August 1992

This isn't a great shot but it's a few of the boys from the
trip in one of the only beautiful settings we saw.

Chris Adams and I with two of our military escorts at one of
the shows in Tier Lebanon.

This shot was taken in our luxurious locker room, a Military
tent. I think that is an AK-47 I'm holding.

The streets in Lebanon weren't paved with gold, they were lined
with tanks and rubble.

Chris Adams convinced out guards to take us into the hills one
and let us fire their guns. It was both cool and scary.

Here I am again with the AK-47. On full auto this thing was
so loud after the 3rd shot I couldn't hear a thing.

This was the view outside my 4-Star hotel window. It wasn't
just the locker rooms that was luxurious.

Speaking of luxurious this was the bath room in our 4-star hotel.
This was one of the nicer ones, it had a toilet seat.