Clash of the Champions XXIX

January 14, 2015

Clash XXIX was held November 16, 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida, and marked the complete changing of the guard, with Hulk Hogan in the Main Event and Ric Flair off the show. The show pulled a 3.3 rating on TBS, a slight step up from the 3.0 the November Clash did last year, but a big drop from the previous Clash's 4.5. Live the show drew 4000 fans (3200 paid).

According to feedback in the Wrestling Observer the show was not well received, with 87.4% of fans polled giving the show a thumbs down. I cannot disagree with this evaluation; I thought this was a terrible show, with only 1 really good match on the card. I'm thankful to be on the home stretch with only 6 more Clash events to go.

Pretty Wonderful vs. Stars & Stripes (Tag Titles vs. Mask): Paul Roma and Paul Orndorff comprised Team Pretty Wonderful and they were putting up the tag titles against The Patriots mask. The Patriot's partner was Marcus Bagwell who once again was inserted into a tag team were he outright copies his partner's gimmick in an attempt to get the rub and get over (See Clash XXVI where he teams with 2 Cold Scorpio). The match was okay but nothing special. There was a real ugly spot where Roma dumped Buff over the top rope to the floor. I don't know what they were trying to do but Buff looked like he almost died and Orndorff got knocked off the apron to. The camera sort of missed it, which is why I have no idea what the plan was. Thankful I don't think anyone got hurt. The finish was terrible. The heels set up for their suplex, splash off the top combo, but after Orndorff suplexed Buff, The Patriot shoved Roma off the top rope. Despite his partner not hitting the splash, or anything else happening what so ever, Orndorff just laid there while the ref counted both his and Buff's shoulders down. Buff (The guy who took the suplex) was more aware than Orndorff (the guy who gave the move) and lifted his shoulder before the 3 count, to win the match, the titles, and save his partner from losing his mask. Poor Orndorff looked like a complete moron thanks to this finish.

Johnny B. Badd vs. The Honky Tonk Man (TV Title): This was your typical lazy man's stalling Memphis 101 match. Seriously I work harder than this when I wrestle my students at SWA in an empty building. Thankfully it was short. Ref bump, HTM got the guitar and hit Badd over the head with it, but the ref saw it and DQ'd that dastardly Honky Tonk Man.

Harlem Heat vs. The Nasty Boys: The match was pretty decent because The Nastys are so much better when they are in there with guys that don't mind to hit and be hit, and are willing to make it more of a fight than a wrestling match. Booker T and Stevie Ray are such men so this was a big step up from previous Clash matches featuring the Nasty Boys. That said WCW completely screwed this match and angle up. The Heat had been getting advice via cell phone from "The Secret" leading into this match, and at the end of the match it would be revealed who the secret was. Unfortunately during ring entrances (you know before the match) they put the Harlem Heat graphic up on the screen, it said "Harlem Heat /with Sensuous Sherri". If that wasn't bad enough they put this graphic up during the Nasty Boys entrance so not only did they stooge off the reveal, they put the graphic up for the wrong team. In the end Stevie got on the phone to call The Secret for help and to the surprise of no one at home, Sherri came out leading to a distraction, enabling Booker to picking up the win. The finish was poorly shot, so it came off clumsy.

We got a ton of plugs for the Hulk Hogan Hotline, which may have been a big money maker, but I saw so many of them here that I was pretty much sick to death of the Hulkster before he ever came out for the Main Event.

Big Van Vader vs. Dustin Rhodes: This was far and above the best match on the show, and the crowd was super into it. Vader was an awesome bully heel, and Dustin sold great and had tremendous fire and kicked ass when he needed to. Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) has been really great for a very very long time. Vader picked up the win off a Harley race distraction (Yes another distraction finish) and then continued to beat down Dustin post match. This led to a Jim Duggan run in, and poor Dustin was brushed aside to focus on the younger, newer, up and

Jim Duggan vs. Steve Austin (US Title): Austin let out a big "Let's get this shit over with" sigh just as he came through the curtain. Steve had a bad knee for this match; it was wrapped and you could tell he was not moving well. They basically did nothing for a minute until Vader ran down for the DQ but Duggan used his 2X4 to fend him off. No idea why they didn't just scratch this match all together. I believe this was the last we would see of Steve Austin in WCW. I'd feel bad for the guy, but if I remember correctly it all worked out pretty well for him in the end.

Hogan, Sting, & Dave Sullivan vs. The Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, & Avalanche (Mr. T as Ref): My God this was bad, so bad in fact that in the Wrestling Observer poll it received more votes for Worst Match than any other match on the show other than the 58 sec. DQ between Austin & Duggan. Part of the problem was that Dave Sullivan who was the mentally challenged brother of Kevin Sullivan who was on Hulk's team because he was a really big FAN of Hulk Hogan, was in a Main Event. The Butcher was Brutus "We can't legally call him this" Beefcake, who was presented as Hulk's lifelong friend who turned on him at the last Clash when he whacked poor Hulk in the knee with a steel baton. If you remember at the last Clash when this happened the guy in the mask who whacked Hulk, looked and moved exactly like Arn Anderson, so much so that the crowd was out right calling him Arn during the attack. So this was either, complete bullshit or Beefcake does a tremendous Arn Anderson impression, including getting considerably shorter for this impersonation. Avalanche was the former Earthquake. Mr T in addition to his stripped ref's shirt wore a striped referee's night cap. I'm not kidding; he was wearing one of those long pyjama hats you see old guys wear in The Night before Christmas cartoons. They injured Dave Sullivan early and carted him off (actually he was so injured he walked out under his own power), begging the question, why did they even bother having him out there. Despite the 2 on 3 disadvantage Hogan and Sting still managed to pick up the win when Hogan pinned Sullivan who was very obviously not legal. Heels proceeded to lay out the faces afterwards, including The Butcher putting Hogan in a sleeper for a really long time, which was put over strong by the announcers. I guess we are going to get a Hogan vs. Butcher World Title Match. I hope this is on PPV and not on an upcoming Clash.

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