Q and A

January 28, 2011

Q: What's the favorite "character" or "phase" of your career? Impact Players? UnAmericans? The Canadian Hero in WCW? or maybe....Dancin' Lance? How about Jericho's? The wise-ass Chris near the end of WCW? The pompous suit-wearing Chris? Y2J?

A: I never really saw them as different characters, they were just slight variations of the same thing (Dancing fool gimmick aside). It was always more about the matches and programs I was in rather than a favourite character. As for Jericho I thought he was at his best his last year or two in WWE.

Q: Have you ever taken a look at a student (besides someone with a medical condition) and turned them down outright for your class? If you know they have no chance in hell, like if they're 45yrs old, had never been an athlete and weighed 98lbs soaking wet?

A: I have talked a couple people out of training after explaining to them the realistic chances they had of success in this business.

Q: In your days of ECW, WCW or WWE, have you ever mentored someone? Obviously you've given advice, but did you ever take anyone under your wing and teach them a lot, for example, Elix Skipper, or any other young guys you had worked with?

A: I think specifically trying to take on a mentoring role for someone is a bit arrogant. Offering people advice and help, I think is a more professional way of dealing with this. If that person appreciates your advice they come back and continue to ask questions and look for guidance from you. Itís more their call if you are a mentor than your own. I would not be surprised if a few people during my WWE run saw me as a mentor for them but again it would be their call not mine. Maven often came to me looking for advice and guidance, as did MNM when I was in OVW.

Q: When Kevin Nash came out and gave you a big boot for no reason during WCW, did you ever go talk to him about it afterward and ask what the point of it was?

A: No I did not. When he first came into the locker room that day he looked at me and asked, ďAre we doing something together today?Ē I told him yes and explained the segment as it was told to me. To this he responded something to the effect, ďWhatís the point of that? That doesnítí make any f---ing sense.Ē Whether those where his legit feelings or this was just his way of avoiding heat for burying me, I have no idea.

Q: Do you think at WrestleMania 20 it would have been better to do The Rock vs Shawn Michaels as opposed to throwing Shawn into the main event?

A: I donít even remember the card from Mania 20 let alone the build to it and what would have made sense, so I have no idea.

Q: Hypothetically, if there was a WWE PPV that cost $50, but it had Shawn Michaels Vs Brock Lesnar in the main event, would you be totally keen to pay to see an ultimate match between those two?

A: It would depend on what they did to build the match up, because cold I donít have much interest in seeing it.

Q: If you were gay, who would you most like to date out of every wrestler you've met/been friends with? Don't be shy Lance.

A: Shane McMahon.

Q: Have you spoke to Justin Credible yet since he no showed that tag tournament a few years back?

A: The last I spoke with him that I can remember was right before the re-launch of ECW, so if that was after the 1PW shows yes. In either event we did not discuss why he no showed. I do not like to get into other peoples business or personal life, so if they donít offer I donít ask.

Q: I read on your Facebook page that you are an avid movie watcher. Have you thought about listing the movies you have watched recently either on your website or Facebook page?

A: To be honest that is a bit of an outdated post. Pyramid Productions, the company that I did the reality show with, set up the face book page and got that fact from an out of date bio listing on my site. Since having kids I watch WAY less movies. Apart from animated Disney movies Iím lucky to watch 6 movies a year now. I pretty much just read books now, and I keep a running tally of what I read all year in the bookmarks section of the site.

Q: Do you have any helpful hints or tips for someone just starting a website? I have no idea how to go about it.

A: Find a knowledgeable fan who is willing to do the entire thing for you, then get said fan to show you how to update it yourself and you are off and running.

Q: Have you tried KFCís Double Down? I hear that it is really hard to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

A: I have not and likely never will, I still watch my diet and eat well.

Q: Taking any active wrestler today vs any retired wrestler. Who do you think makes for the most intriguing contests? Bret Hart vs Randy Orton sticks out, Ric Flair vs Miz... Jericho vs Lance Storm ;) (zing!)

A: Who in the Jericho vs. Storm match is the active wrestler? And who in the Miz vs. Flair match is retired? Are you sure you thought this through?

Q: I just got done reading Goldustís book, a real great read! And it seems that just about every wrestlerís autobiography I read, (including this one) someone has a negative experience with Scott Hall. I was wondering what your experiences were like with Hall when you two were in WCW togetherÖor anywhere else for that matter...Also, do you plan on reading Goldustís book?

