Feb. 1997 - May 2000

The Triple Threat: Well sort of I was never officially a member.
I don't know why we all have such a stupid look on our face.

My first ECW Tag Team title run with Chris Candito. Francine
was also my first ever manager/valet.

My seldom used jumping spin kick, this time on Axel Rotten. This
was from my second ECW match in early 1997. If anyone has this
match on tape or DVD I need a copy.

A great shot of Dawn Marie and I on an ECW house show.

Catching the Great Sasuke on a big dive to the floor on an ECW
house show. This was the first and only time I worked with
Great Sasuke.

Steeling a page out of RVD's play book with my own Van Daminator.
Guilty as Charge PPV from Kissimmee Florida January 10, 1999.

The Impact Players preparing for our match at Living Dangerously
March 12, 2000. I don't think I've ever looked bigger than in
this photo. Oddly enough I only weighed 215 lbs.

The Impact Players after Living Dangerously as new Tag Team
Champions. We never lost the titles after winning them that night.

Applying the half Boston crab on Jerry Lynn. Man I loved
working with Jerry.

Super Kicking Jerry Lynn. Have you ever seen Jerry feed with his
hands that low when RVD was kicking him?
I'm just saying!

What made ECW great? Getting to kick Tommy Dreamers Ass!!
Living Dangerously PPV March 12, 2000

My last ECW match, challenging Justin Credible for the ECW World
Title at Hardcore Heaven, May 14, 2000
This was also the only match in North American where I got
"busted open" my entire career.