Q and A

January 22, 2006

Q: Have you ever hurt someone in the ring unintentionally? (Like Goldberg/Brett etc?)
A: I accidentally knocked Golddust out once, on a crossed up spot.

Q: What is a downside guarantee? (You hear that a lot on the wrestling sites. If it's an American term then just ignore me. I've never heard of it in Ireland)
A: Itís basically a worst-case scenario for you on your pay. In WWE you get paid a percentage of the gates as well as a percentage of your merchandise sales. If you catch on and get a push you usually make a lot of money. Your down side is you base pay which even if you just sit home and never get used you will still get paid that much. If you do well you will likely make more than that.

Q: Didn't Benoit and Booker T already do that best of 7 from WCW? Have there been other best of 7 matches to determine a title?...I know it was used in the mid 80's with JCP Magnum TA vs Koloff for the US belt.
A: They did do it before as Iím sure others have as well.

Q: I heard a rumour about you going TNA is this true?
A: Is it true that you heard a rumour? You tell me. (LOL) I speak with people at TNA regularly and the subject has come up.

Q: Just read that some TNA wrestlers are upset with how stiff Brother Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) is in the ring as of late. More specifically with his chops. Have you ever experienced any unnecessary amount of stiffness out of Brother Ray when you two have faced in the ring?
A: Bubbaís chops are stiff but last time I checked this wasnít ballet. I worked an extensive program with Bubba in WWE and never had a problem.

Q: Recently on his radio show, I heard JBL tell a story of his time in Japan, and dealing with the Japanese Mafia was part of doing business over there. Is that just "tall tales", or is it commonplace (more accurately could you confirm this)? What of other places like Mexico or Puerto Rico?
A: I donít know exactly what he said so I donít know how accurate his statements were, but a lot of the money behind Japanese pro-wrestling is from the Mafia.

Q: You always talk about wrestling videos you have, and i wanted to know how many wrestling videos you posses in your collection and of what promotions are this.
A: I used to collect tapes when I was a fan, so all of my stuff is fairly old. I have a lot of Japanese stuff. I lend them all to my students now who wish to study tapes.

Q: As wrestlers spend most of their times on the road, sure they have good UFO or Ghosts stories. Any you can share? Any personal one?
A: Travelling with Christian was spooky and weird enough.

Q: Who's the funniest wrestler backstage who doesnít use his comic skills in front of the camera?
A: I donítí know who is the biggest but likely the biggest contrast serious to funny would be me.

Q: Do you have a movie collection? dvd collection? what kind of movies or tv shows seasons do you have?
A: I do have a Movie collection. I like a fairly wide variety. Iím an action and comedy fan mostly. As for TV seriesí, just Seinfeld.

Q: Have you ever wrestled in Tijuana, Mexico or came to the city?
A: I never have. Mexico is one of the few places I wanted to wrestle in and didnít.

Q: Whats your opinon on the current status of Canada's goberment? Would you ever considered getting into politics?
A: I have zero interest in Politics and I would suggest that with your spelling you donítí get into it either. (LOL)

Q: Do you play any musical instruments?
A: I have no musical ability at all.

Q: Do you watch any late night shows?
A: Not anymore no. I enjoyed Craig Ferguson when I was in OVW. I have kids so I am too tired to stay up late at home.

Q: What happened with your movie reviews? What did you thought of kong? i tought the special effects were too obious (green screen) and that the end and the begining were very long
A: Now that I am home all the time, I donít have much chance to go to Movies, so I havenít seen it yet. I have kids; the last movie I went to was Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

Q: Does Lance Storm cooks at home? or is that the job of your wife?
A: My wife is an amazing cook, which is very fortunate for me as Iím incapable of anything more complicated than KD.

Q: Any videogames at home? Have you ever played yourself in any WWE game?
A: I am not a video gamer. I have an original Play Station and the 2 ECW games I was in, but that is about it.

Q: Who's the best wrestler to have a conversation? do wrestlers have like debates in the lockeroom?
A: I find talking with William Regal and Kane interesting people to talk to.

Q: Is there any fav. tv show of wwe superstars?
A: I would imagine they all have their own favourites. Iím a fan of Crossing Jordan and Boston Legal right now.

Q: Are you planning in using any of dan brown's novels in your bookmarks club?
A: Iíd have to be able to get in touch with Dan Brown himself first. I doubt it though I like to help introduce people to new authors. I think everyone knows Brown by now.

