of push do you prefer overall; the super push of Sheamus or the slow build of the Miz? What about between these two characters?

A: Like most things in wrestling it all depends. It depends on the individual and it depends on the current state of your business.

Q: During your time WWE or WCW, did champions get to carry their belts around for the duration of their reign? For instance, did you get to keep your WCW 100 kilos and under or WWE Tag Team Championship belt with you, or did you just get to wear it during shows. Also, did you ever have to put down a security deposit on any belt, like they used to have to with the Big Gold Belt?

A: Your question illustrates the different views of “marks” and “workers”. I use the term “mark” rather than fan, because it applies to some of the boys too. You asked if I got to carry the belt, where I would word it, did I have to carry the belt. Only a “mark” would want to carry the thing around. It’s heavy and cumbersome so unless you want to be a “mark” and show it off, why would you want to carry it around? I’ve never had to put a deposit down for the belt, and generally I had to carry it around because you need to have it at all events including appearances. In WCW when there weren’t house shows and you didn’t have scheduled appearances most guys left the belt with the production truck.

Q: If the WWE ever decides to produce a Lance Storm career-retrospective DVD (which they should), who would you want to narrate it? Which matches would you choose to include on it?

A: I did a full commentary on this once: Search archived commentaries for my April 24, 2008 commentary. As far as Narration, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, or Paul Heyman would be great.

Q: Was wondering what interaction you had with Shawn Michaels and what you thought of him inside and outside the ring?

A: Shawn and I weren’t close but were what I would describe as friendly with each other. Inside the ring the dude is one of the best ever, and outside of the ring he was very nice to me, granted I only now him post 2001.

Q: With all of the recent, "Invasions (ECW/NXT)," how soon do you see a Ring of Honor invasion? TNA would be the most likely place for this to happen and it would be the next logical level of invasion. Good idea or just a twist on an already played out idea?

A: The problem is they have done this type of angle to death in TNA, IMO. Invasions can be great but they have to stand out and feel different. This has always been my criticism of Vince Russo; he books so much stuff that stuff gets done so many times and done so poorly that nothing will ever mean anything again and you can never do a big hot shot style angle that will affect business because nothing means anything anymore.

Q: How do you, as a teacher and/or booker, handle it when two wrestlers have legitimate issues outside of the ring with one another? Does it make sense to let them sort it out in the ring to show how professional they can be or do you just keep them away from each other? If it has gotten physical outside the ring, do you scrap any plans for them to face one another or do you just reprimand them and tell them to do their job?

A: I don’t want to know about nor do I care about their personal issues. If they can’t be professional in the ring, they have no business in this business.

Q: If you were ever given a storyline where you were asked to involve your immediate family in a storyline, would you do it? And if you did agree to it, would you agree to a small or large involvement? For example, a small thing would probably be something like CM Punk creeping out Rey's family on his daughter's birthday or Jericho accidently punching HBK's wife at a PPV and a large thing would be something like DDP Stalking the Undertaker's wife for weeks and she ends up at his side every show until the storyline ends, or Eddie Guerrero revealing that Rey's son was his own.

A: That would be more my families decision than mine, but on the whole NO. My kids do not need to be on television and my wife has no interest in being involved in a wrestling angle. I think I would go the Orton route and have someone else play my wife if such an angle was needed.

Q: Was wondering about how you spoke of yours and Sabu's styles being so different. With that being said, I’ve never seen a Sabu/Lance Storm match. How did those matches go? Even with the differences in style were you guys able to adapt and have a good match?

A; Sabu and I worked a bunch of times, more in tags than in singles. We adapted and had no problem working together because we are both talented pros. You just compromise and work to each other and find the best middle ground. I had no problems working with Sabu and I would like to think he’d say the same.

