Q and A

February 2, 2006

Q: Sup lance, first off have you ever took a drama class during or before your wrestling career for your skills on the Mic or the backstage scenes?
A: No I never did, but I think WWE would be smart to hire an acting coach to do seminars at TV tapings. Guys could do 1 hour work shops while at the arenas every few weeks.

Q: And second, have you heard of the UFC (ultimate fighting championship)? and if so, would you ever participate in the UFC and fight one of the fighters like Ken Shamrock?
A: Of course Iíve head of UFC. I am far too old to be jumping into a UFC atmosphere for the first time.

Q: What are your thoughts on Bill DeMott? He was a guy I always liked because he seemed to work so hard. I loved seeing him with the US title, he totally deserved it. You two had good matches as well.
A: I love Bill. We had a great time working together.

Q: I think I can tell a good wrestler from a bad one but do have some "guilty pleasures". Are there any wrestlers you like a lot despite knowing that they aren't that great?
A: Not really. There were when I was a fan, but not so much anymore.

Q: When WCW gave Alex Wright the gimmick of Berlyn, the german "Power Wrestling" magazine fantasized about him going to the main event with that gimmick if handled correctly. Do you think that potential was there? And how can something like that happen - building someone up for weeks with an undefeated streak and then having him lose in 4 minutes to an undercard guy? That's like "We don't want it to succeed".
A: I think what happened with Berlyn was they debuted the gimmick and shortly there after the Colombine Shooting in the US happened, and the outfits worn by the kids who shot up the school looked very similar to Berylnís, and WCW decided they needed to drop the gimmick from TV.

Q: Why do you think WCW guys have such a hard time making it in WWE? Im mainly talking about the guys from the invasion and beyond.
A: Not everyone had a difficult time. Booker T did quite well, and 3 of my 4 years were solid.

Q: Do you think TNA will be able to capture the audience that gave up on wrestling after WCW folded?
A: Itís quite a different product than the old WCW, as long as they capture a solid audience Iím happy, be it old fans who have given up or current ones who just like the different product.

Q: have you seen any of Jack Evans work? if so what do you think about him? he can do some amazing acrobatic stuff.
A: Iíve only seen one match and it was a gimmick cage match. He certainly can do some flips, but other than that I havenít seen enough of him.

Q: Hey Lance I was wondering if you are going to work the gimmick table at the ROH show signing 8 x 10's and such. I'm a huge Lance Storm mark. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago, the next day I'm going to Mania. Looking forward to a Storm promo too.
A: I believe ROH is having me do an autograph session, which will offer photos, yes. I also plan on bringing my Storm Wrestling Academy T-Shirts to sell.

Q: What is your overall impression of Sean Waltman?
A: Itís funny I expected to dislike Sean when I first met him, but did not. We got along very well and on the whole I think he is a very talented guy.

Q: Hey Lance, I was surfing WWE's auction site and say John Cena's now Edge's WWE Championship belt for auction and I was wondering if guys normally get to keep "there" title belts? I recall your classic WCW run winning 3 belts. Do you have the Saskatchewan Hardcore Championship, North American Title or Cruiserweight in Kilo's belts you had done up? I am sure they could command a fair price at auction.
A: Generally you donítí get to keep the belts. I didnít get to keep any of mine. I think when they make specialty ones, like the Cena spinning one or the Stone Cold Smoking Skull belt they likely get to keep them.

Q: My question: My friends and I quite enjoyed your initial run in WCW where you won and renamed the various titles. Was the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title's naming your idea (considering your love of the style *lol*) or something that WCW did?
A: It was not, that was a total Russo idea. It was originally going to be the Stu Hart International Title, but WCW couldnít get permission from the Hart family in time.

Q: How many days a week do you weight train?
A: Three to Five. Any less than three and I feel like a lazy slob. Five would be ideal. I usually fall in around 4.

Q: Hey Lance my question what happened with Teddy Hart during a Scramble Cage match in 2001, also what do you think of Teddy Hart, Jack Evans and Matt Sydal?
A: I have no idea what you are talking about with the cage deal. Iíve only seen Evans once, and never seen Sydal, so I canít really comment. Teddy has a ton of athletic ability but he needs to mature somewhat if he wants to make it big in this industry.

Q: Are there any australian wrestlers ? and did u ever wrestle in australia and were the fans as fanatic as the ones in america/canada seem to be ?
A: There have been a few wrestlers from Australia. I think Tony Garea was from there, as well as Nathan Jones. Iíve worked Australia a few times both for WCW and WWE. The fans were Tremendous!!!