Q: Have you ever seen the Head Hunters wrestle. Could they catch on in TNA or WWE?
A: I saw them wrestle a long time ago. If they are still healthy they could catch on if promoted right yes.

Q: Hey Lance, what are your thoughts on Marty Wright's "Boogyman" character? I'm glad the WWE overlooked him lying his age on Tough Enough 4 and sent him to OVW. Although I believe he was meant to be heel, everyone seems to love him. Think he'll ever square off with the Undertaker?
A: I like Marty Wright very much. I worked with him in OVW and we became pretty close. I actually should call him to keep in touch better. Marty is a real genuine guy who is giving his all. He is very green and limited but his character is entertaining, he has a special presence about him. Where WWE will take him creatively I have no idea.

Q: I know in the 80's and early 90's that a lot of great talent came out of Stamede (ie Dynamite Kid, Bret, Owen, Davey Boy, Neidhart, and later you, Benoit, Jericho, Pillman and a few others that escape my mind right now), compared to the amount of talent they have supplied in the past what do you think of the new generation like Harry Smith, TJ Wilson and Teddy Hart?
A: Of the 3 Harry has the best chance.

Q: How do you feel about the WWE not allowing some very dangerous moves such as the Piledriver but continuing to use moves that are also dangerous such as powerbombs?
A: Every move has an element of danger. I once commented that it would be much safer if they banned poor workers rather than specific moves. I would take a 1000 piledrivers from Finlay over 1 snap mare from some workers.

Q: Who was your favourite tag team partner that you had?
A: This is so tough to pick, I had so many great ones. Yasu, Candito, Jericho, Justin, Christian, Regal,

Q: Out of the TNA Team Canada who do you like best? I'm a huge fan of Bobby Rude and Eric Young myself.
A: Eric Young is too comedic for my tastes, but I do like Bobby Roode.

Q: Who was the wrestler you wanted to most be like when starting out? Like how Bret and Benoit both said they were heavly influenced by Dynamite Kid, was there anyone you idolized when starting out?
A: I really liked the style of Bret and Dynamite, but I think starting out as a baby face I likely geared my style more towards Brian Pillman as I thought his flying style lended well to my physical abilities.

Q: In a recent Q&A session you mention something about the "big secret". What is the big secret? Also, what are the old kayfabe days?
A: The old Kayfabe days are back when the nature of the business (The fact that it is predetermined and not Ďrealí) was kept secret and protected.

Q: I'm a huge fan of the Dynamite Kid, as are many wrestlers including yourself and Chris Benoit. Bret Hart even said that he though Dynamite was the greatest wrestler, pound for pound, that ever lived. Here are my questions. What was it about Dynamite, in your opinion, that made him great? How do you compare Benoit with Dynamite? Have you read his autobiography? If so, what did you think?
A: Dynamite was just so far ahead of his time. He started the fast pace more athletic style of wrestling. He was an amazing athlete and his speed and intensity made him special. I read Dynamites book and found it very interesting.

Q: My opinion is that Shane Helms is constantly being overlooked. What is your opinion?
A: I think Shane is great and should be used more yes. I think his size holds him back a bit as well as the fact that he is more out spoken than most in WWE would like. I think Shane would be the first to admit that as well.

Q: Hey Lance. I'm a big fan of Jushin Liger and Ultimo Dragon. I was wondering if you would ever consider wrestling them now at this time and what are you're thoughts on both men.
A: Iíve worked with both guys before and it was a pleasure. If I were to start working again I would be more than willing to work with either again. They are extremely talented guys.

Q: I understand that you are an avid reader. Have you read any of the recent wrestlers' bios? What did you think of them? Have you watched any of the shoot interviews? What is your opinion of them?
A: The last bio I read was Regalís, which was very interesting. I donítí tend to watch too many of the shoot interviews or read too many bios as I find a lot of them are too self-promoting. As soon as I hear a wrestle tell me how over they were or how much money they drew, or how someone else wasnít as good of a worker as them, I lose interest.

Q: What are your feelings on the tape trading community? Does it irritate you to know that people are selling Best of Lance Storm comp tapes and profiting from your work?
A: Iím more happy they are interested enough in my work to track it down. I donít own the rights to video of my matches so Iím not the one who should be upset.

