June 2000 - May 2001

The first and only WCW Triple Champion.
Not a bad run, but damn it made for a heavy suitcase.

Jacques Rougeau, Lance Storm, and Bret Hart at New Blood Rising.
August 13, 2000 Vancouver, Canada

A very serious and shinny Canadian Heavyweight Champion.

Hitting Chavo Guerrero with a HUGE drop kick on Thunder.

A rare WCW house show picture. Billy Kidman is in deep trouble.

Scott Steiner creates a hostile work environment. The reason
I'm wearing a suit is that I was WCW commissioner at the time.

Backstage at Nitro, going through a spot with MIA under the
watchful eye of agent Arn Anderson.

Trying to unsuccessfully win the WCW World Title from Booker T.

Taking a huge backdrop from Hugh Morris at the Fall Brawl PPV.
September 17, 2000 Buffalo, New York

Putting an abdominal stretch on Rey Mysterio. Yes those are horns
stuck to his head.

Putting the half crab on Sting. This was the one and only
time the Stinger and I ever squared off.

My debut on Nitro drop kicking Shane Helms in the back of the
head. June 19, 2000

Punching Jeff Jarrett in the face on Nitro. With all of my TNA
comments I'm guessing JJ wishes he could return the favor.