May 2001 - June 2005

Hitting HHH with my top rope clothesline. This was during the
only singles match we had with each other.

My "almost" Wrestlemania match at Safeco Field.
March 30, 2003 WrestleMania 19

WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Hurricane and I hit one of the Hardy Boys with a double super kick.
No Mercy PPV October 21, 2001

The Un-Americans, Lance Storm and Christian as
WWE World Tag Team Champions

My very last match in Japan. The 4 of us had an awesome
match that night.

This is what makes working in WWE so great, the crowds.
That's William Regal and I in the ring with our flags.

Chris Jericho locked in my 1/2 Boston Crab.
ECW One Night Stand, June 12, 2005

William Regal and I getting our hands raised by referee
Chef Morley after a successful Tag Title defense.

Hitting a great drop kick on Chris Jericho.
ECW One Night Stand, June 12, 2005

The Amazing Hurri-league. I'm not sure where Mighty Molly is,
perhaps she hadn't joined our group yet.

Here I've got Edge locker in my dreaded finishers.
Okay it wasn't that dreaded but it is locked in.