Q & A

January 28, 2007

Q: What do you think of ECW referring to Test as "ECW's Impact Player?"
A: It certainly doesnít bother me, theyíve done it before with other people too.

Q: I noticed that there are much less ECW originals on the current ECW roster than before. Do you suppose they just didn't get the hang of its new era or was it Vince's plan all along to get rid of them after putting new talent over?
A: I think the plan all along was to make this a WWE project and the ECW originals were on borrowed time from the start.

Q: Your match against Brian Danielson in Ring of Honor was fantastic. What made you want to return for this match, and did you have any say in who you wrestled? That is to say did you only return to work with Danielson or would you have wrestled another member of the ROH roster?
A: ROH wanted me to work with Bryan and I was only coming back for that specific match. It was never an open ended booking on either of our parts. It was for that one specific match.

Q: If the timing and money was right, would you consider returning to wrestling in any capacity to WWE, TNA, or ROH? Given the opportunity and chance, would you work behind the scenes in a similar capacity to Dean Malenko?
A: Pretty much all of these options would require me to be back on the road, which isnít going to happen.

Q: Triple H has said that if you're not in this business to be the world champion, you shouldn't be in it. You were never a mark for titles. Is Triple H just saying that in character or is he basically saying that someone like you, who didn't mark out for titles, doesn't have what it takes to reach the top? Would you agree with his comment?
A: Again who is to say what is in character or not in character. I think 95% of the business, at least, is in it to be stars and wear championships. Iím likely more the exception than the rule.

Q: Roddy Piper was never a world champion. He mentioned in his dvd that this always bothered him. Would you support a decision to put the title on him just for one emotional payoff or would this be so detrimental to the title that it's not worth the risk?
A: What would putting a title on someone just so he could say he was champ accomplish and why would Piper or anyone else took pride in a title run received that way?

Q: Where do you stand in the age old argument between Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper about who REALLY sold the first WrestleMania? How much impact would McMahon, Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T have on the success of it as well?
A: I think the show itself and the huge spectacle created sold the show. Hell Muhammad Ali was on the damn show.

Q: I always hear about how awful guys like The Great Khali are in the ring. Yet, in the old days there were several different looks to wrestlers and not everybody was the same cookie cutter copy of the preferred look. Should everybody be a five star wrestler or should there be a place for bad wrestlers who look different than your John Cena's, Randy Orton's and Batista's?
A: I think variety is good, but that isnít to say WWE should run out and hire a bunch of crappy workers or out of shape bums to round out the roster.

Q: In Roddy Piper's dvd, he talks about how he would have lost respect with the boys if he would have let Mr. T come in without paying his dues and beat him. In modern times, you see Kevin Federline pinning John Cena and David Arquette winning world titles. I'm sure they do what they are told, but do the wrestlers of today have as big of a problem with putting outsiders over as the guys of the past did?
A: Back in the day the industry was still trying to convince people it was real, so a top caliber wrestler losing to an outside made them and the industry look weak. Today itís common knowledge that the out come is predetermined so it really doesnít matter as much now.

Q: I was wondering how you feel about "tough guys" like Bradshaw throwing such stiff lariats. As a fan, you can't feel how hard someone gets hit, and Bradshaw practically looks like he is going to give a hiptoss with the way he rears back and drills through a guy.
A: Iím curious how you came to the conclusion that Bradshawís clothesline was stiff, have you ever taken it?

Q: As I'm sure you know, Christian Cage became a two-time NWA champion at TNA's latest pay-per-view. I'm sure you're really proud of your friend; and as a huge Christian fan, I am very happy as well! Do you forsee Christian having a solid heel run with the belt? Or do you think TNA is going to decide to put the belt on Angle already next month? I think Christian really thrives as a heel and would love to see him hold the belt for a while this time.
A: Why would I be more or less proud of him for wining the title? If I were to be proud of anyone it would be in who made the booking decision. How can the business be ďopenĒ for so many years and people still not get it? Iím happy for him, but doubt the title run will be that long.

Q: With Triple H being injured, do you think Scott Hall (who is signed to a legends deal) would be a good replacement in DX against Rated-RKO?
A: I would imagine they will just move on rather than looking for a pitch hitter. Who knows what kind of shape Scott is even in.