Q: Hi lance i Just want to ask what are your Thoughts on Paul burchill and do you think he could go all the way. Did you see him Do the C4 or Standing star press, he has a Unique Move set and has all the skills to go all the way.
A: Iím not one who puts any stock in a Ďmove setí. Anyone can do moves, it takes talent to be a great worker. Ric Flair has virtually no moves, yet he is considered an all time great. Paul fortunately has some talent as well and should do fairly well for himself.

Q: Hey Lance, this message is from India. I was really impressed with ur work in the dying months of WCW. It was crazy the way u were used in the WWE, espically the Goldberg episode. HOw did u feel being portrayed scared in front of Austin & then jobbing to Goldberg & made to look weak? Espically since he isn't to crazy about the wrestling business & all?
A: Itís fun how people see things so differently. I remember when that bit happened I got e-mail from some people so happy for me that I was finally getting a push and working with top guys, yet others thought I was getting buried. I always just did what I was told. Working with Steve in any capacity was fun; he was both a lot of fun and a great professional.

Q: During the whole "boring" storyline, did you ever feel like grabbing a mic and ripping Austin for doing the same F***ing thing each time he came to the ring. Personally I thought this angle was totally disrespective to you and what you worked to earn.
A: Steve was just doing what creative wanted him to do, itís not like he was trying to bury me. He was very supportive and helpful during that time.

Q: Were did the term "kayfabe" come from?
A: I honestly have no idea where this originated.

Q: In regards to the new Raw GM position, you mentioned you thought the GM idea was past its prime and you would like to see something different. If you were part of Creative, what would you suggest?
A: I donít have a suggestion. I just feel they have been running that format for 5 years or so now, a change would be nice.

Q: what do you think lead to his return? Has Finlay wanted to wrestle but just wasnít given the chance, or was he asked to wrestle because of the somewhat depleted Smackdown! roster?
A: I have no idea what was behind this decision. I know back at the tail end of the Invasion days they were considering it.

Q: Also, what lead to his years out of the ring?
A: He had a bad in ring accident in WCW. He almost had his one leg completely cut off below the knee going through a table. He still has little or no feeling in that part of his leg.

Q: And finally Ė what the hell was his finisher in his WCW days? I remember a submission hold that was quite good, but I canít remember what it was. I really hope the WWE allows him to use the same finisher. I find lately, finishers have become less and less important. How many variations of the Diamond Cutter/RKO/Stunner/Book-end do we really need?
A: Why would you want him to use the same finisher if you donít know what it was? Iím not sure he had a specific one in WCW. When I worked with him in Europe he used the Tombstone Piledriver. (Safe to assume thatís out!)

Q: What are your thoughts on the Undertaker's in ring ability and when you do suppose he'll retire?
A: This is a well-timed question (LOL). I have a lot of respect for Takerís ability. Iíve worked with him a couple times, and it was very EASY.

Q: Hey Lance, just recently I found out that you were signing with TNA? Well, if that's true I wonder if you are becoming Team Canada's newest member. That would be so cool, in a heelish type of way!
A: I havenít signed with TNA so I think discussing my creative direction there is a touch premature.

Q: I have read that in about 10 weeks your coming out of retirement.
A: April 1st in Chicago for ROH. I will be facing Bryan Danielson.

Q: It will be Lance Storm vs. Bryan Danielson for the ROH World Title on April 1st in Chicago. This is what i saw on a site is this true Lance as you can't be sure with internet rumors these days. Also if you have been on that show yet and metioned this then i'm sorry because we don't get that show here in Australia.
A: It is completely true. It was just announced.

Q: When doing a dropkick, how do the wrestlers keep themselves from damaging their faces when they land? Don't they feel pain after landing?
A: You donít land on your face, at least not if you do it properly.

Q: How is the staged Royal Rumble Winner protected? Look at back in 2004, Chris Benoit was thrown outside several times, what would people in the back do should the staged winner get eliminated?
A: I think everyone has faith in a guy like Benoit not SCREWING UP!

Q: How does it feel after receiving a chair shot lol. Describe Fully
A: It hurts!

Q: Does your kid ever ask you, "dad how come you always lost in WWE?" lol (no offense). Do you allow your children to watch wrestling for that matter?
A: They didnít watch, but if they asked I would have said that was my job.

Q: What are Chris Jericho's thoughts on the fact that WWE never lets him hold a World Title, since he was Undisputed Champion? He your buddy right?
A: He is but how he feels is his business not mine.

Q: I was just wondering, do guys, who have been kept down, such as yourself, will you all ever get a Hall of Fame Award?
A: I doubt it, but perhaps Tito Santana felt that way until he got in.

Q: And for that person who asked about doing sit ups wrong, and their neck becoming like Booker T's, i think what the person is trying to find out, is that, if they do sit ups incorrectly, would their neck be pushed out the way Booker's appear to be?
A: Iíve never noticed Bookerís neck pushing out anywhere, and if it is I doubt it is from sit ups.

Q: What are your thoughts, on when Chris Jericho updated his website, posting his favourite matches and, none of them had you in it? We should boycott him! What kind of a friend is he? He could have at least lied to make us Storm Troopers feel better.
A: Heís just bitter because Iíve got a good win loss record over him!!!! (LOL)

Q: I remember reading that after your match with Chris Jericho at ECW ONS that Chris was upset with the chants of "F*** John Cena" and "Chris Candido" because he felt people wernt paying attention to your match enough. Whether this is true or not, have the fans ever really offended you with chants and comments? Be it in this situation or anywhere else? Its just something I always wondered about.
A: It didnít bother me at all. Most of my ECW career involved Candito in some fashion, so if they wanted to chant his name, my match was as good as any. I saw the F--- John Cena chant as a huge compliment. I think the fans were saying that they preferred great wrestling like Jericho and I were doing to a hugely over, highly pushed, superstar.

Q: I actually have two questions, one of which refers to previous answer you gave in a previous Q & A which was, "I rather take 1000 piledrivers from finlay than one snapmare from a poor worker". My question is that don't you think the pile driver possibly carries too much of a risk for a move that usually isn't even used a finisher? (usually has no more impact on the match than a arm drag).
A: If it doesnít have more impact on the match than an arm drag, again it is being done by a VERY poor worker, again proving my point. In the right hands I donít feel it is risky. There has been 10 or more neck fusion surgeries in WWE and only Steveís was required because of a Piledriver to my knowledge. I feel completely confident in my ability to protect myself and in the ability of a GOOD worker to protect me also.

Q: Also Owen Hart and Dean Malenko both broke someone's neck with a pile driver (although Malenko's was a spiked double team piledriver) and they are both veteran technical wrestlers. Steve Austin almost got paralyzed, not to mention what happened to Taz as a result of the move, personally as a wrestling fan (who actually cares about the wrestlers as human beings) and just trying to see it from a perspective of a worker I simply don't think it's worth the risk personally.
A: Iím saying that green, unskilled, crappy workers are a much bigger risk. TLC matches are greater risks. Flip dives to the floor are a greater risk. Itís all a matter of degrees. Everything is a risk.

Q: Hey Lance, about 2 years ago there was a question asking you how you kept from laughing in your segment with goldust. You said you have a trick but weren't ready to share it yet. Are you willing to spill the beans yet?
A: I wanted to save this for my book, because it should get me a ton of heat, but here it goes. Iím completely serious here, Iím not ribbing. I would visualize Lex Luger matches in my head, and think about how much more money he made than me, and I found after that nothing seemed funny anymore. Sorry Lex!

Q: Hey Lance I'm a big fan of yours and I was wondering if you ever plan on returning to the ring like TNA or WWE.
A: Iím returning to ROH April 1st. Weíll see what happens after that.

Q: Since traveling is a large part of wrestlers lives, which areas of the country are the toughest to navigate? Just the traffic and constant construction must make trips to arenas like MSG and Nassau difficult.
A: It really wasnít that bad. Those major arenas had traffic but we did them so often we had our route down. It was when we hit smaller towns we hadnít hit before that we would get lost.

Q: Did you enjoy wrestling in Texas? What were some of your favorite cities here in the Lone Star State? Finally, do you have any fond/unusual memories about any of the times youíve worked here?
A: One of my favourite matches was in Texas. As a heel, especially with the pro Canada, Un-American gimmicks Texas was great. Americans love and protect America but they are amateurs compared to Texans loving and protecting Texas.

Q: When you teach your students are there any particular wrestlers` work you advice them to learn from? Say, Flair, Steamboat, Tsuruta?
A: I think they should learn from everyone. If you study just one guy too much, you will never develop into your own.

Q: Growing up, what were some of your favourite matches?
A: Savage - Steamboat from Mania 3 was a big one. Anything with the British Bulldogs in it.

Q: Are you a fan of lucha libre? If so, do you have any favourite lucha wrestlers?
A: Not particularly to be honest, but I love Negro Casas!!!!!!

Q: What`s your take on the current Japanese wrestling scene? Business is definately down. How do you think they can improve it? What would you do?
A: This would take way too long, and Iím not up to date enough on the Japanese scene to comment.