Q: What are your opinions on Marty Jannetty's in ring work? I feel like he is often overlooked as a result of HBK's success when he himself has had some awesome matches and was a great wrestler in his prime. Specifically, did you catch his return match against Kurt Angle and what were your thoughts on it?
A: I think he gets over looked or passed by for his out of ring performances more than any over shadowing Shawn may do. Marty is a very in the ring but seems to get himself in trouble out side it.

Q: When it comes to meeting fans in person, is it more annoying to deal with a total mark who rags on you for being a heel or to deal with a smark who thinks that they know more about the business than they actually do?
A: Both can be a pain. Extreme in either direction is tough to deal with.

Q: What would you say was the most important match in wrestling history and why?
A: I donít think there can be just one.

Q: As you were developing as a wrestler, was there one match that influenced you and the style that you would eventually wrestler more than any other?
A: I doubt it, several matches had strong effect.

Q: Have you seen Samoa Joe's work and what do you think of it?
A: I have seen Joeís work and for the most part I like it very much.

Q: What do you think about John Cena's wrestling skills? Is he sloppy or is that just his "brawler" character?
A: Technically his wrestling skills are very poor. Fortunately he compensates for that with a lot of character and presence.

Q: What would you do to improve the current state of professional wrestling if you were running the company?
A: I would stop writing ďStory linesĒ and start ďBooking AnglesĒ!!!!!!

Q: Why do you think the lance storm character was so under-appreciated? I personally believe you had some of the best technique in professional wrestling.
A: I think part of it was I didnít push or politic enough. The squeaky wheel tends to get a lot more grease. I think also too my style and character didnít lend itself to WWEís creative style. I needed to be booked in wrestling angles, and they were looking for back stage storylines.

Q: As you may or may not of heard, Ring of Honor has quit running shows in Buffalo, NY for the time being, which really disappoints me. I was just wondering what you thought of Buffalo as a wrestling town? I always thought the fans in Buffalo turned out for the shows and were an active, vocal crowd.
A: I have good memories of working in Buffalo. It was a great ECW town and I worked it for WCW and WWE as well.

Q: Hi Lance, I have noticed that if a Canadian Wrestler makes it in the WWE, they usually get a spot on TSN's Off The Record. My question to you is have you ever been on OTR and if so when was it?
A: I did the show 2 or 3 times back when I was in ECW, and will be doing it again at the end of this month.

Q: In your opinion how many years does Vince have left in the tanks before he retires and who will take over Vince's position within the WWE (Shane, Steph, HHH given his marriage to Steph)?
A: Vince is a machine he likely has a lot of years left in him. I would imagine Stephanie will be next in line to head the ship.

Q: I've been a wrestling fan for (believe it or not) about fifty years (longer than most currently active wrestlers have been a live). I've noticed that the bigger the gimmick a wrestler has, the less likely he is to make it to the top; gimicks seem to be reserved for mid-card wrestlers.Kurt Hennig never made it to the top in the WWF/WWE because of the "Mr. Perfect" gimmick, for example. "Simon Dean" will never get out of the mid card.Of course there are exceptions; for example, the Undertaker and Kane. Do you think that my observation is accurate?
A: I donít think you are accurate at all. As you point out Undertaker and Kane are Main Eventers. I think Mr. Perfect would have had a World Title run if he hadnít hurt his back. I would class Yokozuna as a gimmick and he is a former World Champ. Any time you try to generalize in wrestling I think you will miss the mark.

Q: what are your thoughts on shawn michaels? obviously he is a great performer but as far as his attitude goes im not so sure. I just ask because of the problems him and bret hart have with each other. have you ever had a problem with any other wrestler like bret and shawn did?
A: Shawn has always been very good to me, but I think he was a different person back when he and Bret had their issues. Iíve never had problems like that in the business, but Iíve never had to fight over that coveted TOP SPOT either.

Q: I have not seen Chris Jericho in WWE for a while. Do you think that we will see him again soon in WWE?
A: No I donít. He is on to other things and the last I talked to him he was very happy, with the change.

Q: what is czw and why dont you like it?
A: Combat Zone Wrestling. Itís basically a Hard Core blood and gore type wrestling company, and Iím not a fan of that style of wrestling.

