Q & A

January 10, 2007

Q: What is your take on Larry Zbysko? I saw his RF shoot DVD and he seemed to be one of the brightest guys I have seen in these.
A: Iíve never met Larry so I donítí have much of a take.

Q: did you work with Dusty in any way when in WCW, and if so what was your (professional) take on him?
A: Dusty did some ECW shots when I was there and got to spend a little time with him then. He seemed like a great guy and I enjoyed sitting around with him hearing his stories.

Q: I recently watched a shoot interview featuring Jacques Rougeau and he came across like a very nice guy in it. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on him as I know you worked alongside him in WCW.
A: Jacques was very good to me. I donít know him well but he came across like a great guy to me as well.

Q: Lance, just wondering what it is you don't like about the Kevin Nash segments in TNA. Personally I have never found Nash more entertaining and all the guys he's involved with are getting more over and building their characters. When the Austin Starr character debuted I didn't like it much but since being with Nash I like him a lot more. The only thing I don't like is Senshi's involvement, it seems he's only there because they can't think of anything else to do with him. Nash is not affecting the matches, and surely the longer they can keep him from wrestling the better.
A: You are not looking at the big picture. Since they have started these skits with Nash we almost never see these guys wrestle anymore, and while the segments are funny we are generally laughing at the X guys not with them. They have no credibility anymore and as far as developing personality if you take Kevin out of the equation what do you have left? Nothing! They become not funny and on top of that are viewed as jokes. TNA has never established Nash as an authority figure and since the entire X-Div isnít doing the Pogo stick crap it obviously isnít mandatory so these guys come off like Lackey Marks for Big Kev.

Q: Do you find it funny that in the past two months two of your commentary's have got so much Internet buzz? I read that TNA was not thrilled with your commentary on TNA's product at the time and I think everyone has read Eric Bischoff's reply. I guess what I'm asking is do you find it funny that people really care about your opinion on certain matters in wrestling?
A: I donít think itís funny. I think sometimes the TRUTH hurts, and when it comes from someone who is known in the business for being honest and intelligent there is some degree of weight behind the statements. I hope TNA was unhappy with my statement and I hope they are mad enough at me to put a show out there so damn good they will completely shut me up. Then we all win.

Q: I have heard a lot about a wrestler named Glenn Kulka but have nevere actually seen him wrestle. Do you know him? If you do have you ever wrestled him? And if you did, what did you think about him?
A: I met Glenn once or twice. He was training here in Calgary with Bret back when Edge, Test, and Christian were. He had a developmental contract at one point but got hurt and released. He has some involvement with MMA now I think.

Q: I was wondering who you thought should be the one to end The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. We all know it's gonna happen sometime cause he'll "pass the torch" but who do u think should get that honor?
A: Thatís a tough call. I would have said Orton or Edge a few years ago, but with Ortonís track record I wouldnít do it with him, and Iím not sure how many more years Edge is planning on sticking around. You have to find someone high enough up on the totem pole to deserve it yet young enough to get the long-term benefit. In another year or two I might say Lashley.

Q: Loved reading the "Death Tour" stories you have. Having read them and what they seemed to entail, I can understand that the workers didn't seem to get paid much. That however, seems to be par for the course for indie wrestlers, especially those with little experience. However, considering that it seems like there was so little to be made, why did the promoter, Tony Condello, do this tour every year? Seems that even if he made a decent amount of money, the time, suffering and effort necessary to do this would make it prohibitive. What are your insights?
A: I assume Tony made money on these trips. I wouldnítí be surprised if he got paid a flat rate by the Native Band Office and just Kayfabed us about it.

Q: Will I be look down upon and get "heat" from the boys if I'm just a "weekend warrior" rather than the guys that bust their ass day in and day out and actually do it for a living (not that I wouldn't bust my ass either)?
A: You may from some but not all. I have more respect for someone who has decided to just be a weekend warrior and has fun with it, than the guy who thinks he is going to make it and puts in little effort.

Q: Who do you think has a better shot at having a second world title reign, Rey or Benoit? The fans seem to love both, but both had pretty dismal title reigns (bad booking? Neither man having it? Ask Bischoff)
A: Benoit for sure, I seriously doubt Rey will ever see the title again. Dismal title reigns were not these guys faults they were booked very poorly with the focus on others while they held the title.