Q: I recently saw a match between you and Chris Candido at Heatwave '98. From what I’ve seen of your wwe career, looking back at heat wave it was obvious you were given more freedom to go all out. During your wwe tenure did you ever miss this aspect of your ECW run? You even said once in your supposed to be last match against Stevie Richards on heat that you elected to just have a normal match and didn’t go for the false finishes and near falls as that’s basically what the office wanted (if memory serves correct). Did you ever miss adding that kind of drama or the creativity of a match you used to perform for ECW while in WWE? Did you ever openly ask the agents/creative or whomever you usually speak to about your push and say that you felt you should be given more of a chance to show off the skills you honed over the years? I’m just very curious about this process.

A: It’s not really just about freedom to go all out; it’s far more complicated than that. Time restrictions were the biggest issue. With the exception of PPV ECW was always post produced so you could take as long as you wanted to have a match and they would just edited it down for TV. With WWE’s TV format being live you had to limit your matches by time and thus could not do everything you wanted. Same can be said about your place on the card. The issue with the Steven Richards match was that we were a Heat match early in the night. It would have been unprofessional to go out there and try to do a main event style match with plenty of near fall. That was not our place on the show. I did not go to the office in WWE and ask for more of a push. WWE knew my abilities I was not going to politic or beg for a push.

Q: If you could be on one reality TV show what would it be?

A: World of Hurt. It’s a reality show where former students of mine come back to train with me at SWA to try to take their game to the next level in hopes of making it to the big time. It’s going to be shot this winter and will air nationally in Canada in early 2011.

Q: I recently saw your post-retirement match against Doug Williams. Why did you let him dominate you so much? It's frustrating as a fan to see you beaten that badly in the ring.

A: The reason the match was more lopsided than you would expect was that I was originally going to be winning that match. Doug was a top guy for 1PW and I was going to be beating him with the Superkick, so I wanted to give him a lot to keep him strong in defeat. As we were going into the near falls at the end of the match I felt Doug picking up the win would be a better finish so I switched the finish last minute and had him get the win. If I knew he was going over in the beginning I would have structured the rest of the match differently. In either event, fans that night loved the match and I doubt Doug’s fairly dominant performance hurt me any in the long run.

Q: I was wondering, if in your career, you've ever had the chance to work with Christopher Daniels much? Also what are your thoughts on him as a wrestler? I think he's one of the best in the ring and fun to watch. I can't believe TNA let him go (..not that it surprises me that TNA did something stupid), and I don't understand why WWE has never signed him.

A: Chris and I have been friends for years and have had 5 matches with each other. Chris is awesome in the ring and a great person. I can’t speak highly enough of him. Yes TNA was foolish for letting him go, and ROH brilliant for picking him up. I wasn’t too surprised WWE didn’t pick him up, based on how heavily he is association with TNA and the fact that he is older than most of the guys they are looking to sign. I think WWE wants to hirer and build guys who have 10 or more years still ahead of them.

Q: This may be tough to answer, but at WWE TV shows versus house shows, did you feel a different vibe from the audience? I guess what I mean is, could you sense more anticipation or excitement from the fans at the TV shows, which are more storyline and entertainment based whereas the house shows are more wrestling based?

A: I think fans were just as excited at both. The advantage to house shows is that you are freer to take your time and interact with the crowd so it can be a lot more fun for both us and the fans.

Q: When you've been laid out in the ring or at ringside and have to lie there for an extended period of time due to your opponent cutting a promo or something, what do you think about?

A: I think about how annoying the guy screaming, “get up you’re not really hurt” is.

Q: Could you please define the role of "valet" vs. "manager"?

A: They are the same thing from our side of the business. From a “Story Line” perspective a Manager is supposedly really managing your career and advising you, where a Valet is more just window dressing and their to highlight you. Valets would generally be viewed as a subservient role to the wrestler, where Managers could be more of a controlling presence. I assume the school of thought was they wanted female “managers” at ringside for the sex appeal but wanted the male character to still be the lead and not be seen as a guy who would be lead by a female.

