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Storm Wrestling AcademyTM Class Photos
(2014 - 2015)

January 2015
Back: Andrea (Italy), Owen (UK), Russell (UK), Drew (Australia)
Middle: Enes (AB), Luis (UK), Dan (UK), Jade (New Zealand), Brandon (CT), Bill (QB)
Front: Derek (ON), Stefano (Italy), Brett (AB), Gisele (NWT)

September 2014
Back: Bertrand (QB), Stephen (BC), Shawn (OK), Jamie (ON), Nir (Israel)
Middle: Jay (Aus), Jon (UK), Ryan (IL), Liam (UK), Cy (UK), Patrick (NY), Matthew (NJ)
Front: Alex (AB), Warrick (Aus), Shayan (India/Canada)

May 2014
Back: Shaun (SK), Phil (MD), Thom (UK), Jim (Sweden)
Middle: Dixon (AB), Lennon (ON), James (NJ), Rob (NS), Bryan (OH)
Front: Logan (AB), Stephanie (SK), Evelyn (BC), Ross (Scotland)

Jan. 2014
Back: Alex (Germany), Jarem (Australia), David (AB), Rony (QB)
Middle: Chris (AB), Chelsea (BC), John (USA), Rich (UK), Owen (UK), Gordon (UK)
Front: Brett (SK), Tyler (MB), Tom (Israel), Tom (UK), Jordan (Ireland)

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