Q: Hey! I watched No Way Out 2003 and WrestleMania 19 on DVD the other day and i rememver when you were tagging with Regal. So if Regal wouldnīt have had his hearth problem after that No Way Out match would you to have had a official WrestleMania 19 match? Because you were on WM19īs Heat with Val Venis but if Regal have been okay would you two (you and Regal) have been on the WM card?
A: I believe so yes. We were in the WrestleMania program as being on the card and I think the decision was made to bump us because it wasnít really the match that WWE had been building toward. This is something William has apologized to me for several times. He felt his condition cost me a large Mania payday. While this may be the case it certainly wasnít his fault. When you are a team you float together and sink together.

Q: A quick question, Do you plan too or have you thought about writing a biography on your life and career?
A: Iíve been working on my Bio for a while and am talking with ECW Press about publishing it.

Q: What are your thoughts on AJ Styles? Did you work with him in WCW?
A: We were in WCW together, but I donítí believe weíve ever worked. AJ does some great stuff and I would definitely enjoy working with him is that were to happen.

Q: In your days as the un-americans did you and Christian ever get chance to be faces at a Canada show? The reason I ask is because I have seen plenty of matches with your offense (especially in ECW which BLEW me away frankly). But very little of Christian who in the WWE mostly worked hard making other guys look good. Now he is in TNA seeing him frog splash etc is impressive but does he have more to give that you know of?
A: We did do some house shows as Baby Faces, which were always fun. I still prefer him as a heel and donít enjoy his face stuff as much. I donít put stock in just doing moves. He can do a lot of things but more moves to me isnít always better.

Q: How did you feel when Christy Hemme got I released. I really like her.
A: I donít know if Ďfeelí is the right word. I had only met her twice so I wasnít real emotional about her release. She worked really hard and I thought she had a lot to offer, it was a shame she was let go.

Q: is triple h really as bad as everyone says he is or is it just because the people that badmouth him are bitter that they don't have jobs in wwe anymore? for example i read an interview where kip james(billy gunn) and bg james(road dogg) were saying that triple h is a backstabber and that he doesn't want to help anyone get over because he wants to be at the top by himself and have you or anyone esle ever had any problems with him backstage
A: There is no way to really answer this. He obviously has a lot of pull and influence, when you consider he is married to head of creative Stephanie McMahon, but how he uses that power, who is to say. Iím not sitting in on production meetings and personal conversations. I think it is safe to say he looks out for his own best interests but who wouldnít in the same situation, everyone looks out for them selves to a certain extent. He was always very nice to me and we got along well.

Q: hey lance, my question is: When you first started training to become a pro wrestler were there ever times when you didn't want to attend the training classes you were already enrolled in? I'm 16 and just started training, I love wrestling to death, but sometimes dislike training because I feel uncomfortable in the ring with people I have to train with and i am afraid they will be sloppy and hurt me accidentally, but i continue to train with them anyhow. Just wondering if this is common or if I just need to suck it up more.
A: I looked forward to every day. I was eager and determined and showed up every day wanting to work hard. There were guys I didnít enjoy wrestling with in camp but that is all part of the process.

Q: Have you ever been watching a match, and find yourself back seat driving it? where you see spots and say "i would do that differently"?
A: Almost all the time. I disagree with a lot of what I see on TV now. (LOL)

Q: A lot of people are High on Samoa Joe right now. Do you think there is room at the top for such a stiff style of work?
A: Iíd have to work him to decide this. He may just look real stiff.

Q: Tripple H gets a lot of guff, have you ever had any problems with him, or is he just a gentlemen? Also, did you work with him at all?
A: H was always very pleasant to me. We worked on time in a single match and I thought it went well and he put me over strong to creative when it was over.

Q: When you train wrestlers, do you train them on your style as far as a punch or a kick, or do you let them develop their own punching style? Per say an open hand like The Rock or Hall, as oposed to the "Rubber Punch' of Bret hart?
A What the hell is a ďRubber PunchĒ. I offer my approach and show them others as well. Everyone must find there own style.

Q: Wrestling is a constantly evolving sport as far as style. From Bruno, to Piper, to Bret and so on. Do you find yourself watching old WWWF matches, or old AWA matches? and if so do you think those old horse workers like Bruno are worth the praise they are given today?
A: I donít have the time to watch much older stuff.

Q: Is the WWE "Hall of Fame" something guys backstage even consider, something they drive to be appart of?
A: I honestly donít know. I donít put that much stock in it, but would be lying if I said I wouldnít be thrilled to be offered a spot in it.