Q: What do you think Paul Heyman would have done differently in ECW if he had a larger budget?

A; I think he would have paid everyone on time. :-)

Q: Have you ever had a stalker? If so what happened?

A: If I did they were really covert about it, because I never noticed.

Q: What was your greatest memory of your wrestling career?

A: Doubt I could pick just one.

Q: When traveling with the big promotions like WCW or WWE, was it the same set up crew in each city and venue. I'd imagine that if that is so, some of those guys may actually be on the road just as much as the wrestlers, especially the guys that drive the 18 wheelers or what have you.

A: They hire a lot of local laborers to help with TV taping set ups (because it is a massive undertaking) but yes they have a regular crew that travels and takes care of setting stuff up.

Q: Were you in WCW during the time Ready to Rumble was being filmed?

A: Nope, that was right before I got there.

Q: Is there any chance of the Lance Storm book being published anytime soon?

A: Anytime soon, doubtful. Eventually, quite possibly.

Q: Have you ever considered writing a fiction novel? With all of the books you read you must think of some good ideas.

A: I’ve had a lot of people encourage me to do so, and I actually started once, but lost my early progress with a laptop death. Oddly enough my 14 year old daughter is currently writing a novella which is quite good, especially when you consider her age.

Q: If you could go back in time and feud with someone you never got the chance to work with then who would it be? I would have loved to see you feud with Benoit and/or Bret Hart in WCW over the world title. I know they both left before you got there but I think matches with them would have been out of this world.

A: Working with Bret would have been awesome. The heel in me wishes I could have done a program with Steamboat too. I think he and I would have had awesome chemistry.

Q: Were you aware that at WCW Slamboree 1997 during a match between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Yuji Yasuraoka that Mike Tenay mentioned Yuji teamed with you in Japan...and then Bobby Heenan said "Lance Storm? He sounds like a weather man from Omaha" This made me laugh out loud (anything Bobby says makes me laugh) but did it ever get back to you that Tenay and Heenan mentioned you on a WCW PPV?

A: I did not know this until much later. Someone else emailed me to tell me. I didn’t even know Yasu worked in WCW. Heenan was awesome and always made me laugh too.

Q: What are your thoughts on a wrestler you trained, Australian wrestler Jared Slate?

A: That was 2 and a half years ago, so I don’t have a ton of specific memories. I recall liking him and thinking he was pretty talented. I had a bunch of Aussies in that class that all knew each other so we had a lot of fun.

Q: I know you're a playable character in a lot of the wrestling video games from the early 2000s. I was wondering if you every play any of those games as your own character. Do you ever look on Youtube for videos people make where they create their own Lance Storm in the newer WWE video games with the create a wrestler feature? Also, do you play wrestling video games and create yourself in them?

A: I am not a video game guy. If I were to play a wrestling video game that I was in I would most likely play the game as myself, but that’s about it.

Q: RVD just vacated the title, how would you book a vacated title?

A: I would try to avoid just vacating a title but in the event that you had to do it, I’m not apposed to a tournament. In the case of TNA and RVD I sure wouldn’t have the guy who vacated the title (due to injury) back wrestling before the new champion was crowned, that’s idiotic.

Q: You say NXT exposes the business, do you think WWE DVDs should try to not expose the business?

A: It all comes down to context. The business is pretty open so a DVD or interview talking openly about the business is fine, in my opinion. Where I have an issue is when the exposing occurs on the show during what is supposed to be a “worked” environment. As an example I’m fine with Sylvester Stallone doing an interview or having an extra on a DVD where he talks about casting Steve Austin in the Expendables because of his charisma and screen presence. I don’t want Stallone talking about Austin’s screen presence during the actual film.

Q: You said with the Ricky Steamboat DVD the Storm Wrestling Academy’s library grew. What else is in the Storm Wrestling Academy video library?

