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WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze (SWA January 2007)
Breeze looking Gorgeous.

Breeze telling Dolph Ziggler what's what.

Breeze using a familiar hold.

Breeze making his WrestleMania 32 entrance.

WWE Superstar Emma (SWA May 2008)
Emma looking serious for a minute.

The Emma Lock locked in.

Emma with her WrestleMania 32 Team.

Emma giving it to Paige at WrestleMania 32.

NXT Superstar Peyton Royce (SWA May 2012)
The Venus Flytrap of NXT

Peyton taking it to Carmella

Peyton vs. Asuka at Texas Stadium, Mania on sale event.

NXT Superstar Oney Lorcan (SWA September 2010)
Oney Lorcan on NXT TV.

Oney at WrestelMania 32 fan Axxess.

Oney going for a very familiar hold.

Taya Valkerie AAA/Lucha Underground (SWA January 2011)
First ever foreign AAA Women's Champion

Taya at TripleMania

Taya and Johnny Mundo enter the Temple

Making her presence felt at Lucha Underground

Chelsea Green Tough Enough-TNA-Stardom(SWA January 2014)
Chelsea competed on WWE Tough Enough.

Chelsea has also competed for TNA.

Chelsea with a huge drop kick in Japan for Stardom.

Chelsea hitting a Curb Stomp in Japan for Stardom.

Thomas LaRuffa/Sly LeFort NXT/TNA (SWA September 2006)
Le Fort taking it to Enzo on NXT

Thomas LaRuffa joins TNA Impact Wrestling.

Thomas LaRuffa and his partner on Impact

Rachael Ellering (SWA Sept 2015)
Rachael taking it to Alexa Bliss on NXT.

Alexa appears to not be a fan of Rachael's

Rachael squares off with Tessa Blanchard on Shine 34

The feud continues at Shine 35 Blanchard vs Ellering

Clement Petiot (SWA May 2009)
Clement competed in the WWE Cruiser Weight Classic

Clement in the ring before his match CWC

Alex Lee Japan REINA/Stradom (SWA May 2010)
Alex Lee competing for Stardom in Japan

Lee with a high kick to the head.

Lee showing her dominance in REINA

Australian Suicide AAA (SWA May 2012)

In the ring with Pentagon Jr.

Gisele Shaw REINA Japan (SWA January 2015)
Gisele in Japan for REINA.

Gisele on an outdoor REINA show.

Gisele top right corner. I love Japanese wrestling posters.

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