Q & A

October 10, 2006

Q: just curious if you'll ever be back with a televised program again? have it be wwe or tna? which would you choose?
A: I have NO interest in working regularly again. I love being home and I enjoy running my school. I will take the occasional booking if I think it will be fun but that is it.

Q: also was wondering if you have a dvd out soon.
A: Not unless WWE decided to do one and not tell me.

Q: Do you think with Kurt Angle joining TNA, this may lead to other big name WWE stars considering the jump to TNA?
A: Kurt didnít jump, he was fired and then got hired by TNA, and there is a big difference. Christian was the only one who truly jumped by choice.

Q: Was the ECW dojo that Saturn and Taz ran around when you were in ECW? Also, was it know as a good place to train?
A: Iím not sure if it was still running when I was there or not. Other than Chetti going through there I never really heard much about it.

Q: Did you like to work Taz, or was it hard due to his different style?
A: I worked with Taz likely half a dozen times. It was never hard just limiting because he didnít sell much.

Q: Where do you change at arenas, are you allowed in the teamís locker rooms, or do they stick you somewhere out of the way?
A: Depends on the Arena.

Q: Is it harder to work a show outside as opposed to inside.
A: It is if the weather is bad. I worked a show in Japan during a Typhoon.

Q: How do you think JBL is doing on commentary?
A: For the most part I enjoy his commentary. I thought he was a little over powering at first but he seems to have settled in and found his groove. I enjoy sorting out comments that are just in character and those you know are more of the shoot nature. I enjoy the Cole/JBL combo much more than Cole/Tazz. The Tazz/Cole combo felt too comedic and light hearted, JBL gives a more competitive, serious feel to it.

Q: Thoughts on Sandman as a worker?
A: This is based solely on our ECW days together as I havenít seen much of him in the last 6-7 years. He was a far better worker than I expected. He understand the business, heís just not a gifted athlete so he is never going to have mat classics.

Q: Are the WWE overseas tours as fun as WWE makes them out be, in the video packages ? Seems like a lot of travel to work a few shows.
A: The travel part usually suck but the events are as fun as they appear on the video. International crowds are always rowdy as hell, which makes working so much fun. Live event is general are more fun that TV, and add a fresher larger crowd and they are amazing.

Q: Kind of an odd question, but isn't a mess for taxes with wrestlers? Seems impossible to do with out a accountant.
A: Itís not that bad I did my own for a lot of years. I had to file both Canadian and US so it started getting to be too big of a job so I started hiring out.

Q: Thought on Angle jumping to TNA?
A: It will lead to some great matches, but may be very detrimental to Kurtís long term health, and I doubt it will drastically effect numbers.

Q: Should the boys have loyalty to Vince or other owners? I know only the people it involves know the whole story, but Angle seemed to waste no time in burring Vince on his way out the door. It seems like WWE did a whole lot of him (and he did a lot for WWE), but it seems like guys are lining up to bad mouth old bosses. Do you think guys should not be so quick to speak out, or is it just the nature of the business.
A: Kurt got fired so Iím not surprised he voiced a strong opinion upon his departure. This is an ego driven business where everyoneís value is subjective, Iím not surprised when bad mouthing begins.

Q: What was the name of your theme music when you were in the tag team Un-Americans?
A: I doubt there is a name; I assume it was an in house creation, so WWE likely has it titled as Un-Americans Theme.

Q: I was just wondering your thoughts on Johnny Smith? Have you ever toured with him or anything?
A: I love Johnny Smith. I got to work with him a fair bit locally and he is amazingly talented. I was the one that convinced Paul Heyman to bring him to ECW those few times. I was hoping to eventually work with him again there. GREAT GUY!

Q: Does it seem to you that the wrestling business has become more about physical appearance instead of actual in ring talent? What I mean is, there don't seem to be too many Harley Race types around. Samoa Joe and Umaga seem to be the only two in the "big time" that I can think of, to actually challenge this theory. Though I have not watched wrestling on TV in quite some time. I just know that I am far from impressed with the work of many of the "bodybuilder" types, Chris Masters to give an example.
A: This question should have been asked in the early 80ís not now. Body Building has been the industry standard now for over 20 years. Donítí forget Trevor Murdock!!!!

Q: I was wondering, though, if you've considered the possibility of getting a forum for your site? It would mean all us Storm Troopers could hang out in one location and chat with each other.
A: The thing I donít about forums is that unless you police them you end up with a lot of crap up there from idiots who want to ruin it for everyone else. My hands are full enough with the site especially now that I am trying to keep it better updated.

Q: With things heating up in TNA with the whole Angle signing/Primetime deal...how interested would you be in signing on yourself? I would love nothing more than to see someone of your caliber jump into the talent pool over at TNA. If TNA keeps signing guys like Angle and possibly yourself, I can honestly see the "PRO" being put back into main stream Prowrestling.
A: I hate to say it but I have no interest in signing with TNA or anyone else for that matter. Creatively it would just frustrate me and Iím OFF the Road for good. Iíll just be happy if they start focusing the show on the guys Iíd rather see. Daniels, Style, Joe, Lethal.

Q: with your friend and former tag partner, Justin Credible, just being released from WWE, I would love to see him sign on as well. Imagine reforming the Impact Players in TNA...to me that would just be crazy, especially in the tag team division they have going on.
A: I hate to bad mouth Justin because Iíve always liked the guy but he no showed the 1PW event in May where we were going to tag and then was fired for no-showing ECW TV. Why would anyone hire him or see him being hired as a good thing.

Q: Does WWE keep a copy of every Raw Smackdown PPVs ever made? Do they even keep recording of house shows and dark matches?
A: They absolutely keep copies of all TV and PPV events. Thatís how they make their DVD collections and keep 24/7 alive. They donít always tape live events but were for a while when I was on the road. Not sure if they kept those or not, I would imagine so.

Q: For video games, is wwe allowed to put anyone they ever had or do they got to ask for permission? For example if they wanted to put you, Christian, and Legion of Doom in the next Smackdown versus Raw game would they have to contact you since you aren't in the company anymore?
A: Iím not positive but I would imagine they can, but would have to pay royalties. Youíd be a fool not to let them put you in a game if they wanted to. Game royalties are amazing.

Q: Have you ever walked through a crowd of wrestling fans, and one of them slapped your back really hard and it hurt?
A: Iím not sure I can be slapped hard enough in the back to care!

Q: Were you offered a part in the Ready to Rumble movie?
A: I got to WCW after the movie was shot, so I missed out on my chance at an Oscar!

Q: For you, what is the best/worst movie that starred a wrestler?
A: I thought Run Down was really good, and I also liked They Live. No Holds Barred was likely the worst ever, but then again I never actually saw Santa with Muscles!

Q: Do you think John Laurinaitis was right for firing Justin Credible via a fax message, wouldn't it be more professional to do it in person?
A: When a guy doesnít show up to work, I donít think his boss should have to show up to his firing. You also have to realize that in WWE you would have to pay for a plane ticket to fly them in to be fired in person.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm