***UPDATED September 2006***

Name : Lance Storm
Height: 6'
Weight: 228 lbs
Home Town: Calgary Alberta, Canada
Born: April 3, 1969
Pro Debut: October 2, 1990

Major Titles Held:
CWA Catch Jr. Title
2X WAR IJ Tag Titles
WAR World 6 Man Titles
3X ECW Tag Team Titles
2X (3X) WCW U.S. Championship
WCW Hardcore Championship
WCW Cruiser Weight Title
WWE Intercontinental Title
4X WWE Tag Team Titles

I was born in Sarnia, Ontario, but grew up in North Bay, Ontario. Most of my Family still lives there. I attended high school at West Ferris Secondary School. I play Volleyball, Basketball, and competed in Track and Field. Most of my concentration went to my main sports interest of Volleyball. I really loved playing the game and still miss it today. In addition to sports I was also an academic in school. I excelled in maths and sciences. I graduated high school as an Ontario Scholar, with a final grade average of 89.5%. After high school I went on to University at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. I enrolled in their honors business program and played Volleyball for the Golden Hawks, but after a year and a half, found that a poor coach can take the fun out of the game. Without the joy of volleyball, University lost a lot of its appeal. It was at this point that I decided to give wrestling a try.

I got a set of weights for Christmas when I was 13 (1982). I started training with my dad, who was an avid lifter in his youth (his crowning achievement a freak one arm snatch lift of 183 lbs). It is my dad who I have to thank for teaching me the proper way to train. I trained in my basement for the next 2 years. Once in High School, I started training at school during my lunch hour. My first year of high school (age 15) I weighted 185 lbs and was benching in the neighborhood of 300 lbs. By the end of high school I had 7 years of lifting under my belt, and weighed 205. In University I started training with a guy by the name of Greg Knox. He was a great training partner, and presently plays for the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL. I haven't kept in touch with him, which is a real shame; he's a great guy. Once I quit school, to wrestle I picked up the training, as it was no longer a hobby, but part of my job. I weighed 216 lbs the day I showed up at camp, in Calgary. A bit of a funny story, after tagging with Chris Jericho about a year he admitted to me, that his first impression of me was that I had a spare tire and pin legs. I guess I had a poor choice of clothes the first day. Chris said he realized the first day of training that he was wrong, but it was a year before he told me the story. I currently train at "The Gym" in Calgary, and train about 4 days a week.

I only really have 2 hobbies, now that weight training is part of my job, reading and watching movies. I am a complete video junkie. I have a huge movie collection at home, and can watch the same movies a number of times. I also love to read. This came in very handy in Europe and Japan. In Europe I read a ton. You never traveled, and since I never went out, I had a lot of time to read. My favorite authors include; David Morrell, F. Paul Wilson, Janet Evanovich, Dan Simmons, and Lee Child. I never read much as a kid, but after 6 months on the road without a TV your habits change.

I decided to enroll in the Hart Brother Pro-Wrestling Camp, to get my training. I based this decision on the amount of smaller talented workers to come out of there. Bret, Owen, Pillman, Benoit, Dynamite. I knew I was small by wrestling standards, especially in 1990, the year I broke in. I moved to Calgary in June of 1990. I packed everything I could in a duffle bag, boarded a flight to Calgary, and never looked back. Camp started in July, and it was on that first day that I met Chris Jericho. Camp ran for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks. It was very tough, but worth it.

My first match was for The Canadian Wrestling Connection. I wrestled Chris Jericho to a 15 min. draw. We also had a Royal Rumble type match for the main event. I actually won the main event, boy a push on my first show. I've wrestled for many Canadian independents including, Stampede Wrestling, and WFWA (IWA) out of Winnipeg, and Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling. They were the only companies that actually lasted any length of time. It was in Winnipeg for WFWA, that I met Don Callis. My first year, I tagged with Jericho as the team Sudden Impact. After a year and a half of tagging with Chris, we parted ways and I started as a single.

Oct. 10, 1991 After 1 year in the business, and only 30 matches under my belt, I was off to Japan. Chris and I did a 2-½ week tour and had a great time. It was a huge experience for 2 very green workers. Even with our limited experience we did very well, and stood out due to our athletic ability. After the tour was over, we were asked back for the January tour, and promised 5 tours in 92. We never heard from them again till September 92, when they wanted us for their stadium show. Chris and I had parted ways by this time, and I was insulted from not hearing from them till now, so I turned them down. Chris accepted and went back with a substitute partner (Eric Freeze). Today some people still don't realize that it wasn't me on that show.

May 93, I got offered a 2-week trip to Beirut Lebanon. Do to political difficulties they couldn't book Americans on the tour, so a bunch of Canadians got booked. Other than the bunch of us from Calgary, Mando & Chavo Guerrero, and Chris Adams were also on the tour. We had a terrible experience, got stiffed, and only received about 25% of our money. The only up side to the tour was getting to room with Mando. He was by far the biggest vet I'd met at that point, and I learned a lot from talking with him.

I got booked with Otto, by a guy in Calgary named Tokyo Joe Diago. We had the same barber and I asked my barber to pass on my pictures and video to Joe, in hopes of getting booked with New Japan. In less than a month Joe Diago called me and offered me the 6-month gig in Europe. This was a serious undertaking, I was in a very serious relationship, and the thought of being gone from home for 6 months was scary. I figured asking a girl friend to wait 6 months for you to come home from work was a bit unfair, so I decided to propose before I went. I did, she accepted and we are coming up on 10 years of relatively happy marriage (Married in 1994). (Tina if you are reading this, that was meant as a joke) CWA was hard. It was very much a big mans territory, so being the smallest guy in the crew, meant a lot of bumps. Ordinarily I wouldn't have a problem with this, but Otto's rings were the stiffest I had ever seen. At one point I was brought to the office and told, that they appreciated my working hard, but they did not expect me to take many bumps. This was all well and good, but when you work guys twice your size, and never bump when they hit you, people tend to get a little upset. I kept bumping. I met and got to work with a lot of great people over there. Larry Cameron, David Finlay, David Taylor, Hiro Yamamoto (Tenzan), Tony StClair, and a whole list of others. The boys are one of the great things about the business. CWA ran world cup tournaments. We did 1 in Graz Austria, Arnold Swartzenegger's hometown, Vienna Austria, the prettiest city I've ever seen, and Hanover Germany, the Winnipeg of Germany (that is not a compliment). We were also scheduled to do a tournament in Bremen Germany, but we had 10 days off between tournaments, and I went home. While I was home I worked a local show as a favor to a friend, and injured my knee. I was out for 10 weeks so I could not return to finish my tour. To this day I think Otto thinks I lied about the injury so I wouldn't have to go back. I wasn't all that happy over there, and to be honest, wasn't all that upset about the injury.

I actually lined this job up while in Germany. I had sent a tape of my work to Jim Cornette, almost a year previous. I found out after, that Jim gets hundreds of tapes each week, so it takes him a long time to get through them. Most of the tapes he told me are of guys wrestling in their living rooms, so when he saw mine, he popped. He called the number on the tape, which was no longer accurate as I had moved since I sent him the tape. While Jim was working in the WWF he spotted a job guy wearing a Canadian Rocky Mountain Wrestling jacket, one of the companies I had wrestled for on the tape. He asked the guy if he knew me, PJ said that he did and I had in fact trained him. Jim gave him his number and asked him to pass it on to me. After several phone calls I got word that Cornette was interested in using me when I returned from Germany. I spoke to him on the phone, worked everything out, and started the next year. It was Justin Credible himself who in a sense got me booked. I was originally going to go in as a single, but before I did, Jim got a tape from Chris Jericho. Jim saw from our tapes that we had worked together in the past and he asked Chris if he would tag with me, in hopes of putting us with the Heavenly Bodies. Chris didn't want to step on my toes, since I already had the gig set up, so he said it would be up to me. I thought with Jim's focus on tag teams, that together we stood a better chance of being figured in. Thus the Thrillseekers were born. We worked for Jim for the better part of 94, but due to a lack of money, it was short lived. It was great fun tagging with Chris again, and a real joy working for Cornette. Jim is one of the funniest men alive, and traveling with him is an adventure unto itself. My greatest achievement in SMW was on our first road trip with Cornette. Jim is an avid player of the wrestler name game, and never losses. There were about 6 of us in a van one night when we started playing. Jericho was first out; as I don't think he cared enough to put much effort forth. After quite a while it was down to Jimmy C, and myself, and I stuck him for the win, with I think the Quebecers. No one could believe that I had beaten the master, and how appropriate I beat him with a Canadian team. I never played him again, as I knew it would only go down hill from there.

After SMW ended I went back to Calgary and worked local shots until, September when the Hanover tournament came round again. Hanover was booked by Peter William, not Otto Wanz, Peter treated me much better than Otto, as he liked my work. Otto only liked size. When I contacted Peter, he was happy to have me back. I went over for 6 ½ weeks, and got to work with David Finlay, and Danny Collins, almost every night. Both of these guys are great workers, so I had fun the whole tournament.

Chris Jericho had put in a word for me with WAR, and basically got me the job. My first tour for them was Dec. 95. One of their guys had gotten hurt and they needed a replacement fast, I fit the bill and got the job. I did well my first tour, and started full time almost immediately. I worked for WAR for 2 ½ years, had three runs as champion, and loved every minute of it. I love the Japanese style and the respect given to athletes by the Japanese fans. WAR ran a 1-week tour every month, so it was great. I wasn't away from home very long at a stretch, and it was a regular income. My boss Tenyru treated me very well, and to this day is one of my favorite employers. I would work for him again in a heartbeat. My daughter was born while I was on tour in Japan. I never wanted a flight to end as bad as the one home that tour. Some of my best matches were in Japan, and I hope some day to go back, ideally for Tenryu if he's running or for New Japan. I worked 1 New Japan show when I was with WAR and it was incredible. After about 2 years with WAR, I started to feel like my time was up. I had accomplished everything I could with WAR, so I needed a change. On the advice of my good buddy Jericho I contacted Paul Heyman. I started working for both companies, but eventually parted ways with WAR. Ironically WAR shut down the tour after I left. Wow talk about good timing.

What can I say about ECW that most people don't already know. I started just working the Arena, between Japan tours. Everyone liked my work, and thought I was a good hand. After a while I realized I would not be figured in unless I started full time with ECW. I had run my course with Japan, so I sat down with Paul to negotiate coming in full time. We came to terms, and I've never looked back. I had 3 ECW Tag Team Title runs and got to be a part of The Impact Players, likely the most fun I’ve had in this business. Working with Dawn Marie and tagging with one of my best friends in this business (Justin) was something that just clicked and worked. I had the good fortune of working with a lot of great people and Paul gave me the chance to try my hand at booking. I have nothing but fond memories of my time in ECW. Unfortunately when money troubles hit the company I was forced to look elsewhere for employment and left after a very quick split with my Impact Player partner.

WCW was a rather short run for me. I was employed for a year and worked only about 9 months of that. Everyone talks about how awful it was there and how poorly it was run but I went in with my eyes open and really enjoyed my time there. I didn’t agree with everything they did creatively but I earned a very good living and got to meet and work with a lot of great people. I got a big push almost right from the start courtesy in a large part to Johnny Ace who joined the company, on the creative end, about the same time that I did. With Johnny’s All Japan influences he was a big proponent of wrestling and saw potential in me. Vince Russo who didn’t give a rat’s @$$ about wrestling didn’t see as much. On what I am told now was a bit of a bet done in spite Johnny took creative control of my character and proceeded to give me a large push capturing the WCW US, Hardcore, and Cruiser Weight Titles. The three titles along with my Pro-Canada, Anti-American character is the biggest push I’ve received to date (Oct. 2001) I team Canada and was one of the companies hotter heels. The push slowly diminished but they kept me relatively strong feuding with MIA and The Filthy Animals, until the company was purchased by the WWE along with my individual contract. I worked the last ever WCW Nitro on March 27th, 2001 and was even the last person to leave the locker room that night.

