2008 Wish List

January 07, 2008

This week rather than a look back at 2007 I thought I would take a look ahead, and talk about what I would like to see in 2008…sort of a Lance Storm 2008 wish list, if you will.

ROH: I would love to see ROH land some form of regular TV deal. I just started getting the Fight Network at the tail end of last year and they air an hour of ROH programming each week. The shows appear to just be random DVD match selections, but the stuff is great. I also saw my first ROH PPV this year (Man Up), which was fantastic so the idea of getting to follow the up to date product and follow the PPV build would be tremendous. ROH, for me, is the true WWE Alternative programming so I would love to see it get a regular up to date TV program. ROH needs to be exposed to a much bigger market because their product is very good.

TNA: I’m not going to bother wishing for a booking or announcing change in 2008 because that seems to be a futile wish and a subject that has been done to death. What I’d most like to see apart from that in TNA is the return of “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. The AJ Styles that I saw on Impact this week was the biggest idiot loser in this business’s history, and I’d like the return of the guy that once headlined this company as World Champion. Why anyone would take such a uniquely gifted and talented performer and turn him into the biggest Jack Ass in wrestling history is beyond me. Remember the TNA review show they did on Monday that one time RAW was pre-empted. They declared the 3-way match with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe the greatest match in TNA history. I want that AJ Styles back… actually I’d like that Christopher Daniels and that Samoa Joe back too, but that may be asking too much. AJ is now a Jack Ass, Daniels has been “fired”, and Samoa Joe is now a big whiner…ah TNA.

WWE: There are a few things I’d like to see in 2008 from WWE, the first being the immediate dropping of the Hornswaggle McMahon angle. I am so completely tired of this angle. It produced a nice laugh at Vince’s expense when it was first revealed and managed to somehow turn Finlay baby face, but I can’t see what else this program can produce, apart from a ton of bad matches and poor ratings. The other thing I’d love to see in 2008 is the immediate baby face turn and push of Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin is a lot like AJ Style in that he is a uniquely gifted athlete that can do things no other performer can do. When Sheldon was first moved to RAW and given that brief pushing beating HHH he was amazing, not to mention that awesome match he had on RAW with HBK. Remember the springboard into the super kick finish? That was awesome. I would also like to see Santino Marella made into a full time manager. I have no interest in seeing this guy in matches on a regular basis but I’d be more than happy to hear him cut promos every week. Santino is one of the most entertaining promos WWE has produced in years, maybe decades, and needs to be a regular part of the show but, as I said before, I have no interest in seeing this guy wrestle.

UFC: Above all else I want to see the end of the string of upsets that plagued UFC in 2007. One or two surprise wins can be good for business but when they happen all the time they do more harm than good. If no one wins consistently and every match is a coin toss, no one becomes a star, and it is very hard to create big matches for PPV. I know this business is a shoot and UFC has no control over this but this is a wish list and that is what I wish for. To start a more consistent year I’d love to see Brock Lesnar excel in UFC. His UFC debut in February will like be the first UFC PPV I order and if he can start a dominant win streak Brock Lesnar could become UFC’s next big thing, and that would make me very happy.

Here’s hoping,
Lance Storm