Q: Any thoughts on Vickie guerrero as a performer? I assume the goal is to help out the family, but she really seems lost. The whole angle seems disturbing.
A: I am so uncomfortable with the angle and I assume Vickie has a hard time with it as well. I glad she is earning a living to support her family. If she is okay with the angle that is what matters.

Q: I'm happy to see Dave taylor back, but every time i see him I can't help but think that Paul Burchill might have been much better off not discovering his pirate roots. Do you see him returning?
A: I have no idea what Paulís status is with the company. Yah when they throw a wacky gimmick at you it is sink or swim. Getting repackaged after crazy gimmicks is tough.

Q: I was recently searching on Wikipedia and found that Hulk Hogan was billed at 6'7" but was actually 6'4". And you have been billed in the past as 6'1" but it says you are actually 5'11". Is there any truth to this? And if so, why do wrestlers lie about it?
A: Calling it lying is a bit much as sometimes we have nothing to do with it. I am 5í 11Ē ĺ so when I was asked about height I would just say 6í. Sometimes promoters or even announcers add to that on their own in an effort to make us sound more impressive. There are some guys who out right add inches just because but that is true in general not just wrestling. Christian was the one that got it the worst. He is legit 6í 2Ē and was listed in all WWE programs at 5í 10Ē.

Q: Does your body still feel pain from wrestling, IE sore in the morning etc, or do you get over that?
A: Yes! I have a bad back now which bothers me somewhat but not always. There is usually something that aches to a certain extent. Nothing near enough to make me regret wrestling or even stop taking bumps regularly.

Q: Have you ever had any interaction with Dixie Carter at all?
A: None at all.

Q: Every where seems to say that RVD is getting a lot of heat for not wanting to do the Iraq show, should guys get heat for not "volunteering" to go some place that dangerous?
A: Should get heat is a silly concept. Guys get heat for all kinds of stupid things that a normal person shouldnít get heat for. There were two mortar attacks while WWE was in Iraq this year. You are risking your life going over there and it should be a choice the talent is allowed to make. Those who choose to go should be praised for doing so but I donít those who donítí should be punished.

Q: Do you like Micheal Cole's work as an announcer?
A: For the most part yes. I also think he is way better with JBL than with Taz.

Q: Does it give you a sense of pride to see so many of the guys you worked with in OVW doing so well in WWE, where as a lot of the other trainers have not produced as god of results?
A: It does yes. I still keep in touch with some of them and I am thrilled with their success.

Q: Have you ever taken the Kudo driver/vertabreaker at all? Risky as it looks?
A: I have not and at this point in my career likely will not. I trust Helms a lot and might in the right circumstances take it from him.

Q: Did you work with Daniel Puder at all in OVW, do you think he could have made it big in WWE?
A: I did work with Daniel, but am unsure if he had the talent to ďmake it bigĒ. They certainly could have done something with him, but at the price they had to pay him to complete his training Iím not surprised they released him.

Q: Is there a proper etiquette if you injury someone in ring? are you supposed to call and check up on them at all?
A: There is a proper etiquette. My next article for Fighting Spirit magazine in the UK deals with this topic, so I wontí get into it in depth here now. I think Fighting Spirit is available at Borders Book Stores now in the US.

Q: Ever work Psicosis at all?

Q: Was Paul Heyman's promo at the first One Night Stand as big of shoot as it seemed of just a good work?
A: The best works have a degree of shoot to them, and even the stiffest shoots have a degree of work to them.

Q: How much do you think a show like the first One Night Stand meant to Tommy Dreamer? Was it as big to him as the made it out to be?
A: Tommy truly loves this business, likely more than most and the original ECW even more so. That show meant a ton to Tommy.

Q: Did you ever have a problem with having to get physical with a female in ring or were you OK with it as long as they knew what they were doing?
A: Your wording is odd. I certainly was never worried about my safety so I wasnít as concerned if they knew what they were doing, and I had enough confidence in myself to take care of them as well.

Q: Have you ever heard of the wrestler Tim Flowers?
A: Certainly. Tim worked several shows in Calgary and Winnipeg when I was first breaking in so I got to know him somewhat. I think he even tells people he trained me, which is absolutely false, but yes I know Tim.

