CWA Catch Europe:
1993 & 1995

Winning the European Jr. Championship from Hiro Tenzan.
Hanover, Germany 1993

Hitting Big Titan with a jumping spin kick. You may remember
Big Titan as the Fake Razor Ramon in the WWF

Squaring off with "Dirty" Dan Collin is a chain match in
Hanover Germany in 1995

Cutting a promo on Danny Collins and Fit Finlay in Hanover.

Danny Collins tagging me with a rather forearm shot.

Posing for the camera in Vienna Austria in 1993. Yes I wore
trunks before my run in WWE with William Regal.

Squaring off with Fit Finlay in Gaz Austria in 1993. We
were both a lot younger back then.

The whole gang out in front of the Catch Tent in
Hanover Germany 1993

Franz Schumann and I doing a ridiculous spot. We did this
in every baby face match and shock hands in that position.

I'm a bloody mess in this chain match with the late Pitbull #2.
Hanover Germany 1993

Blasting Danny Collins with a chain in one of our 2 chain matches.
Danny and I had an extensive feud in Hanover in 1995.