Q: You were apart of the Invasion angle, was there a sence of unwantedness that the WWF guys gave the WCW guys...or was it more "if you can hang, let's go?"
A: I think there was a level of resentment, and there were those who wanted us to fail. There were also those who welcomed us and if we could go accepted us.

Q: I noticed in your last Q&A session, you talked about how heel movesets should include fewer high flying moves as they get audience pops and you don't want them popping for the heels. However, I just watched a lot of old Midnight Express film footage and I noticed that they had some of the most high flying moves and entertaining double team attacks of their time. Granted, they did do a face turn for a bit, but they never really changed their movesets whether they were heels or faces. Do you think that they could get away with this now?
A: That was a different era, and heels could get away with more because fans werenít as smart to the product. If you have enough heat fans will still boo you. Itís hard to get that kind of heat now that fans are in on all the angles before they happen. I think it is safe to assume The Midnight Express would be cheered like crazy if they were working like that today.

Q: Since you've put Finlay over many many times, I thought maybe it might be nice if you could give your comments on the new vignettes and return to wrestling of the man. So far, I'm entertained by the quick promos.
A: I liked the videos. I just hope creative leaves him alone. That is all the story line he needs. Heís a fighting Irish Bastard, now juts put him in the ring and let him fight!!!!

Q: You have stated in the past that wrestlers get bonus's depending on how much merchandise they sell. My question is about video games. Do wrestlers get a bonus if they make it in the video game? Are there any bonus's for making it into a video game besides finally being able to become WWE Champ (LoL)?
A: Itís not really a bonus you just get a percentage of money you generate. It is your likeness they are selling so you get a piece, video games included.

Q: What is your opinion on the famous curtain call. From hearing interviews with Shawn Micheals and Triple H and Kevin Nash they really make it sound like it was really meant to be harmless and they were just saying bye to each other. Now I know from reports that they had major heat in the back prior and after and I am sure this is why so much heat came from it. Do you think if say Undertaker or Austin did the same thing it would have been such a big deal? I know back then it was rare to break character.
A: I THINK IT WAS TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL. If it was to say goodbye to each other, do it in the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did it in front of the crowd at a time were the nature of the business was still kept secret. In my opinion it was either a snub to the office or a mark thing to do for their own egos! (wow that might get me heat) It would be different now, but we are open to the predetermined nature of the business.

Q: I've read alot of stuff where Gedo has been made fun of a lot, some people have called him a terrible wrestler. How do you feel about Gedo as a wrestler since I think you've been in the ring with him before.
A: The Gedo I worked with in Japan was AWESOME!!!!

Q: This sounds like you have an ax to grind: I was eager to prove I was still far more capable than WWE's creative team seemed to think.
A: I think you are trying to read too much into it. I take pride in what I do and I wanted to show what I was capable of.

Q: You said you could be tempted if something intriguing was offered at TNA. If something intriguing was offered to you back at the wwe, would you be interested? Say for instance, winning the WWe world title at wrestlemania and holding it for 1 year + with notable feuds with the likes of benoit, Jericho, edge.
A: I doubt WWE could make me an offer I would be interested it. The 4 day a week schedule is not for me at this point in my life.

Q: Who in your opinion has the best physique in the wwe? My vote goes to Randy Orton.
A: Iíd go with Bobby Lashley

Q: Who would you like to be the new GM of Raw? Are you interested in the position yourself?
A: If I just had to work the one day a week, Iíd do it, but they can do better than me. To be honest Iím tired of the GM concept and would like them to go a new direction.

Q: Are any wrestlers vegetarians?
A: I donít know.

Q: Are you and Victoria close? Do you keep in touch with her regularly?
A: We keep in touch a little, regularly may be a stretch.

Q: If I do sit ups incorrectly I know it will put pressure on my neck. I was just wondering if my neck will get like Booker T's if this happens.
A: I have no idea what you mean?

Q: Finally, how is Christian doing? Is he really happy over at TNA? If you were stranded on a desert island and could only choose one person from the following list to wrestle again and again who would it be: Cena, Batista, Orton, Carlito or Masters?
Happy New Year! What are your resolutions for 2006?
A: Christian is VERY happy. If we are stranded on a desert Island why are we wrestling and who would be in the crowd?

Q: Who do you consider to be the best in-ring wrestler between Mysterio, HBK, HHH, Benoit and Angle?
A: This is really a taste thing. All are very good.

