WWE: Thoughts and Observations

I seldom comment on the current WWE product, but as I watched the product over the last couple weeks, I had a lot of things jump out at me I thought worth commenting on. Here are some of my random WWE observations.

- How much of a breath of fresh air is Finlay? I realise he likely isnít everyoneís cup of tea, but he sure is a change of pace and if you like a realistic fight, man there is no one better. He was off for 6 years and didnít miss a beat.

- Is MNM not the best Tag Team in the Business right now? Granted there isnít a lot of competition out there right now, but each week they have the best match (or at least close to it) on the card.

- Am I the only one uncomfortable with the amount Eddie is still being used on TV? Iím all for keeping his memory alive, he was a great guy, but the stuff with Orton offends me to no end.

- What happened to the Title pictures in WWE? Heading into Wrestle Mania and the Title situation is awful. Both World Titles are going to be defended at Mania against guys winning #1 Contender matches. What happened to the yearlong build up, the 2 biggest matches of the year are going in almost completely cold? The Intercontinental Title has nothing. No offence to Flair, but as IC Champ, he has lost his last 2 programs (HHH, Edge). The RAW Tag Titles mean less. Theyíve squashed every other tag team to the point there are no viable challengers, and they donít even wrestle in tag matches anymore. Trish has a great build up going, as does Booker (I hope heís healthy for Mania!!!!!!!) but Helms as Cruiser Champ and MNM as SD Tag Champs arenít in anything specific yet either.

- RAW this week, maybe I missed something, but why was Jim Duggan, who last I checked was not on the active roster, wearing his gear when he came to the ring to volunteer to be guest ref? Also does it not bury old Hacksaw when the baby face wins and still doesnít pick him as ref?

- I know this is nit picking, and I love Flair as much as the next guy, but could he waste more ball shots? This week he distracted the ref, low blowed HHH and then just got hit with a finish. It was completely meaningless and if anything made himself look weaker.

- Is there a Hall of Fame this year for Mania, and if there is who is getting in? Iím assuming there is but Iím not sure whom they have left to put in. There are a bunch of guys who should be, but will they is the question. Iíve heard Bretís name, of course, but I heard he turned it down (internet rumours). Bruno still needs to go in. I realise he keeps turning them down, but Iíd put him in anyway. Do a tribute video, have Vince accept on his behalf and put the man in already. Randy Savage is another top contender, but I donít know if he and WWE are on the same page to make it happen. Jake Roberts is another possibility but since he didnít do any DVD PR for WWE I assume he isnít on solid ground with the company either. Here are a few of my picks for this year. The Road Warriors (Itís in Chicago after all), Ricky Steamboat (nothing needs to be said), Rick Martel (A former AWA World Champ in addition to his WWE contributions), Eddie Guerrero (Let Benoit or his wife accept).

Those are just a few of the things that crossed my mind this past week watching WWE programming.

Lance Storm