A: I seldom read wrestling bios and had not planned on reading Goldustís. As for Scott Hall, we were never in WCW together. We may have both been getting paid by WCW at the same time, but he was not reporting to work to collect his cheques. I think the only time I ever had a conversation with Scott was at an ECW house show that he came to to talk to Justin. He had been drinking that night and while he was nice enough to me, he was intoxicated enough that I kept the conversation short.

Q: just wondered if you`ve seen the top 50 WWE Superstars of all time DVD and if you have, what do you think of Hulk Hogan being so low down the list?

A: Anyone who puts any stock in lists like this are wasting their time. Lists are absurd even when you try to do them fairly and when WWE does them they are always more business and politically based than factually based so why bother even thinking about them

Q: Do you still keep in touch with fellow Calgarian Dr. Luther? He's all but disappeared from the wrestling business. Last I heard he was a fitness trainer in Bellingham, Washington or something. It's a shame he never made it big, don't you think?

A: We still occasionally still keep in touch. My wife and I stopped in to see him on our way to Seattle or a wedding last summer. He was an is a great guy who definitely had enough talent to make it big but for what ever reason never got that big break in the US.

Q: Which tights that you wore was your favorite?

A: No idea, didnít put that much thought into it.

Q: What do you think of the idea of WWE going ďPGĒ? Is it an act from the WWE to sort of reset themselves and specifically target a younger audience and then change according to their demographic as the new generation of fans grow up? Or do you think it's more so influenced by the way society is generally, for example, a childrenís action cartoon from the 90's is much different than a children's action cartoon now days (A lot more tame now days) and the WWE allow themselves to be effected by the same influences, since they are so mainstream compared to other wrestling companies? I hope I explained my question clearly.

A: I think itís simply a result of them getting a major licensing deal with Mattel toys. Merchandising and licensing is a major source of income. If they could get more licensing deals and advertisement revenue with an R rated product they would likely do that.

Q: You may not know this... but TNA is doing this concussion angle with Mr. Anderson Anderson. To me, it seems a little awkward to turn such a serious issue into a storyline (Making the heel Authority Figures of the story not care how many concussions Anderson gets, or if he's medically cleared). Do you think that this issue is should be off limits for wrestling booking or do you think its an ok issue to touch on.

A: I donít think any issue should be off limits is done well, and if it sends the proper message to viewers. Since I donít watch TNA it will have to be your call if the angle is done properly or not.

Q: In the previous Q&A, you said the worst reaction is no reaction. I may be mistaken, because the only knowledge of Japanese crowds is when the WWE goes to Japan and books a televised event, but the Japanese audience seems to be very quiet during the matches. Is this true in your experiences performing in front of Japanese audiences and if so, do you know why?

A: Japanese crowds react differently but they absolutely react. Even back in the 90ís when the crowds were more the traditional low key Japanese crowds you could get them to react, just not in the same way as fans do over here. Even more to that end, I remember people telling Jericho that you donít work the crowd in Japan like you do in the States, that you just have your match and they will applaud at the end if they like it. He basically said screw that and went out and actively worked and interacted with the crowd and they responded to him. Itís all about finding a way and learning how to appeal to your specific audience. If you got NO reaction from a Japanese crowd that would be your fault not theirís.

Q: I noticed that a lot of the top guys, in WWE at least but even in general, aren't physically ripped as the talent was even as late as 2006 or so. Is this the "cleanest" WWE has been operating probably ever?

A: I would say that as a general rule this is proof that there is validity to the WWE wellness policy, and the company is at its cleanest.

Q: I'm sorry if you've already said, I don't remember this being addressed in Jericho's book or in other commentaries but when Jericho first went to ECW, why didn't you go with him?

A: We both had our own separate singles careers at that point. He went to Mexico without me, and I went to Europe with out him. Other than a few Indyís the only places we went together were FMW and SMW.

Q: What was up with your two incredibly weak chair shots on RVD at Barely Legal? I thought you did it to make yourself look inept at hardcore wrestling.

A: I just didnít believe in giving people concussions. I was ahead of my time.

Q: How long does it take you to read a book? I am a slow reader myself; only get through maybe 30 pages at a time before I get bored. Do you plow through a whole book in one sitting?

A: It usually takes me more than one sitting but I have occasionally finished a book in one sitting. I generally take a few days to a week to read a novel. When I feeling like Iím dragging in my reading I find itís the fault of the book not my reading. Perhaps you arenít reading the right stuff. I often joke that people who donít like to read just havenít found the right books yet. A few of my canít miss authors are: David Morrell, F. Paul Wilson, Lawrence Block, Lee Child.