Q: How true is the statement that "ric flair could carry a broomstick to a 5 star match" is this true of guy or do the other workers not get enough credit? are some guys just that good that they can have a great match with anyone?
A: It is a fairly common statement and isnít meant literally. It just means he can carry just about anyone to a good match, and in that respect it is a true statement. The same can be said for a lot of guys. It has been said of me and many others. There are some wrestlers who fans love but really only get themselves over (they have great moves or charisma, whatever) and then there are those who concentrate on getting their opponents and the match over, and those are the truly great ones and the ones which we say can carry a broom stick.

Q: Is it harrd to work other styles IE: is a guy like mysterio or RVD hard to work with due to their different in ring style?
A: Rey is about as easy to work with as they come. Rob is a little more difficult, but as long as you are willing to work hard Rob is great.

Q: You have said before you would consider a come back under the right situation. what would that be: a huge push, lots of $$$ etc?
A: Lots of $$$$ would do it obviously Iím not an idiot, but I mean more something that is interesting and creatively challenging.

Q: What would be the reason for a comeback if there is a huge push of you. $$$, the top spot, what would be the desire to do it?
A: I enjoy wrestling, so all it would take is the opportunity to have good interesting matches and a light enough schedule to allow me to still run my school and be home a lot.

Q: do you miss anything about the wrestling business at all?
A: I miss some of the people.

Q: Do guys mock others gimmicks backstage if they are real bad, or is that a bad thing? IE does the boggey man get crap backstage for such a lame idea?
A: Why would he get crap for it? It wasnít his idea.

Q: Do you like the different format of PPV, IE king of the king, old scholl survior series where there is not just the usual 1 0n 1 bulid up ?
A: I do yes. I also wish they would ditch the World Title shot angle for the Rumble to open up the possibility of different winners.

Q: How is you home library going?
A: Iíve got a sh-t load of books. (LOL)

Q: is writing your book hard? I can not imagine haveing to recall so much about my life.
A: Itís hard to find the time, but once you get into it it all comes back.

Q: Does a match on a big name PPV like bischoof vs teddy long upset guys, about wasting PPV time on that mess?
A: It ised to upset me because those matches are the big paydays and I worked all year on the road and then they got the money matches. I found it very disrespectful of creative to do those matches.

Q: Do you think a smaller guy will ever carry the load for WWE. seems like jericho got a shot and no one that size has got a sniff since?
A: Eddie was smaller than Jericho, and if not for his tragic passing would likely be World Champ now.

Q: Where you ever a jobber for WWE or WCW when you first started? Like one of the no name guys that come in to get squashed?
A: Nope I did enough of that when I was on the full time roster! (LOL). I was offered the chance at a TV taping in Canada when I first broke in but turned it down.

Q: Do promos have to be approved is there is personal content. Like a promo from Edge a few weeks ago with comments to Flair and PS Hayes about their personal life. Would they targets of the promo say it is OK prior to it being done? ?
A: Usually but not always.

Q: I was surprised/pleased to see Edge take the title on NYR. My question is, does your first title run seem less special if you're a heel with the crowd booing you?
A: If it does you are a MARK! You are supposed to be booed as a heel. If that cheapens it for you, you are on the wrong side of the guard rail.

Q: any bad feeling toward a guy who injures someone or is it just written off as an accident?
A: Depends of you are reckless of if it was just an accident.

Q: Is Mark Henry deserving of all these shots he is getting year after year?
A: That is for the fans to decide. If you enjoy seeing him, yes, if not NO.

Q: Any thoughts on Fit Finley returning? Think he can still go?
A: I know he can still go. Cardio may be an issue at first but his timing and execution is still sharp as they come.

Q: ever work with Kid kash?
A: Twice I believe in ECW.

Q: work with ken kenady at all while training?
A: I did yes, although not for a long time. He got there about Ĺ way though my stay in OVW.

Q: do guy make enough to retire young like jericho, could a guy after 10 years retire and never work again?
A: Jericho likely did yes. You have to be very smart with your money (a rarity), but it can be done. I didnít have the big years needed to completely retire, but Iím comfortable enough that a small income can now support my family.

Q: I was curious on your opinion of Booker T the wrestler. Why do you think he hasent been WWe/World champ?
A: I think one of the main reasons is that Booker has been threatening to retire for a number of years now. I donít think they want to put the company completely behind him when his heart may not be 100% into staying.

Well that was a big @$$ Q and A, keep those Qís coming