Thrillseeker Reunion on Talk is Jericho

I did a great sit down interview with Chris Jericho (my first friend in the wrestling business) for his Talk is Jericho Podcast. Chris was in town with WWE and we sat down at my wrestling school (SWA) for a couple of hours catching up and sharing stories about breaking in together, our first trip to Japan, our tag team break up and our reunion as the Thrillseekers in Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

It the early years, some great stories told by good friends. Check out both part, the links are below, and its free. They are also available on iTunes if you want to listen there or subscribe. Jericho does 2 shows per week and has a wide variety of guests not just pro-wrestlers. There are 121 shows up so far take a look through the archives. The Ted Irvine shows are awesome; great old school NHL stories.

Talk is Jericho Part 1

Talk is Jericho Part 2


Lance Storm in a Novel

I'm very excited to announce that Marcus Wynne's new novel "With a Vengeance" is now available in ebook form for the Kindle on Marcus let me be an early reader for this book, before it was published, and I was blown a way. Not only is it a fantastic read, Marcus worked me in as a small character in the story.

I've been mentioned in a few other books over the years, but this is my first ever role as a character. I can not recommend this book highly enough so I'm encouraging you all to read it and email me your thoughts.

I'll even dig down into my collection of Lance Storm memorabilia to give something cool to one lucky "With a Vengeance" reader. If you don't have a Kindle you can download a free Kindle App. for your computer, iPad, or iPhone.

Purchase With a Vengeance Here

Lance Storm

I've Been Added to WWE Alumni Section

I was quite happy to discover that WWE has added me to the Alumni section of their website. They've posted career highlights, a bio, and photos. They also plugged Storm Wrestling Academy, which I thought was very nice. They did make one slight error though. When they list my Title history they mention that I held the ECW Tag Team titles 3 times, the WWE Tag Team Titles 4 times, but only state 1 WCW US Title run when I actually held that title 3 times. You can check out WWE's Alumni Section by clicking on the link below.


WWE Alumni