Geography Club: Lance's Thoughs
I want to start by thanking Brent Hartinger for contacting me and making this Book Marks selection possible. I guess a friend of Brent’s was or is a Book Mark and he suggested to Brent that he should try to be a part of the club. Brent sent me an e-mail and offered to send me a copy of a couple of his books if I would consider them for Book Marks. I said sure and true to his word Brent sent me a copy of ‘Geography Club’ and ‘Last Chance Texaco’. When I first picked up ‘Geography Club’ I read the back cover and sighed. I thought, ‘Just great this is a gay guy writing about how tough it is to be gay’. I figured not only would I not be interested, but there was no way I was picking this for Book Marks. Then I thought about it and figured if he was good enough to send me the book I should at least honour my offer and consider it for Book Marks. I wasn’t really considering the book, but I figured I owed it to the man to at least read his book before passing on it.

Well needless to say after reading the book I had a change of heart. You wouldn’t be reading my thoughts and ‘Geography Club’ would not be a Book Marks selection if I didn’t end up liking this book. It didn’t take me too long to start enjoying the book, and by the end of it I was seriously considering it for the club. The biggest factor in changing my opinion was that I realized this book wasn’t just about how tough it is growing and being gay, it was about how tough it is growing up. ‘Geography Club’ deals with alienation, peer pressure, and fear, something everyone can relate to. I was struck by this message and felt the book rang very true. I felt like I knew kids like the ones in this book when I went to school, and I felt for them.

I’m not going to get into a big recap of my high school days and how I went through stuff like this, I’ll save that for my autobiography (I’ve already wrote this portion), but I think everyone can either relate to this book on either a first hand basis or at least a second had basis. You either were one of these kids or knew one of them.

I guess there were two main factors for me in choosing this book. I though there was a very powerful and important message in ‘Geography Club’ that being that more acceptance and less judging of others can make the world a better place, because everyone has their cross to bare, everyone has their differences. I also chose this book because of my initial reaction to it. I wondered how many other people passed on this book because they judged it without reading it? It’s kind of ironic really, considering the message of the book, and I figured this book deserved to be read and perhaps Book Marks could and even should make that happen.

I haven’t gotten into too many specific of the book itself, part of that reason is that I typed up my thought right after I finished the book several months ago and lost them in my laptop crash. I figured this might be more interesting and it saves me having to go and look up all the characters names again. (LOL) I hope everyone gave this book a chance and if you enjoyed it at all, be sure to give ‘Last Chance Texaco” a read as well. ‘Last Chance Texaco’ deals with groups home kids and was very good.

Good Reading,
Lance Storm

Geography Club: Brent Hartinger's Thoughs
Unfortunatley I can seem to find the feedback Brent sent me. If anyone saved the original posting of this please let me know, and email me a copy of it. I will keep looking for it myself and post them as soon as possible.

Thanks you,