Q: Why are so many Canadians successful in professional wrestling?

A: There are tons who donít succeed as well. I think itís a case of all the crappy ones never make it out of Canada so you never see them, resulting in almost every Canadian worker you see being really good.

Q: Don't you think the "New Kayfabe" you described in the FS article, where real life events become an angle, are too dangerous as a game? Doesn't that sound a bit scary to you, your life essentially becoming a lie? I mean, who's gonna know then, what's true and what's not? With classical kayfabe at least your colleagues knew, but with this? If you keep a safety net of some sort, where people can check whether it's an angle or not, it won't work because it will be leaked. But if there is none, your life becomes The Truman Show...

A: I think you are taking this to the nth degree. Say I wanted to kayfabe at this level for the sake of getting heat as a heel, and just generally was a jerk to fans everywhere I went and was unusually rude or curt with reports to obtain a rep for being a ďgenuineĒ bad person. How does doing that get me to being the Truman show? I wouldnít have to be a dick to my family or the boys back stage and weíd all just have to agree to not publicly leak any contradictory stories of me being a nice guy. This is really just want the business was back in the day. Using Jericho as an example, I donít care what stories are out there or what reports I hear about Chris being a ďjerkĒ a ďheelĒ a ďracistĒ what have you. I know the guy, I talk with the guy on the phone, I know who he is and what he is and donít care what public image is out there kayfabed or not.

Q: I was wondering if you've ever seen the Dreamer/RVD match where RVD literally bounces off the mat via his head after a pile driver? I've seen him do similar head-based leaps in matches with Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton. I did briefly formulate a somewhat implausible theory that his head was infact spring-loaded but lacked enough evidence to back it up and so I turn to you and all sage-like understanding of all things wrestling. How the heck does a guy sell stuff like that without breaking his neck?

A: It was at the ECW November 2 Remember PPV from Pittsburgh. I was on the show and that was the greatest piledriver Iíve ever seen. Rob lands on his head better than anyone in the business. I do know how he does it, but would rather not say. His level of flexibility does play a big role in his not breaking his neck.

Q: What state and which province have you not wrestled in?

A: Alaska and Prince Edward Island.

Q: Why do some Superstars wipe their feet on the apron before getting in the ring?

A: Why do you wipe your feet before walking into your house?

Q: You said that you don't feel The Miz makes a good champion because he isn't someone the average person would be scared to fight. Do you feel the same way about Jericho? I don't consider Jericho any bigger or more muscular than the Miz.

A: You are taking my words a bit out of context. I think I said I personally donít buy Miz as World Champ because I donít see him as a guy that the crowd would be afraid of and I donít see him as a guy who could or would beat someone up. He could still be a good choice for champ just not for me personally. Jericho I saw differently, primarily because itís not about size and muscularity. I know Jericho and Iíve seen Jericho get into fights, I know he can beat people up, Iíve seen him do it. on top of that I think Jericho carried himself differently. I think the biggest draw back for me with Miz is his face. He looks very young, I look at him and I see a kid. I still like Miz and think he is a fantastic performer I personally just prefer a World Champ that I think would not be afraid to fight anyone in the building.

Q: Did you ever work out with someone who proved the old adage of not judging a book by its cover? A relatively thin man who could lift very heavy weights or a chunky man with a surprisingly good aerobic capacity?

A: I wonít use the word Chunky, but Brother Ray was always in great shape when I worked with him and never blew up. I think a lot of fans mistakenly think heís out of shape because of his build. Bubba was, and likely still is a stair master machine in the gym.

Q: Recently on RAW, John Morrison won a match to become #1 contender to the WWE championship and got to name the type of match he wanted. He chose a falls counts anywhere match. I thought this made no sense knowing that Alex Riley would be at ringside. In my opinion a steel cage match would have made more sense. What are your thoughts on Morrisonís decision to have a falls counts anywhere match?

A: The office wanted a falls count anywhere match so John could do a bunch of cool things at ringside and on the ramp so thatís what they picked. If you think about it anymore than that you are wasting your time.

Q: Does a pro-wrestler prefer to be addressed with his "artist name" or with his real name by a fan?

A: NEVER use a wrestlers real name, unless they introduce themselves to you using their real name. Unless I am a close personal friend of theirs or they have used their real name with me I wonít even use the boyís real names.

Q: If anyone had the chance of being a booker in professional wrestling, let's say the WWE, what would you advise him to be successful in his job and to be popular with the fans, also the smart fans? What is your advice how not to become a Vince Russo?