Q: In my opinion Matt Hardy is one of the most underrated wrestlers the WWE has. Do you agree? I also wanted to know whether or not he has a chance at getting a WWE/World Championship opportunity?
A: I would likely give Shelton Benjamin most underutilized, and to be honest I doubt Matt will ever see a World Title run.

Q: I was just wondering what your thoughts were on a guy named Dr. Luther. I think he was one of the best talents the Northwest had.
A: Luther and I go way back. We worked together a ton when I first broke in. Iíma big fan of him as a person and a performer.

Q: Terry Funk's book talks of how WCW stars dressing in separate rooms Funk was quite clear that this was a slap in the face to the under card guys, is that true and what did you think of it?
A: There were a few guys who had private locker rooms. This didnít bother me but did detract from locker room moral a little.

Q: Is ring attire an important part of a character in your mind

Q: How about entrances can that help or hurt a guy to get over?
A: YES. These are pretty obvious questions, are you really unsure of this stuff or just hard pressed for questions?

Q: Do you think you have the respect of your peers in wrestling? Is having that respect important to you?
A: I do, and it is.

Q: Did you experience any resentment from WWE guy when you first came over from WCW?
A: I did not, no. There was so much heat on Buff I slid in under the radar.

Q: Another question brought up by the Funkers book: He was talking about stiffing a guy in the ring Is there any good reason to stiff a guy in ring or is it just unprofessional no matter what the reason?
A: There are instances where it is appropriate.

Q: You have talked about off beat shenanigans at house show matches, do the boys get any heat from the office for stuff like you talked at house shows?
A: As long as we are entertaining the crowd there is no reason for the office to be upset. House shows are all about fun and crowd interaction, that is why they are special and worth attending.

Q: Have you ever kept track of the number of miles you travel in a given year?
A: I never had but I bet it would be frightening. At the tail end of my WAR stint I started keeping track of travel time. For a 1-week tour of Japan I was averaging 40 hours of travel time to and from Japan and 40 hours on the bus from show to show. 80 hours of travel per week, and on top of that I still had to work the events.

Q: Hey lance, would you consider Sheldon Benjamin vs. Owen hart a dream match and why?
A: I wouldnít, no. Just because two guys are good athletes and exciting performers doesnít make it a dream match for me. There is really no connection to be made to make this a dream match.

Q: I have a gym question for you. You have said that you lift 3-4 times a week. Do you occasionally get burned out from the gym and take a week or so off? I have felt this way for some time now but I just keep going even though often im just tired of it and just going through the motions. Does this stuff ever happen to you??
A: I didnít purposely take down time no. I found that there were occasions I had to take time of due to injury or something, which accomplished this for me.

Q: In your last Q&A, you remarked that you didn't talk with Curt Hennig much because you were too quiet for his tastes. What was Curt like backstage, loud, annoying, over-the-top?
A: He was just a lot more out going that I was.

Q: What do you think about websites that give spoilers and backstage information about the business?
A: If you donít like spoilers, avoid those sites. As for giving away back stage stuff, I doubt it hurts business, and you have to keep in mind that a lot of what you read isntí even true.

Q: Did your parents support your wrestling career?
A: My Mom wasnít crazy about the idea, but she was supportive. My Dad wasnít a big enough part of my life at that point to really be a factor.

Q: With an ECW roster in WWE now, do you think A) they'll be another One Night Stand and B) if they do a One Night Stand would they hire some of the originals for that night?
A: I donít see how they can do an ECW PPV with what is left of the roster. I doubt there will be another ECW PPV.

Q: Do you feel angry when people download your matches for free?
A: No, I donít own the rights to the footage.

Q: What is your favorite match you wrestled in the WWE?
A: Iím not sure I can pick just one. There were so many that I loved.

Q: Iím just wondering what you think of the Undertaker as a worker, and also how was he backstage?
A: I have nothing but respect for Taker on both fronts. He is extremely talented and was always very good to me backstage.

Q: I was just wandering what your views are on facial piercings such as the eyebrow bar that Test has, CM Punks lip ring and A-Trains ones randomly dotted around his face?
A: I think they are dangerous. Test had Ĺ his ear lobe torn off once. He did a spot where he put on Scott Steinerís chain male head piece, and when Scotty punched him Test snapped his head back throwing the head piece of and taking Test ear ring and ear lobe with it.