I was the first WCW performer to appear on WWE TV after a surprise run-in during the May 28th RAW is WAR show in Calgary. Shortly after that I captured the WWE Intercontinental Championship, which I carried for almost 1 month. My career has gone up and down in WWE, since then, and has been highlighted by my run in the “Un-Americans, which led to my first WWE Tag Team Title, defeating Edge and Hulk Hogan. After the Un-Americans disbanded I teamed with William Regal and had 2 more Tag Team runs feuding mostly with the Dudley. From there I had a short-lived tag run with Chief Morley again with tag team gold. From there I went through a lot of changes. I became Boring, found help from Goldust, turned baby face, started dancing, started hanging out with Val Venus, reformed our previous Tag Team this time as faces. All of this was short lived and I found myself once again a single heel for one match before deciding to retire from the ring. I had my last regular WWE match against Steven Richards in Calgary AB, Canada in May of 2004.

After leaving the active WWE roster I accepted the position of WWE Head Trainer for their developmental system in Louisville, KY. I trained WWE developmental talent there for approximately a year and a half. Some of the talent I worked with while there: MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina), Bobby Lashley, The Spirit Squad, Ken Kennedy, Jillian, and Mickie James. I had a great time while working in OVW and also wrestled 2 OVW matches. I tagged with MNM in a six-man match against the Dudley Boys & Tommy Dreamer, and on a small live event tagged with Matt Capottelli (Thrillseekers Version 3.0) to face MNM. I left OVW and the WWE in July of 2005 to start my own wrestling school, Storm Wrestling Academy.

WWE TV return and ECW ONS:
While finishing up in OVW I was asked to be apart of the ECW PPV One Night Stand. In an effort to help hype the show I agreed to a one-match return to WWE television. I wrestled Maven, ironically enough in Calgary for WWE Heat in May of 2005. I then wrestled Chris Jericho in the opening match of the ECW One Night Stand PPV June 2005. I had planned this to be my last professional match, as I thought it was a fitting end to my career, seeing that my first pro match was also against Chris Jericho. (Like most wrestling retirements it wouldn’t hold up)

Storm Wrestling Academy:
September 2005 I opened the doors of Storm Wrestling Academytm to my first batch of students. I run 3 12-week training sessions per year, and have produced a lot of great students, which I hope you will start hearing about in the years to come. Thus far I’ve had students from: Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Australia. I very much enjoy life off the road and plan to run the Academy for a long time to come.

Infrequent Indy Bookings:
- April 1st 2006 I returned to action (after a 10 month absence) to challenge Bryan Danielson for the ROH world Title. We drew a ROH record crowd in Chicago and had what I consider to be one of the better matches of my career. It was also one of the longest lasting approx. 27 minutes.

- May 2005 I wrestled two events for 1PW in Doncaster, UK. The first match was part of their Tag Team Title tournament where I was to reform the Impact Players with Justin Credible. Justin no-showed the event so I tagged with Andy someone (sorry don’t remember the guy) to face AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. We were eliminated when they pinned Andy. The following night I wrestled Doug Williams in a great technical match, which Doug won with his rolling German Suplex.

Lance Storm's Time Line

July - Aug. 1990
Hart Brothers Pro-Wrestling Camp Fellow student Chris Jericho

Oct. 2/90
Pro debut. CWC, Ponoka, Alberta Opponent Chris Jericho 15 min. draw

Oct. 91
FMW. 3-week tour with Chris Jericho as Sudden Impact.

