Dec. 2006, July & August 2007

My BSE debut December 3, 2006 in Toronto. This was the night
Christian broke my throat with a stiff clothesline.

Here I play a much more handsome version of Edge for a
5 second pose. We did a lot of crazy stuff on this show.

Yes that's me preparing to do a Spinarooni. Christian and I
did a Spinarooni contest before the match, which I won.

Christian locked in the half crab, yet he didn't tap. Might
have something to do with us wrestling in his home town.

Christopher Daniels and I in Timmins, Ontario July 21, 2007
This was a fantastic match that I am very proud of.

Here I hit The Fallen Angel with a huge power slam.

Once again the 1/2 Crab is locked in. At least this match
I managed to win. I guess Daniels isn't from Timmins.

Hitting Robert Roode with a beautiful drop kick on a BSE
show in my Home town of North Bay, Ontario Aug. 11, 2007

Holding Roode for a beautiful standing suplex. This was
the final match of my career.

The 1/2 Crab locked on one last time, and this time I got
the win. I mentioned that it was in my home town right?