A: My God, I have over 300 DVDs in that library. I’ve got WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, Japan, Mexico, Stampede, World Class, AWA, Mid South, you name it.

Q: I've always been fascinated by the booking and creative aspects of the business. Do you have any horror stories about dealing with creative in any of the companies you've worked for (the story of Russo wanting to make you Bishoff's illegitimate son made by roll over laughing)? Who was the easiest "creative" person you've ever dealt with? Who was the most difficult?

A: I don’t have any horror stories because I wasn’t someone who spent much time dealing with or fighting with creative. I for the most part did what I was told. I think the only time I argued with anyone in a creative roll was in WCW when I debated the naming of Team Canada with Vince Russo. He wanted to call us The Canadian World Organization (CWO). He thought it would be funny if I tried to copy the NWO but was stupid and got it wrong and called my group Organization instead of Order. I thought this was stupid, and pretty much told him so and asked to be Team Canada instead. We debated for awhile and he eventually said What ever, and let me do what I wanted.

Q: In a world of "never say never", if you were asked to do a local WWE show as a "special member" of the Straight Edge Society, would you do that (assuming every aspect of the proposal fit your requirements)? I think that would be an amazing thing to see - you cutting a promo w/SES saying how you were straight edge before straight edge was cool .

A: If WWE asked me to do anything that did not require a long term commitment I’d likely do it. I have a great relationship with WWE and would be happy to do a one time shot in SES or in any other capacity.

Q: Was there a reason why you switched to the traditional wrestling trunks when you had been wearing long tights for most of your career (at least on television)? Or did you just want to try something different and change things up?

A: The office wanted me to change my gear and suggested trucks. I said okay and got trunks.

Q: Have you ever heard of the author Eoin Colfer? If so did you ever read any of his books?

A: Eoin Colfer took part in my Book Marks book club when we read his first Artemis Fowl novel a few years back. Eoin is a great guy and I love the Artemis series. My daughter and I both read the series.

Q: What did you think of the 900th episode of RAW if you managed to catch it? I personally thought it was horrible. There was less than 20 minutes of wrestling which is bad even by TNA standards and the entire show just felt overbooked and rushed.

A: A caught the show and thought it was good but not blown away by any means. I thought too much time was spent promoting that they have been around for 900 episodes, that being said, a few cameos from past RAW Superstars would have been nice.

Q: Anyone you have traveled with on the road that had a terrible diet or ate a lot of junk food?

A: None that I traveled with. You need to travel with people who have similar eating habits or you won’t want to hit the same restaurants.

Q: Since you used to work so closely with the Divas when you were with WWE, what are your thoughts on a female version of NXT? If you were still with the company, would you like to be one of the Pros?

A: My biggest complaint with the Divas NXT season is the experience level of the girls. I don’t think most of these girls are ready for TV. Instead of being a pro on the show, I’d rather have WWE send some of these girls to SWA for me to work with them for a few months to better prepare them for NXT.

Q: Have you ever had crowds consistently turn you face, in spite of the current storyline which calls for you to be a heel?

A: This happened to me all the time doing WWE house shows in the Maritimes here in Canada. For some reason I was obscenely over (as a face) on these show and it became pretty much impossible to be a heel. In single matches I’d just go with it and be a face but when in tags it became more difficult. I recall during one tag match being on the apron and a large portion of the crowd chanting “We want Lance Storm”. I was really disrupting the match so I just turned to the crowd and yelled, “I’m trying to be a heel here, PLEASE” The crowd quickly switched their chant to, I think, “We hate Lance Storm”. Great crowds in Eastern Canada.

Q: Do you think the WWE does so much comedy throughout RAW because they see the sitcoms as their competition now and have to compete with them joke for joke?

A: I have no idea.

Q: What was Shane Douglas like backstage? Did he ever complain about Ric Flair or was that mostly for the cameras?

A: I always got along great with Shane; we had a lot of fun together in ECW. The Flair stuff he saved for the cameras.

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