A: Just make sense. Donít try to fool or swerve your fans try to entertain them. Always deliver what you promise, and never slap your fans in the face or insult their intelligence.

Q: Are there still wrestlers in the WWE that you know are using steroids or HGH? I don't care about names, I just want to know.

A: I have absolutely no knowledge of anyone in WWE using HGH or Steroids. That being said I have very little interaction with people in WWE and itís not like wrestler A would be sending me a memo to inform me he is still on the gas. I believe wellness to be legitimate but as far as I know HGH is still not something reliably testable, so there is always the possibility some guys are on HGH.

Q: Shane Helms mentioned there was a difference between putting someone over and getting someone over. He basically said Flair got more people over than HBK did. Someone replied Shawn put Jericho over in 2008, but Helms says there is a difference. He also said Shawn got nobody over in the last few years except himself. Could you explain the difference if there is one?

A: Putting someone over just means you lost a match to them. Getting someone over means you managed to get them over with the crowd and elevate them to another level. Hulk Hogan put Billy Kidman over in WCW but he did not get him over at all in that match. Really good workers have beaten guys in matches and still managed to make them look like a million dollars and gotten them over despite beating them. Flair got a lot of people over when he was World Champ. He would take relatively green guys (Sting and Luger would be great examples) and let them hang with him in World Title match and made them stars. Shaneís criticism of Shawn not getting anyone over in the last few years is likely true but slightly unfair. Shawnís last couple of years he was only working with already over, established guys who didnít need to be gotten over. Not like Undertaker needed Shawn to get him over. I think one last great example of putting someone over and getting someone over was HBK vs. Shelton Benjamin from RAW several years ago. Shawn beat him clean with the Superkick but did get Shelton over in that match. At the end of that match Shelton meant more than he did before it.

Q: Is 'Strange Kentucky People' really as hilarious as Jericho describes it?

A: Even more so.

Q: When hopping to the top rope for a springboard attack, what is better when it comes to footing? Jumping from the tips of the toes or jumping from the middle of your foot? I figured jumping from the toes seem to give you more spring in the jump, but you could slip a lot easier. And I figured jumping from the middle of your foot may give you stability, but maybe not as much controll as jumping with the toes (due to using the ankles with the jump). But I may be wrong, I've never jumped from a wrestling rope. So which way do you say is better?

A: You get most of the spring from the rope not your ankles, so I land with more the center of my foot on the rope for stability. Slipping off the rope really sucks.

Q: Can you elaborate more on why you hate SmackDown?

A: I donít recall ever saying I hate SD. I donít watch it as much as RAW because Friday is a bad night for me.

Q: How about this for an idea, the wrestler who gets the pin or submission in a tag title match gets to be one half of the tag team champions, so now he's tag champs with the other guy of the team that didn't get pinned, it could add some interest to the tag division since there are no established teams anymore and I'm finding the idea of two guys tagging for a year then splitting up and feuding for three months boring and predictable.

A: The whole point of a tag TEAM is that you work together as a TEAM. If guys just keep getting switched in and out with different partners it just becomes a gimmick and not a true tag TEAM. I think fans might find it interesting but Iíd still prefer they just restore focus on Tag Teams properly so this stuff made sense. In this same vane I HATE when they have a make shift tag team beat an established tag team.

Q: Tell us about Masato Tanaka. Did speak fluent English? What was his personality like in the locker room? Was he easy to work with?

A: Like most Japanese workers I assume he spoke better English than he let on. Itís almost their national gimmick. I never hung out with the guy so I really donítí know him on a personal level. He was easy to get along with and easy to work with in the ring so in that regard heís good in my books.

Q: Has anyone ever spit on you or bled alot on you in the ring?

A: I worked with Kerry Brown early on in my career and he was one of those guys who would spit up into the air when you punched him. There was one occasion when I punched him that he missed timed the throwing his head back and the spitting and I took a big lougie in the forehead. I had a couple single matches with Abdullah the Butcher in Japan so I have been bled on.

Q: What is the worst injury you have seen another wrestler work through during a match?

A: I saw Randy Orton finish a match on RAW with a dislocated shoulder, which wasnít pretty.

Q: It's awesome to see you reach out to fans the way you do, but your facebook page seems to have certain marks who drive me crazy, arguing with you about your own career and continually asking the same questions. How do you put up with it? Just wanted to apologize because most of us really appreciate the time you put into reaching out to your fans.

