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January 19, 2014

In big news (not really) I've landed my first role in a movie project. It's weird how things happen, because I wasn't looking or trying to get into acting at all, yet here I am. That said this is a teeny tiny little role that could end up on the cutting room floor, but it's a start and should be a fun experience. It's an independent film, with a several actors I've actually heard of and seen in stuff, that needs some local talent too and a lady reached out to the local Alberta wrestling promoter looking for a few "big guys". My name got thrown into the hat and I went down to read for a role. I wasn't expecting anything to come of this, and my schedule is ridiculously limited with SWA running right now but I figured it's would be an interesting experience. I didn't get the role I read for but I did get a call the next day and it looks like I'll be doing 1 day of shooting in the not too distant future. I'm really looking forward to it; it should be a great experience.

The Ultimate Warrior is going into the WWE HOF. I've had a lot of people ask me a lot this on Twitter and while I don't have a lot to say I will share my thoughts here. I think he's an absolutely deserving candidate; even his staunchest critics have to realize he was a really big deal during his time in WWE and is a deserving HOF candidate. When you consider what WWE said about him in the "Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" DVD it does make them look a little silly for changing their tune and now telling us he was a HOF performer, but it's not like this is the first time someone has changed their tune in Wrestling. I'm curious to see who will induct him, and even more curious what Warrior say during his speech. If Sting is done with TNA he would be my pick to induct Warrior. I have no idea if they are still friends but they broke in together and lead somewhat paralleled careers, it would be a way to help introduce Sting to the WWE audience and have someone induct Warrior that isn't going to come off as a hypocrite contradicting what they said about him on the DVD. Do you think Warrior will wear the paint? I'm betting he will.

Dave Batista's return seems to be stirring up great debate on the Internet and most of it annoys me. Unfortunately it seems that the go to response of most people who want to discuss this topic is to bitch and complain before even waiting to see what's actually going to be done. The most common complaint I see is the critique that WWE should be focusing on new stars not old ones. While there is something to that argument it has very little to do with whether or not it's a good idea to bring Big Dave back, and if those making said complaints understood the bigger business picture of pro-wrestling they probably wouldn't make it. The biggest difference maker in WWE's business future is their new Network. The success of the WWE Network is way more important than pushing a couple new faces on the roster. WWE needs to peak interest in their product moving into the launch of the WWE Network and WrestleMania XXX. Elevating a few fresh faces on the roster will not do this, bringing back a major star that is also very fresh to the current viewing audience might. Dave is an established top start who has been gone for close to 4 years. This makes him both fresh and immediately valuable, so there is the potential of him making a difference in business right away (by the launch and WrestleMania). If he can help peak interest in the short term he becomes valuable to the launch of the network. Furthermore as a star from the past his return also draws attention to the value of archived PPV and RAW footage that is also available on the Network, because he is prominently featured in it. That said if Dave comes in and just runs through all of the younger talent on TV each week, there is potential long term damage to be had, but if he comes in and works with established stars and puts a person or two over before departing there is very little down side to bringing him back and a huge potential upside.

I was excited to see SWA grad Emma make her first RAW and SmackDown appearances this week. She was spotted in the crowd with her EMMAtaining sign. I hope this is a slow build to something at or just after WrestleMania as debuting a month or 2 before Mania often leads to getting lost in the shuffle when the hard WrestleMania push starts. Fingers crossed for big things in 2014 for Emma; Join the EMMAlution. Emma and a couple other SWA grads (Tyler Breeze and Sylvester LaFort) are featured on NXT television each week, which will also be carried on the WWE Network so be sure to check that out when you can.

Oh yes and if you are a follower of MMA, I'm now doing MMA picks for UFC Events with the guys from the WrestlingObserver/Figure4Weekly website. I'm already battling below 500 and in last place, with our second event coming up this weekend. You can check those out at

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