Q: Having wrestled in Japan quite a lot, do you enjoy the respectful Japanese crowd or do you prefer the rabid American crowd?
A: I loved the Japanese crowd. They werenít loud but they were very responsive and respectful. I loved working in Japan.

Q: Do you see MMA in the USA becoming more popular than wrestling, like it is in Japan?
A: I think it is getting very big over here but I doubt it will become bigger than Pro-Wrestling.

Q: As a fan, who do you enjoy watching more: New Japan`s Musketeers (Hashimoto, Muto & Chono) or All Japan`s Misawa, Kobashi & Kawada? Basically, are you more of a New Japan fan or are you a All Japan fan?
A: Iím not currently watching either.

Q: Have you seen anything from NOAH?
A: Nope, sorry.

Q: Which wrestler, past or present, do you think had/has the potential of crossing over from wrestling to movies just like the Rock did?
A: I donít think he will be as big of a leading man, but I think Christian, has the ability to be a very skilled actor.

Q: Have you heard about NWE? Do you think a European promotion can once again be a force in wrestling?
A: I donít know about being a force. If they can take off and be successful Iím all for it. I hear great things about 1PW in the UK.

Q: Given the large Mexican audience in the USA, do you think a lucha libre federation can become a huge success in the USA?
A: I doubt a Lucha group could make a go, but I think featuring some Latino talent in the current companies is wise.

Q: Have you ever seen Canada`s own Kevin Steen perform?
A: No clue who this is.

Q: What went wrong with the Invasion? How would you have done it?
A: So much went wrong. Itís way too complicated to get into.

Q: For or against the WWE brand split? Why?
A: Both. I can see plusses to both. As a fan Iíd prefer one product. The down side is it would lead to a lot of talent getting fired.

Q: If the Fusient deal had went through, do you think WCW could have become a viable competitor to WWE once again or was the damage already too much?
A: Who knows, a lot of changes would have had to have been made but anything is possible. It certainly would have lasted longer than the Invasion.

Q: Have you ever wrestled in Puerto Rico?
A: I have not. I had a student train with me from Puerto Rico though.

Q: What are your thoughts on TNA iMPACT? Do you still watch it? If so, do you like the direction they`re going in?
A: I watch it every week. There are a few things I would change but on the whole I really like the product.

Q: As of now, which is the weekly wrestling tv show that entertains you the most? Raw, Smackdown or iMPACT?
A: I more consistently follow Impact, to be honest. But I think RAW may still be the strongest show. (The 2 hours helps.)

Q: Have you had the chance to watch the Fight Network? Do you reckon a Canadian promotion such as AWE could be a player in the world of pro wrestling?
A: I donít get Fight Network, and thus havenít seen AWE, so I canít comment.

Q: I was just wondering what your thoughts were on sting returning to wrestling and going back to TNA? Have you ever worked with him? I beleive u were in ECW when Raven crucified Sandman that was the first time I have ever seen an ECW crowd so silent. I was very shocked being catholic. I was wondering was that a planned thing or was just something Raven came up with off the top of his head? what were your thoughts on it?
A: Iíve worked with Sting before and like the guy a lot. I hope he makes a really Impact in TNA. As for the Raven thing, come on, there was a cross under the ring. Do you think that was a coincidence? Of course it was planned!

Q: In your recent Q & A, you responded to a question asking how you would improve professional wrestling, and you answered: I would stop writing ďStory linesĒ and start ďBooking AnglesĒ!!!!!! Can you explain the difference between the two.
A: This may be a subtle difference but I think it is a real important one. I will use an example. The boring thing as well as the large penis thing that I did in WWE were story lines. They were just stuff involving me that didnít go anywhere. It was decided I would have a large penis and a bunch of back stage bits were written with Val and I to draw attention to the fact I had a large penis. That is a story line. Again with the boring thing. It started bothering me, and a bunch of backstage bits were written and we did them. When there was a match it was just me and someone and I would lose because I was distracted by all the boring chants or Steve telling me I was boring. Itís a story about me, but it doesnít go anywhere. This business generates money on PPV and at live events. People pay to see matches and conflicts solved between opponents. Non of these Story Lines built to a match that someone would pay to see. They go nowhere they just fill TV time. When you Book Angles you create tension and conflict between two people to create interest in a match, which people will pay to see. In ECW it was decided that I would work with Dreamer. We then booked all the tension between us: the Steroid accusation, my proposed Urine test, Dawn calling herself Beulah. All of these situations furthered tensions between Dreamer and I so that people would pay to see or Extreme Death match on PPV. That was BOOKING, and we need to see more of it.