Aug. 92
Lebanon. 2 week tour, as single

June-Nov. 93
CWA Catch, Europe (Austria & Germany) Captured CWA Jr. Title July 3rd Defeating Hiro Tenzan

Feb-Nov 94
SMW, Teaming with Chris Jericho as The Thrill Seekers

Sept.-Oct. 95
CWA Catch, Europe (Germany)

Nov 95 Jan 98 - WAR Japan, 25 Tours

March 27/96
Captured WAR IJ Tag Titles Defeating Chris Jericho & Gedo

Nov. 9/96
Recaptures WAR IJ Tag Titles Defeating Jushin Liger & El Samurai

July 6/97
Captures WAR World 6 Man Titles Defeating Kitao, Hiria, Tommy Dreamer

Feb. 97 - ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling

Dec 6/97
Captures ECW Tag Titles with Chris Candido defeating Doug Furnas & Phil Lafond, Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten

June 27/98
Lost the ECW tag Titles to Rob Van Dam & Sabu

Aug. 28/98
Debuted manager Dawn Marie.

Jan 9/2000
Captures ECW Tag Titles with Justin Credible. Defeating Raven & Tommy Dreamer

Feb. 26/2000
Lost ECW Tag Titles to Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka

March 12/2000
Regained ECW Tag Team Titles defeating Masato Tanaka & Tommy Dreamer, Raven & Mike Awesome.

April 21/2000
Justin throws down the ECW Tag Titles leaving the titles vacant.

June/2000 - Debuts in World Championship Wrestling

July 17/2000
Captures the WCW United States Championship on Monday Nitro in a tournament where Lance beats Buff Bagwell, Shane Douglas and Mike Awesome. Re-names the title the Canadian Heavyweight Championship.

July 24/2000
Captures the WCW Hardcore Championship on Monday Nitro defeating Big Vito.

July 31/2000
Captures the WCW Cruiser Weight Title on Monday Nitro defeating Chavo Guerrero jr.

Aug. 14/2000
Awards WCW Hardcore and Cruiser weight Titles to fellow Team Canada members, Carl Oulette, and Elix Skipper.

Sept. 22/2000
Lost the WCW US Title to Terry Funk in Amarillo, TX this was never acknowledged on TV

Sept. 23/2000
Regained the WCW US Title defeating Terry Funk in Lubbock, TX.

Oct. 29/2000
Lost the WCW US Title to Hugh Morrus, when he pinned Jim Duggan in a handicapped match.

Nov. 12/2000
Regained the WCW US Title defeating Hugh Morrus

Nov. 26/2001
Lost the WCW US Title to Hugh Morrus

March 27/2001
Wrestled on the last WCW Nitro under the Turner Banner and had my contract picked up by the WWF.

May 28/2001
Debut in the WWF with a run-in on RAW in Calgary…Alberta, Canada

July 9/2001
Wrestled my first WWF televised match tagging with Mike Awesome against Kane and Chris Jericho.

July 23/2001
Captured the WWF Intercontinental Title defeating Albert

Aug. 19/2001
Lost the WWF IC Title to Edge at Summer Slam

July 21/2002
Captured the WWE Tag Team Titles with Christian defeating Hulk Hogan and Edge

Sept. 23/2002
Lost WWE Tag Team Title to Kane and Hurricane

Jan. 6/2003
Captured the WWE Tag Team Title with William Regal defeating Booker T and Goldust

Jan. 19th/2003
Lost the Tag Titles to The Dudley Boys

Jan. 20/2003
Regained the Tag Team Titles from the Dudley Boys

March 24/2003
Due to William Regal’s illness we were stripped of the Tag Team Titles

March 24/2003
Chief Morley and I were awarded the WWE Tag Team Titles

March 31/2003
Lost the Tag Team Titles to RVD and Kane