A: It does get annoying but at the end of the day you have to just let it roll off your back. The one guy you are referring to has a few people suggesting I block him, but Iím trying to hold off on that so I donít appear like a guy who just blocks people who donít suck up.

Q: I've seen a couple of matches on Raw and SD where the match is being quit due to DQ because a wrestler throws a knockout punch. How come the referees don't allow that while they don't DQ Big Show when he does it as his finishing maneuver?

A: I canít recall ever seeing a match in WWE end on a DQ due to one punch, so I donít have a problem with the Big Show knock out punch. There have been matches were guys get DQíd for punching in the corner and not breaking on the refís count, but that is about not listening to the ref and his count not just throwing a punch.

Q: What do you think of the Nexus storyline? I loved it until they fired John Cena and he came back a week later to be in the audience and give the members of Nexus a beat down. I really felt cheated for watching the PPV and for my emotion investment in the storyline and the speech Cena gave about leaving the WWE and being with his family and I don't know if I can take the serious promo's of Cena seriously anymore. Punk in Nexus is a great idea, but I'd rather seen Barrett staying the leader; Punk doesn't need Nexus to be a main eventer and have a great storyline IMO.

A: Canít argue with you. Cena told the fans he was going home to spend time with his family who missed him and then never did. He was almost in tears talking about finally being able to see his mom on her birthday for the first time in years and then never bothered to. Thatís one hell of a baby face.

Q: Who do you pick to win the Royal Rumble and what are you're thoughts about the 40 man Rumble? I think either Alberto Del Rio, Punk, Cena or Triple H (surprise entry) is going to win the rumble.

A: My initial prediction was Alberto, but Iíve since come up with a bigger bolder prediction for the Rumble and beyond. Randy Orton defeats The Miz for the WWE Title and in the process also RKOís Alex Riley. When Riley is unable to compete in the Royal Rumble Orton enters in his place and goes on to win the Royal Rumble and on RAW announces that he will challenge Edge at WrestleMania, Champion vs. Champion, to unify and crown the Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Q: In WWE, why are wrestlers ALWAYS wearing their gear and would something as simple as wearing regular clothes backstage and during promos add an edge of realism? A few weeks back, a wrestler was in the ring as part of a promo in their gear and mentioned how they weren't scheduled to compete tonight and then was told by the GM he WILL be competing. Why would the wrestler be dressed to compete? When Cena gave his retirement speech on Raw, he was wearing knee pads...Is this a conscious decision by Vince? I feel like back in the day, we would see people getting dressed for their match as it cut to commercial, and that made it seem like these guys really were getting screwed into competing, or real people fighting backstage instead of just characters.

A: On occasion we see guys in street clothes back stage, Michael Tarver would be a recent example of that. I think the problem (if you can call it that) is that WWE wants you in your most identifiable look to maximize your recognition so they tend to stick to your look in gear. Also with the absurdity of spontaneous booking on shows you are pretty much stuck with showing guys always in there gear to allow for them to still be dressed to work when they are ďsurprisedĒ with a match. You also have the issue of guys having to work Superstars, and NXT matches before shows and needing to be dressed for them.

Q: Up until your last match, did you still get the butterflies in your stomach? I do a lot of theater acting and I love the feeling of those butterflies. People call them nerves but I call it excitement! Just that feeling of walking on stage and getting to do what I love. I know several actors who have quit because of this feeling and itís quite depressing to see people succumb to it.

A: I think I am a rear exception here but I almost never got them. With the exception of my first few matches and maybe one or two others I never got nervous or anxious before going to the ring. I had complete confidence in my abilities and was always very relaxed before going to the ring. I remember Mike Sanders being very nervous before our one match on Nitro in 2000. He looked at me and asked, ďArenít you nervous?Ē to which I responded, ďRelax, I do this for a living.Ē Thatís the way I looked at it.

Q: On the ECW ĎRise and Fallí DVD itís mentioned that RVD was a replacement to wrestle you on the first ECW PPV, do you know who your originally scheduled opponent was to be and why he was unavailable?

A: The original match was RVD vs. Chris Candito. Shortly before the PPV Candito and I worked a show at the Arena and had an awesome match. Paul then decided he would change the PPV match to me and Chris Candito and make RVD not being on the show an Angle to help build his Mr. Monday Night character. Right before the PPV Candito tore his bicep and was unable to work so the match was then switched to me and RVD. I did not know about the switch until maybe 4 pm the day of the show when Joey Styles came up to me and asked if I had a finish yet for my match with Rob. I corrected him and said, ďYou mean my match with Candito.Ē It was then that he explained to me about Canditoís injury.

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