Q: What would you say was the highlight to working with Hulk Hogan in WWE? And what was it like to be the one giving him the shots during his Hulk up spot & taking his come back?
A: Hogan is such a huge Icon in this industry getting to work a program with him was a lot of fun. Having him really enjoy working with us was cool as well. The night we first worked with him and I ďfedĒ the Hulk up was the day all my buddies from high school thought I ďmade itĒ.

Q: Have you ever worked for Border City Wrestling based in Windsor? If so do you have any particular thoughts or memories that come to mind?
A: I worked one Border City show, and had a fun time. They treated me very well.

Q: Whatís your opinion on fellow Canadian wrestler Joe E Legend - he seems to have worked almost everywhere and I think he has the talent to have made it somewhere if it werenít for politics Id imagine.
A: Iíd say his physical build played a bigger part than politics. This is a very cosmetic business, especially WWE.

Q: If Sting were ever on WWE how would you have him debut and use him or feud him with, if it was up to you?
A: I think that ship has sailed. I think it is too late for Strong to make any sort of Impact in WWE at this point.

Q: And another question hehe, which current WWE wrestler would you like to see on TNA?
A: None. There is more than enough great talent in TNA, the show just needs to be booked better.

Q: In your picture section, you have a pic of you hanging out at a show in India with Great Khali. Was this a WWE show, and do you remember who you had a match with that night?
A: It was a WWE tour of India. Kahli was not working for us then. I think I was tagging with William Regal at that point but I am not sure.

Q: How long do you think you'll be able to continue personally training others? Any chance of my kids being able to attend SWA in 20 years and have Lance Storm as there trainer?
A: I doubt I will be training guys in 20 years. I hope to be completely retired by then.

Q: Did you wrestle the night Bam Bam and Taz went through the ring in ECW? If so, did you have to be careful around the "spot"?
A: I was in the Main Event that night. We were the only match to go on after them and wrestle with the hole in the ring. It ended up being Al Snow and I against Shane Douglas and Chris Candito.

Q: I know you say you don't want to be on the road anymore. Well then, how about a 2-3 match stint as part of Team Canada at the next World X Cup? I'd love to see you team with Petey Williams against Styles, Daniels, Sabin, etc., or maybe even your old buddy Jerry Lynn.
A: Those could be fun matches but TNA has enough guys to do this with out me. Why feature an outsider, they should focus on their own guys.

Q: Over the years some people have said that blacks haven't contributed much to the accomplishments of the wrestling business. I know a lot of people don't count The Rock because he's only half black. Would you agree or disagree?
A: Iíd like to know who you are quoting. I hate quotes like this. Generalizing like this is racist in my opinion. Each person contributes his or her own little bit. There are a lot of Black people who have contributed plenty but trying to way Black vs. White in total contribution is just stupid. I donít care if Rock is Ĺ black, Ĺ white, Ĺ Samoan, Ĺ Russian. I wouldnít count or not count him because heís Ĺ anything. Rock is Rock he contributed a ton, I contributed, Ron Simmons contributed, Pat Tanaka contributed. Why is this a race contest in any way?

Q: When you were touring with WWE and WCW, were there places (cities, regions) that were less popular with the guys or where you personally didn't like to go? Were there places you were always looking forward to seeing again?
A: Everyone has their favourite spots. Most people preferred places they had great hotel or gym hook ups. I disliked California because they donít have Cracker Barrel restaurants.

Q: This week on Smackdown during the debut of Deuce, Domino, and Cherry, JBL made the comment "if [Cherry] just had a skateboard, half a brain, and no talent, she could be our head of talent relations." I've heard you say things about JBL in the past, but what do you feel about when he makes comments like this that only the Internet fans would understand? Also, do you think he'll get in any trouble for a comment like that?
A: Iím not a fan of comments like that, because they donít really accomplish anything. I seriously doubt John will get into any trouble over it either. I think WWE needs him more than he needs them so itís not like they can do too much.

Q: Just watched barley legal.....it looked like rvd took liberties with 2 chair shots.......did you feel they were cheap shots???...if so,you should have creamed him when you got your chance(lol)
A: Iíve worked with Rob dozens and dozens of times, he has never taken liberties with me in a match.

Q: Do you feel John Tenta (Earthquake, Shark, Typhoon, Golga, etc) deserves to be inducted. He also died in the past year and was a big (no pun intended) part of WWE and WCW. Also, did you interact with him at all?
A: I worked a show in Japan with Tenta for WAR. He was a very nice guy, but I would not class his career as a Hall of Fame career. I donít mean to slight him in anyway, but to me HOF is for the Wayne Gretskys, Michael Jordans of the world, and for me Tenta did not have that kind of career. I believe I had a longer career, and I held more titles than he and I would not consider myself a HOF candidate.

Q: In regards to the numerous books from "insiders" in the sport, which can you recommend for accuracy and honesty? I'm sure that many of the biographies and autobiographies are much like the "shoot" interviews that float around - most everyone has some sort of agenda to get across. If there are any out there that you can vouch for as being at least mostly correct, I'd be interested.
A: I havenít read many I would recommend. Heath McCoy wrote ďPain and Passion: The history of Stampede WrestlingĒ which is excellent. I also loved ďThe Death of WCWĒ by RD Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez. I think both are quite accurate.

Q: With the Federal Government in America threatening to take action against baseball and the other major sports in the U.S., over Steroid use, do you think that Wrestling should be put in the mix, or do you think that the major companies do an adequate job policing themselves?
A: If the government wants to control the steroid problem at all I think they do need to include Wrestling and all other major sports. They also need to hit Body Building, Actors, Models, and everyone involved in the heath and fitness industry.

Q: I was watching NWA-TNA this past week, what can I say I am a glutton for punishment, and I could help but think that the NWA World Championship belt looks horrible. I know that it isn't the physical belt that is important, however do you think the NWA should change the design now that they are on national TV again? In my mind I still see the NWA World Championship as the big gold belt that Flair held. At the same time I believe the WWE needs to drop the "Spinner" belt and go back to their older styles. Your thoughts?
A: I agree they should get a new Title Belt. I think they wanted to keep the one they have because that is the original design (it may even be the original belt) used before the ďBig GoldĒ belt Flair had and is now used as The World Title in WWE. I think they wanted the history behind the belt and thus used the old design. I doubt there is a single fan of TNA today that knows the history of the title of cares if it is the old belt. I am almost 38 years old and getting to be outside of their target demographic and to me any NWA history is with the title belt Flair wore and was unified with the WWE one when Jericho won them both. TNA is TNA and for me has a 4 or 5 year history and should have their own, newly designed championship. Clinging to a past that their audience isnít old enough to remember is a mistake in my opinion.

Q: My question is concerning traveling partners, without naming any names, are there many guys who some people avoid traveling with and is it kind of an unwritten rule to travel with the first person that asks you?
A: You generally travel with your friends. Everyone has their own group of friends and that is generally who you ask to travel with.

Q: What are your thoughts on MTV's Wrestling Society X?
A: I havenít seen it yet, but I am very curious. With the show only being 30 minutes, if there is even one decent match it worth the effort to watch.

Q: Does it still blow your mind that we fans are still out here wanting to know what your thoughts are on wrestling?
A: I think ďblow my mindĒ is a bit strong. I expected a bigger drop of in web-traffic once I left TV and am very grateful interest is still there. I think my opinions and comments are far more honest and humble than most so my view hold value despite being off TV.

Q: Why is Shelton Benjamin being under used? He in my opinion is one of the best pure athletes the WWE has.
A: I keep hearing a bunch of rumors that there are valid reasons for his lack of use, but nothing that seems to make a whole lot of sense. He should be a strongly featured Baby face IMO.

Q: How do you feel about the fact that Owen Hart somehow cannot get into the Hall of Fame? Sure, he didn't win the World Championship nor did he carry a particular promotion, but are those necessarily prerequisites for the Hall of Fame? Besides the obvious people such as The Undertaker, HHH, HBK, Flair, whom do you see as being future Hall of Famers? Christian? Kane?
A: This is always a touchy subject and I certainly donít want to disrespect Owenís memory, but I donít think his career was a HOF career. There are people already in there that I would say that about also. To get into the HOF I think being World Champ, or a long term Main Event player should be a prerequisite. Barring that you should have at least had a major business impact on the industry or in a specific territory or country. I held 13 titles in ECW, WCW and WWE combined. I held 3 championships in Japan and one in Europe. I am considered to be a very talented and skilled performer, yet I would not consider myself a HOF candidate.

Q: I read in an old Q&A that you felt your best match ever was with Edge at Summerslam '01. However, a lot of praise has been given for your match against Bryan Danielson. So, would you consider this match to be your best, or are you sticking with Edge?
A: I think I said my match is Edge at SS was the biggest singles match of my career, not actually my best. I donít know what my best match was.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm