Book Marks: HEADS UP

Our Next Book Marks Selection (Aug. & Sept.)
"The Midnight Express 25th Ann. Scrapbook"
by Jim Cornette

To Order: Click Here

I don't like announcing our next book so early, for fear that it may sabotage the current book if people skip ahead, but I'm going to risking it. I figure if you haven't started "Children of the Night" by now you likely won't, so here we go.

Our August and September Book Marks selection is going to be the newly released "Midnight Express & Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook". The book is only available from and you can use the above link to check out his site and order the book.

This book documents the 8 year run of one of the Greatest (and my personal favourite) Tag Teams in Pro-Wrestling history. Jim Cornette was a meticulous pack rat and note taker so the information and detail in this book is unbelievable. This book is not only a must read but an absolute must own piece of wrestling memorabilia.

If all that isn't enough to get you involved, "The Louisville Slugger" himself, James E. Cornette has agreed to take part in the book club with us. We will once again have author participation and get to hear directly from quite possibly the greatest Orator/Manager this business has ever seen.