Corner Gas

January 21, 2007

This commentary has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling, but I get asked a lot about my interests outside of wrestling, and I have just discovered the greatest show on television and wanted to plug it in case there are others out there, like me, who have been missing it. Corner Gas is a Canadian production and is a half hour comedy and is the funniest thing Iíve seen on TV since Seinfeld went off the air. I may even like it better than Seinfeld and that is saying a lot.

Corner Gas is in itís fourth season on CTV here in Canada yet I had only caught maybe an episode or two of it in the last couple months. From the little bit I saw of it, it looked pretty good, and on the assurances of my Mom that I would like it, my wife decided to get me Season one of Corner Gas on DVD for Christmas. We had the whole first season watched by the 27th of December and were out searching Calgary for Seasons 2 and 3 shortly there after. We have already finished all three seasons and I canít get enough of this show, and will be watching it religiously every week from now on.

The showís appeal is very much like that of Seinfeld, except that instead of being in NY City, they are in a small town (Dog River) in Saskatchewan and the lead character, Brent Leroy (played by the showís creator/writer/everything else Brent Butt) isnít a comedian, he runs the local corner gas station in Dog River. Okay maybe itís nothing like Seinfeld but it is brilliantly written and has an amazing cast.

This show is so amazing I could not figure out why it took me 4 seasons to discover it. I went to the Corner Gas website (Clink on the Corner Gas photo below to visits the site) to find out when it airs and all became very clear. Corner Gas airs Monday nights at 8 pm on CTV, and Monday Night Raw airs from 8 pm Ė 10 pm. Iíd been missing Corner Gas because Iím always watching Raw. This is about to change. Every Monday from this day forward I will be tuned to CTV watching Corner Gas, while my DVR records RAW to be viewed later, and I advice everyone else out there to do the same.

Seriously if you have not checked this show out you really need to. Corner Gas has the greatest cast of character in television and I generally catch myself laughing out loud a couple times per episode. I am now such a huge fan of the show that I have already made plans to visit Rouleau, SK, where they film the show, this summer. We were planning a family trip to Ontario in August anyway, and if we drive through the States to get there our route will take us right through ďDog RiverĒ. My kids are huge fans of the show too and they may now be more excited about visiting ďDog RiverĒ than they are about visiting their grandparents in Ontario, which was the original purpose of the trip.

Corner Gas has also secured a distribution deal in the US and will be airing on Superstation WGN some time in 2007. Check your local listing to see if you get Corner Gas or visit their website by clicking the Corner gas photo below. I would love to hear what you guys think of Corner Gas and tell me who you think the best character on the show is. Iím partial to Karen and Davis, Dog Riverís police force. Has anyone else noticed that Karenís uniform and jacket almost never fit her? Her jacket sleeves always hang down past her hands.

Till next week, ďI donít know the same things that you donít know.Ē