Q: I just wanted to get your opinion on a few guys who I feel could be the future of the business.They are Chris Sabin, Austin Aries, CM Punk and Christopher Daniels.
A: Truthfully I havenít seen enough of most of them to fairly comment. Daniels Iím a big fan of.

Q: What do you think makes for a great non-submissive finisher? Does it have to be sudden (like the Stunner or Rock Bottom) or does it need a set up (RKO, Chokeslam, etc.)? It's obvious that the best heel finisher is to use the face's finsher on him, but still, what makes a finisher great otherwise?
A: I think it needs to be quick to set up and easy to counter and block. You want to be able to tease it and you want to be able to hit it quick for the surprise factor.

Q: Do you think Shane Douglas should continue his interviewing duties in TNA, or would you be in favor of him becoming an in ring wrestler again?
A: Shane had a lot of injuries at the tail end of his career. Iím not sure he could get into the shape he would need to, to get back on the roster.

Q: If there was ECW One Night Stand 2, would you participate if offered to wrestle Dean Malenko?
A: Iím not sure. I love Malenko but that match isnít a real ECW fit for me.

Q: In the past you said New Jack could actually wrestle one time, instead of his toaster/cheese grater offence style he has now. What was your opinon of him as a wrestler back then, before he was Mr. Kitchen appliance?
A: I worked with him back in SMW and I remember our few matches being decent.

Q: I have a kind of trivia question for you about Diabetic Wrestlers. I have Diabetes myself and I know how tough it is to have a regular lifestyle yet alone being on the road and maintaining their health. Out of Interest, I was wondering if you know or knew of any famous wrestlers that are also diabetic.
A: I know EL Gigante had a real strong case of diabetes.

Q: While looking at various websites, i stumbled across a few interviews with killer kawalski, in which he mentions that he's been a vegetarian since the '50s. as a vegetarian myself, i was just curious if you knew of any other wrestlers who are vegetarians?
A: None that I can think of, but there likely is.

Q: Im a huge fan of yours and have missed seeing you on television the last few years and I just had a question for you about the future of your career. After reading some of your most recent commentaries you say you would consider joing TNA if the they contacted you with the right angle/storyline. I was wondering would an Impact players reunion qualify now that you Dawn and Justin are all free agents this is now possible and i believe would add alot to the TNA roster.
A: An Impact Player reunion isnít an angle. It would depend on what they wanted to do with us.

Q: I started working out again this past week for the first time in awhile. I was sore after the first day, but after that I wasn't sore at all. Would it be a good idea to do more sets? or should I just keep doing what iv been doing?
A: Changing up your routine is good but you donít need to do that every week. Stick with something for a month or 2 then switch it up.

Q: Last time I went to the gym, I timed myself from the time I left the locker room to the time I got back. I just lifted that day, doing 3 sets of 10 reps on every machine, and it only took me 35 minutes. Is that good or bad?
A: It can be either depending on how exactly you are doing it. Kurt Angle trains at a very fast pace and is done very quickly, but he keeps up an intensity level to make it work. If you are just rushing through the motions it is bad.

Q: Iv been eating oatmeal before workouts (for the carbs) and chicken and egg whites after (for the protein) and haven't gained a pound. I've been trying to gain weight, but I want to stay away from steriods. What would you suggest?
A: BE PATIENT. Weight gain doesnít happen over night. A lot depends on your metabolism. Iíve always believed if you can gain 5 pounds of quality muscle mass in a year you are making great progress.

Q: I was wondering about titles. I know its all scripted as in who gets what title and I know the wrestlers keep the titles all the time. My question is which title you in particular have the most respect for and why? Thanks and Im a big fan of yours.
A: I donít respect a title, per say. I respect the person holding it if they deserve it and work hard to bring respect to it.

Q: i just watched the video on the bottom of your homepage.. who are you powerbombing off the top rope??is that a scary spot for either person to pull off?
A: I assume it is Chris Candito. Iíve only ever given it to him and Jericho. It can be scary but if you are in the hands of someone you trust it isnít so bad. I wouldnít do it with someone I donít trust.

Q: Just thought I'd shoot you a quick e-mail to see how you feel about your friend and fellow Canadian Edge stealing your gimmick. Finallly gets his title push, and has to pick up the win on 1/08. Personally, I say you demand royalties.
A: The big difference is I lost in 1:08 he got the win! Also he was the one I did the first 1:08 with, so itís his gimmick as well as mine. (LOL)

Q: were u backstage when the Shawn Michaels BreT hart incident occured... if so wut was it like.
A: Iím not sure what incident you are referring to but, since I was never in the WWF with Bret, the answer must be NO.

Keep those questions coming,