Strange Things a Foot

October 5, 2006

Over my career there have been a lot of “strange things a foot” but oddly enough none of them ever took place at the Circle K. This week I’m going to tell stories of some of the stranger things I’ve done on house shows over the years. House shows (live events) are truly the joy of this business, they are the times you have to go out and perform and truly have fun, without the pressures of TV or the restrictions present at Televised events.

The Blind Folded Comeback:

The blindfolded comeback was on an ECW house show and I was working with Jerry Lynn. Already this story brings a smile to my face because I was working with Jerry. Jerry and I worked together all the time on the road a fact we both enjoyed and appreciated. We had stuff we regularly included in our matches but we were always looking for new and fun things to do. I would often cut Jerry off with a low blow mule kick (you know the one, when he grabs me for a German suplex and I throw my leg back between his legs and low blow him. After a while I came up with a spot to start his comeback were he would catch me coming off the ropes and boost me in the air like a front atomic drop but I would jump so high Jerry would have enough time to turn around and when I was coming down he would throw the mule kick (as I did earlier) and catch me with an amazing low blow. (I tried this spot many times in WCW and no one could ever time it like Jerry did). Anyway this always made for a huge crowd pop and then Jerry would proceed to kick the crap out of me.

Along the same time Justin and I were working as the Impact Players, and Justin would always cut the sleeves out of a new T-Shirt before he would wear it to the ring. We started just as a rib wearing the shirt sleeves on our heads like touque (knit cap for you Americans) backstage. On this particular night (yes I’ve finally got to the blind folded comeback night) I decided I was going to wear the touque during my match. In order to keep the touque on my head I even borrowed some glue from Damn Marie (she used to glue herself into her more skimpy outfits). I put a strip of glue across my forehead and glued the T-Shirt sleeve on my head and headed to the ring.

The touque stayed on the entire match and when I was selling the low blow from the boosted mule kick spot Jerry grabbed the top of my touque and pulled it down, inside out, over my eyes. He then proceeded to blow his entire comeback with my running ropes and bumping blind folded. Yes I even ran ropes blindfolded, actually we even did our famous 12 back and forth near falls from Anarchy Rules. I don’t remember the finish but I know Jerry went over so I likely took the cradle pile driver blind folded and got pinned. I’m not sure what the crowd thought of this but Jerry and I sure got a kick out of it. RF Video was taping that night so there should be a video of the match somewhere.


At a live WWE Live Event in Saskatchewan we had 2 weddings take place in the ring before the show started. There was a local radio contest where the winners got to get married at a WWE Live Event in the ring in front of the crowd. In addition to getting married in the ring the got to have a WWE Superstar and Diva stand up with them for the ceremony. (I am NOT making this up) When we arrived at the event Ivory and I were told about the wedding and told we were asked to be the ones stand up with the brides and rooms. We had no advanced notice of this what so ever so for the ceremony I wore tights and a Hurricane T-Shirt and Ivory wore a black silk robe (she was doing a bikini contest that night so it was the robe or the bikini.

The weddings went on before the opening match but well after doors were open so all the fans were in their seats. This delayed the show quite a bit and the crowd was not very pleased about. If that wasn’t bad enough this was during the Austin “What” phase and the restless crowd started doing the “What” gimmick during the vows. (I kid you not)

Do you Steve…WHAT…take this women…WHAT…to be your wife…WHAT
By the end of the second service the crowd was all but booing the bride and groom and the sound guy who I guess was also board was playing with sounds effects include ringing phones and toilet flushes. Once the service was over the did wedding photos in the back, which Ivory and I were in, we signed as witnesses to the wedding and then proceeded with the show. This was one of the strangest things I’d ever done. The one couple was even nice enough to send me a copy of the wedding photo.

The Dusty Rhodes Flip Flop and Fly - Macarena:

This is a tremendous spot, which I did quite regularly on WWE house shows during the time I was being tutored by Goldust in how not to be boring. Goldust and I were teaming against the Dudleys on the road, which made a weird combination because I was the only heel and I was teaming with a baby face and trying to be fun more than cheat. To make the match work we really just focused on the less boring more fun attempts with Goldust and I, which made for a very funny match. We worked the Flip Flop and Fly – Macarena into the finish because…well quite honestly what could possibly follow it.

As you should know Bubba used to (still does I suppose) do the Dusty Rhodes Flip Flop and Fly Elbow spot; he would just call it The Dusty’s. He would throw the jabs then do the Flip Flop and Fly hand motions before winding up for the big Elbow. In this match after the comeback and everything broke loose I would hit D’ Von with the Dusty’s. I would have this real confused look on my face as I threw the jabs which got even more confused looking as I went into the Flip Flop and Fly. Since I was new to this whole “charismatic” approach to wrestling I was of course unsure what to do. After I completed the usual Dusty/Bubba routine I transitioned into a ridiculous rendition of the Macarena. This was completely absurd and I some how managed to keep a completely confused look on my face the whole time. I have no idea how D’ Von managed to keep a straight face while selling the jabs waiting to see what I would do next. (Perhaps he too used my Lex Luger approach to keeping a straight face) Once the tremendous Macarena was complete and I hit a couple good pelvic thrusts I wound up for the Bionic Elbow which D’ Von ducked (damn baby faces always see my shit coming) as I turned around to charge at the ducking D’ Von and fed right into 3D, which got yet a bigger pop out of an already laughing crowd.

To this day I’m not sure how or why I came up with that spot, but I’m sure glad I did. Everyone in the arena loved it and I know the four of us laughed our Asses off each night when it was over. I think the only thing I’ve ever seen that was funnier was the look on Fit Finlay’s face as he looked at me shaking his head as I got out of the ring the first night I did the spot. I think Fit was having a harder time coming to grips with the fact that WWE Creative though being a comedy, joke, dancing machine would be a good way to get over a worker of my ability. I too was shaking my head, but you can’t say I didn’t make the effort.

That wraps it up for this week. This is getting long and I’m not sure I can top the Flip Flop and Fly – Macarena. Honestly who could!

Till Next Week,
Lance Storm