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November 2012
Quick update on SWA grads who have made it to the WWE developmental program (NXT)
Tenille Tayla is now wrestling under the name Emma in NXT, and Tom LaRuffa
(SWA Sept 2006) was the 6th SWA grad to be signed by WWE and is now in Florida
and should be renamed very soon. Mike Dalton (SWA's first grad to be signed)
is a former FCW Heavyweight Champion and has appeared on NXT television.

May 2011
Just a quick update on my SWA grads who have signed with WWE developmental.
Brandon Barker, has finally been renamed in FCW and is now competing under
the name Rodney Thomas. Matt Clement is still competing under the name Mike
Dalton, and Tenille and Irena are still waiting the completion of their work
visas and other paper work.

April 2011
Just a quick update on my two female students who were signed by WWE. Irena Janjic
(SWA May 2010) has passed all her medical testing and is just awaiting final approval
of her work visa. Irena is Australian, although originally Bosnian born. Tenille
Tayla (SWA May 2008) was the most recent signee, and I think she goes for her testing
this week before heading home to Australia to wait for her visa approval.

March 2011
At the recent FCW tryout camp another SWA student was offered a WWE developmental
contract. The top prospect of each tryout camp is offered a WWE contract and for
the second camp in a row an SWA student took top honors and earned the contract.
She is the 4th SWA student to be offered a WWE contract; the first two (Matt Clement
and Brandon Barker)are in the developmental system now and the third goes for her medical
testing this week. The third and forth signees are both females and I will post their
names as soon as their paper work is finalize.

March 2011
SWA Grads Mattias Wild and Brandon Barker are both now in Florida training in FCW.
Mattias is now working under the name Mike Dalton, and Brandon just arrived this
week and has not yet been renamed. I have also had a third students signed to a
developmental deal, this time a female student, who is waiting for her work visa
to be processed before reporting to Florida. I will announce her name when the
Paper work is finalized.

December 2010
Latest update on my students signed by WWE. Mattias Wild has reported to FCW and
has started training with them but has yet not been renamed. Brandon successfully
passed all of his medicals and tests and is just now waiting for his work visa to
be processed. I'm looking forward to see what 2011 hold for both men.

November 2010
Just an update on my two students. Mattias Wild's work visa has been processed, so he
will be reporting to FCW in Florida some time in the next week or so. Brandon Barker,
(The previously mentioned second signing) has received his contract but still has to
pass his medicals and receive his visa before reporting to FCW. I can't wait to see
what name or gimmick they will be given in FCW.

October 2010
I'm very happy to report of a second SWA graduate being offered a WWE developmental
contract. I'm going to hold off reporting his name until he breaks the news publicly
himself but he has been offered a contract and will now under go all of the drug and
medical testing required before officially being signed to a WWE developmental contract.
I wish this student all the best and hope this is the start of a solid trend of SWA grads
relocating to FCW as part of WWE's developmental system.

September 2010
Matt Clement (Jan. 2007) who wrestles as Mattias Wild has become the first SWA graduate
to be signed to a WWE developmental contract. Matt attended the FCW tryout camp in Aug.
and, of the 60+ hopefuls who attended, Matt was selected for the contract. Matt is now
just waiting for his work visa to come through before reporting to Florida to begin his
WWE career. I wish Matt all the success and can't wait to see him on WWE television.

Lance Storm

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