Q: I was watching Cleveland All Pro Wrestling tonight, and the announcers were telling us how you trained Chris Cage, and how you were very high on his talents. I was wondering if this is true, and do you think he will ever make it back to the WWE (OVW)? They announcers also stated that you were probably watching the show (lol), which I'm sure is not the case, as you probably do not receive Sports Time Ohio in Calgary.
A: I worked with Chris in OVW but I would say I trained him. He was trained and working when I met him. I hope I taught him a fair bit but someone else originally trained him. Chris has a lot of talent and it was a real shame he got let go before he got the chance to showcase it. Yes, last time I check Sports Time Ohio doesnít air up here in Calgary. (LOL)

Q: I remember watching wcw and hacksaw duggan hit somebody with his 2 by 4......it twisted like a pretzel....if you remember this... what was it made of? this one wasnt wood
A: This was when WCW started going more Hollywood I think and they had a prop guy making ďfakeĒ gimmicks, like a rubber 2X4 and Lead Pipe. I remember the time it bent and it really looked stupid. There are also times when Madajia (Not sure the spelling) would carry the ďfakeĒ lead pipe Steiner would use and flip it around so much that you could tell it weighed nothing.

Q: Bryan Danielson went from August to the end of December with a severly torn shoulder and putting on incredible matches, so my question is What was the worst injury you put off from getting it fixed to keep wrestling and keep a certain storyline going?
A: I was never badly injured so I never really had to get anything fixed. I had injuries I worked through but nothing I had to eventually shut down for to get fixed.

Q: Have you ever worked New Jack?
A: Oh yah lots of time. We worked a fair bit in SMW back in 1994. Back then Jack actually wrestled and worked. I donít think we ever crossed paths in the ring in ECW.

Q: What is Cyrus up to nowadays?
A: Cyrus is in Winnipeg with a real job. He has his MBA and works for the government in some capacity I think. H still finds time to annoy me on a semi regular basis.

Q: Did Dawn Marie ever have any problems with some of the things she had to do in ECW, such as getting stripped every night of being announced as your "personal bitch" during the Candido feud?
A: Dawn was and is a total pro, she did what was asked of her and always did it well.

Q: How much potential does Melina have in-ring in your mind?
A: A TON!! She is strong, aggressive, and very determined. Iím a HUGE Melina fan.

Q: Can matches be edited too much? Such as how ECW would leave in a blown spot, where as WWE will edit it out (if possible). ECW leaving them in gave more of a realistic feeling to the match in my mind.
A: It isnít a question of too much or too little as much as it is of good or poor editing. A lot of my heat matches would get edited for time, and who ever edited them would do so in a way that you couldnít tell, but it would ruin the psychology or flow of the match. If they needed to shorten the match they would for example look for 2 chin locks in a match (If it was a Randy Orton match heíd have an abundance of choices) and edit everything out in between. You would see me apply the chin lock there would be a camera switch and I would still be in the chin lock but it would be the second one not the first. This ruined the matches and at times buried guys. If the face had a bunch of offense, then you stopped him and grabbed a hold, then got in 4 minutes of offense yourself, grabbed that hold again then had the face make the come back and beat you. What might air is you getting your ass kicked, you applying a hold, you getting your ass kicked again and beat.

Q: In print, such as William Regal's book, does the author or publisher have to get your permission to use your name in it?
A: There is such a thing as an unauthorized Biography. With our names being trade marked character names though they might have to.

Q: What do you think about Madusa/Alundra Blayze as a wrestler and a person? What do you think about what she did to the then WWF women's championship belt?
A: I was a huge Madusa fan before I broke in. She was the first women wrestler that I saw that I thought could wrestle, and I also thought she was hot as hell. I didnít know her well when we were in WCW but she seemed like a real fun person. As for the WWE womenís title, that was just business.

Q: I was just wondering what you thought of TNA's announcer Don West? I for one can't stand him and think he needed to be taken off the show before he started. Does he have some sort of insider position that helps him to stay in his spot? He has to be one of the worst announcers ever along with Cole from SD and you can't forget the mighty David Crockett from back in the day.
A: I much prefer Cole. Don just always seems to be at an over exaggerated level of excitement. Not everything is that exciting. Jim Ross is still the best at selling excitement, because his seems so genuine and he only does it when things are actually exciting.

Q: I've just read your biography on your site. when you talk about being in SMW you talk about playing the wrestler name game. What I'd like to know is what is it and how do you play it?
A: This is simple and Iíve explained once before. You start with someone naming a wrestler: Lance Storm. The next person has to name a wrestler whose name begins with an S, say Stan Lane, then perhaps Lance Cade, Chris Masters, etc. You keep going without repeating names. If you canít think of one you are out. If the person uses a one-name wrestler like Sting you would stay on S.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm