Q & A

February 11, 2007

Q: You said before that being in the opening match of a payperview was one of the better spots on a card. I was wondering what is the worst spot on the card? Is it the match before the main event?
A: I would say the second last match of the night is often a bad spot. With PPV time restraints if the show goes long and the Main Event needs time this is the match that will get cut back. This is often why WWE puts the womenís match in that spot. It makes for a nice change of pace so the Main Event doesnít have to follow something similar to itself and often WWE views the Divaís match as more expendable.

Q: Do you think Johnny Nitro is a future main eventer? Also, based on the fact that he is the only success from Tough Enough, do you think that that was one of the biggest failures the WWE has ever done?
A: It depends on what you consider a ďMain EventerĒ. I doubt he will ever occupy the top spot, for several reasons not related to ability. Whether Tough Enough was a failure or not depends on the amount of money it cost and the ratings it drew more than the talent it produced.

Q: You were saying before that you can protect yourself in moves but I was wondering are there moves were you can't protect yourself and have to rely on the other worker.
A:There are certainly moves, which are harder to protect yourself on than others, but it would take too long to get into all the details here.

Q: : I was watching TV late last night and i saw this guy call another guy an "Ass Clown." Now me being a typical wrestling fan and of course a Jerichoholic couldn't believe it. So i wanted to ask you because you know the guy better than most, where he got that catch phrase from?
A: I assume it was just something that he thought up one day, Iíve never actually asked.

Q: Also will you be commenting on the royal rumble?
A: I didnít see the show, so NO.

Q: I'm kind of perplexed by the 6 Man Tag Team titles they have in some of the Japan federations. There's never been a 3-Man Team title in any of the US federations that I know of, and Iím just kind of curious as to a) why not, b) is there a different psychology that goes into a 6-man division/match. I mean I get the new set of variables that you get from a tag match (in comparison to a singles match) but when you ad a third man, does much change IYO or is it pretty similar?
A: The NWA (before it was WCW) used to have 6-Man titles. Dusty Rhodes and the Road Warriors held them at one point. I think the problem in North America is that it takes so many bodies and with TV time etc. it becomes difficult to devote the time to such a division. 6-Man matches are a little more complicated than putting together good tags, but more or less the same.

Q: Rumor has it (as I didnt hear the interview myself) that Kurt Angle was on Bubba The Love Sponge and claimed RVD admitted to him that he doesn't know how to work/ring psychology, only hit High-Spots and point to himself. While I don't really believe that, I think you would know RVD a bit better than Angle. Is that just a cheap shot? Any validity? You thoughts please.
A: I think at this point it is wise to take most of Kurtís statements with again of salt. He is after all claiming that every match he has is a ďMatch of the YearĒ. Iím not belittling his ability just trying to point out that only ONE match, each year, can be match of the year so stating every week that your up coming match will be ďMatch of the YearĒ is both arrogant and asinine.

Q: Would you consider Scott Hall a HOF? Iíve been watching for years and save Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, and maybe HBK's heat when he was moving up the ranks, he had the most charisma back in his Razor Ramon days. I noticed you said that if one didn't win a world title, he would at least need to main event a lot. Ramon definitely had one of the top spots on every card.
A: I think a case could be made to put Scott Hall in the Hall of Fame. If he were omitted I wouldnít say it was a travesty but he is certainly as deserving as others in today.

Q: On Hall again, (can you tell hes my favorite wrestler?)...why do you think he never won the world title? I know the fact is that heís had problems in his life, but I would think thats a lame excuse. Randy Orton apparently has done real childish things in real life, yet had the belt. Im sure there are others out there. Razor Ramon at least had the draw power under that name, though I understand the company was more focused with Bret Hart in that time. Still, itís frustrating to know that heís never going to win one...
A: I think if you take a serious look at his career and the time frame it will become obvious. He was still very much on his way up while still in WWE and also politically allied with HBK and Nash who were featured above him. Then he left for WCW. Once in WCW he was riding the NWO angle where Hogan was the focal point. Hogan had creative control so Hall would never be featured over him. Shortly there after his substance issues became a problem and he would have been far to unreliable to bank a company on. Hall was always politically aligned with the guys in that #1 and #2 spot so unless he went against those guys politically he would never get that top spot.

Q: It seems Johnny Ace is getting a lot of flack for his role/performance as VP of Talent, and I am wondering what your opinion on that is.
A: I think he takes the brunt of this because of the Job more than anything else. When you are the guy who has to fire and discipline talent you are not going to be viewed favorably. I donít work there anymore so this canít be viewed as sucking up, but I always enjoyed working with Johnny and found him to be quite reasonable to deal with.

Q: I recently purchased the ROH Better Then Our Best DVD, which includes your match vs Brian Danielson for the ROH Title. My question is did anyone consider giving you the win, or was it pretty much agreed upon ahead of time that Danielson was winning?
A: The finish was never really mentioned. Gabe and I only discussed me doing the one show at that time so anything other than Danielson getting the win didnít seem logical. The week before the show I insisted that Bryan and I be able to do whatever finish we wanted and Gabeís only request was it be clean and live up to ROH code. I told him I wouldnít want it any other way. Iím not sure Gabe even knew the finish (other than Bryan was winning some how) before we went out. Actually to be completely accurate Bryan and I werenít 100% sure what the actual finish was going to be when the match started.

Q: Should wrestlers form a union like Terry Funk is pushing or would it be too hard to pull off?
A: I think it would likely be near impossible to pull off.

Q: Even though you hated it, say the dancing Lance gimmick got over, would you have stayed in WWE, and kept doing the gimmick?
A: My leaving had nothing to do with a specific gimmick. My income would have had to have been considerably higher for me to stay on the road with the amount my body was bothering me. If That gimmick had gotten over to the point where my push earned me SIGNIFICANTLY more money, I likely would have stayed a little longer.

Q: Is not getting paid for Indy work common and just part of the risk of doing business or is it un-common?
A: Unfortunately it is common to a certain extent at the bottom end. If you are just starting out the experience is often of more value to you than you are to a promotion, in which case guys get stuck working for free.

Q: Is family allowed to travel with you in WWE if you wanted?
A: You travel however you want, if you want to fly a spouse around with you WWE wouldnít notice or likely care. If you asked the office they might even book the extra ticket for you when they book yours and just dock your paycheck for it. Unless you were a top guy this practice would leave you with very little income left over after road expenses.

Q: Is family allowed in the backstage area at all at events?
A: For the most part yes.

Q: Do wreslters get options to buy tickets to events for family, such as how NFL players can buy tickets to the super bowl can the boys get Wrestlemania tickets from WWE or do they have to buy them like everyone else?
A: Generally at WrestleMania they reserve a Box or private sections for Family, as most people bring some family with them Mania week. If family wants to actually sit in the arena to watch the show we are also offered tickets to purchase.

Q: Why do you think there is less partying in WWE nowadays?
A: I think the boys are smarter and more responsible today, as well as with the Internet more of what goes on, on the road, becomes public.

Q: Did you ever have problem remembering what city you were in do to all the travel?
A: I had that problem a lot returning home clearing customs. They would ask me where I was arriving from and I would often take a few minutes to remember what City I was last in. This usually resulted in a more careful look by customs officials.

Q: Did you ever meet Nick Bockwinkel at all? He seemed like a very interesting person in the AWA DVD?
A: I met Nick twice. I met him very early in my career doing a WFWA TV Taping in Winnipeg. It would have been early 1992 and Nick did quest commentary on the taping. He had very nice things to say about my work at the time. I also remember him saying in the locker room, ďGreat Stuff tonight kid, I hope you live to be 30Ē. I later met him again in WCW when I was 30 and was temped to just go up to him and say, ďHey Nick, remember me, I made it!Ē I didnít but I told this story to Mean Gene at the time, and he found it funny.

Q: Is it hard to book a big man like big show as a huge force? without just having him is sqaush matches and selling nothing?
A: It is very hard to work matches with a guy like Big Show for that very reason. To make him seem like the giant that he is he canít sell much of anything, but if he sells nothing all you have is squash matches.

Q: When Freddie Blassie would visit WWE, would the boys flock to him, to visit, like WWE liked to show on TV, or was that just for TV purposes.
A: Those who knew him would flock to him yes, the rest of us would just introduce ourselves to show our respect. He was a very popular and respected man.

Q: Do you think Lashley getting the ECW title and the push that comes with it has hurt him? He seems to have dropped off WWE radar a bit or is that just due to being on ECW?
A: I wouldnít be surprised if that is the goal. If he dominates ECW it will help his credibility and he can learn and develop with the experience gained there. When ECW has run itís course or when Lashley is needed to step back up to SD or RAW he will be fresh to WWE.

Q: With all the WWE Hall of Fame talk, what to you think of Dynamite Kid getting in? He did not have a huge WWE run, but that does not seem to be a huge factor, with guys like Verne Gagne getting in.
A: I doubt WWE would ever think of inducting Dynamite but if you count his Japanese accomplishments he would certainly be a valid induction. Dynamite revolutionized this sport. He was one of the pioneers to the faster paced more cruiserweight style of wrestling in North America.

Q: Do you have any idea of what the schedules are like in Japan with New Japan Pro wrestling and All Japan pro wrestling? I know that each promotion has its wn television show, but do they also do house shows like the WWE?
A: Itís been a while since I worked in Japan, but I think things are generally the same. Japan runs on more of a tour basis. Companies would generally run a 1-3 week tour every month or so. This would allow for more foreign talent a must for Japanese promotions. They fly in the foreign talent and you run almost every night for the duration of the tour then fly home. You would then be off for several weeks or more till the next tour. When I worked for WAR we ran approx. a 1 week to 10-day tour each month. All Japan ran the longest tours and would run 4-5 week tours.

Q: I just wondered if you think William Regal will ever get a WWE/World Championship run? I've been a fan of his work for many years and as I'm from the UK it would be nice to see an Englishman finally win a top American title.
A: I doubt he will, no. Iím not saying he isnít good enough, there is just so much that goes into getting a title run, I doubt at this point they view him as that TOP GUY.

Q: I read before that you avoid squat and do leg press. I try it as well but I feel that the only way to get any size on them is from squat. Yet you get big legs from leg press. Could you tell me what type of routine or technique you use.
A: Everyoneís body reacts differently. My goal was never to develop big legs and I found squatting heavy hurt my vertical leap, which was more important to me. That isnít to say it would be the same for you. I donítí have a leg routine at all now. My right knee bothers me when I train legs much so I havenít done any leg training in almost a year. Thankfully Iíve retained the size I had and have not lost much despite the lack of leg training.

Q: I was never comfortable with the way WWE misused Vader, Al Snow, Raven, The Big Show and others. Who do you think WWE really dropped the ball with?
A:There are so many guys they could have done more with if they chose to. Bam Bam Bigelow comes to mind as someone they should have done more with.

Q: I think you would flourish in TNA. Have you turned down offers from them and now that they're building momentum would you ever consider going there to work with Christian, Kurt, Sting, Jarrett, Raven, etc?
A: Iíve made it pretty clear to TNA that I am not interested in being a full time part of anything so Iím not getting offers. I would doubt at this point their creative team would have much for me anyway. (LOL)

Q: Not just in wrestling but in any business or even life itself, it seems that having personal integrity can do more harm than good. It seems that you have great self respect and integrity, do you think this has harmed your career and are you ever regretful of the choices you have made? Do you ever wish it would have turned out differently for you?
A: I achieved far more than I ever set out to when I started this career so I certainly donít wish things turned out differently. I have on occasion thought about what could have been if I had played the political game and fought more for a push at times, but I always resign to the fact that I wouldnít have been happy or been able to take pride in myself if I had achieved things that way. I am very proud of what I achieved in my career and have few if any regrets.

Q: Do you think Lance Storm will ever turn up in one of the Legends Of Wrestling games, alongside Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior?
A: Eventually they will get desperate enough for new names in those games that my phone will ring.

Q: Lance Storm comes off as very mild mannered but will always be remembered for your stint in the wild, ultra violent ECW. Did you ever feel out of place there?
A: I think people short change ECW. It wasnít all about the violence. It was all about everything. ECW had Lucha it had wrestling, it had violence, it had it all. Go back and watch Dean and Eddie ECW matches, or Rey and Psychosis, ECW had it all. My most remembered ECW match is likely Anarchy Rules with Jerry Lynn and that wasnít violence that was wrestling. I felt at HOME in ECW.

Q: Do you think it's possible that WWE will have to be more lenient towards top talent who misbehaves since if they fire them they could always just go to TNA and help them? Can only imagine what Stone Cold or The Rock could've gotten away with during the monday night war era. (not saying they're the type to take advantage)
A: There are a lot of things the office can do besides fire people for conduct problems. That being said yes they are more forgiving of top talent.

Q: I have noticed your replys to some emailers have been on the edgy side lately? Are you getting frustrated with stupid questions, and is this one?
A: Iíve had a few people mention that and I guess at times I do get frustrated. There are times to that I do these late at night and might be more tired and edgy. One thing too you have to consider is there are occasions where I might get a bunch or really stupid or ignorant emails in a row that I skip and then get to one of the perhaps moderately stupid questions that I actually post and I come off harder on them based on my frustration from the emails I skipped. It may not be fair but we are only human.

Q: lance i was just wondering, what was it like to superkick the midget booker t.
A: Oddly enough it was really hard. Him being so short made the kick at a really weird angle and it was harder to kick him than I expected. I think that moment is still my Step-Dadís favourite moment of my career. He said he fell of the couch laughing when he saw it.

Q: My wrestler buddy was telling me a story a while back that AJ Styles was wrestling at the same show he was in and AJ stiffed some young guy. The guy came backstage all bloodied up and pissed. Are there guys that'll stiff young guys for no reason whatsoever or are there reasons for this? I know AJ will get away with it because of his starpower, but will lesser caliber guys get in trouble for stuff like this?
A: AJ is a great guy and a pro; I wouldnít put much stock into what is second or third hand info. The guy may have been stiffed by accident (which happens all the time) or the guy may have screwed up and caused it himself but decided to blame AJ instead. Iíd be willing to bet that if AJ stiffed the guy on purpose he did something, which brought this on.

Q: What is your opinion on Gregory Helms and have you ever worked with him?
A: Helms is awesome and my favourite performer to watch right now. I worked with him a ton both as tag partners and opponents.

Q: With the current WWE wellness program in place I feel you can see a difference in size of some of the talent. Now there are some big guys still in the company ie Lashley & Batista, but the majority of the talent is not all bulked up. I have work out regulary for about 10 years now and know a bit about steroids and supplements, is it possible for some of these huge guys to maintain that size without help? You also see some talent still growing and you see signs of steroid use if the TV gets a close up you can notice pimples on there backs and some have Gyno. Not sure your take on how the policy is working.
A: I will likely get some heat for this but you need to actually look at the wellness policy. Iíve read the entire policy and its stance on Steroid use is EXTREMELY weak. I wonít get into details, but with the levels set for positive tests steroid use will NOT be eliminated. You could fail Olympic level tests and still skate through on a WWE test without punishment.

Q: If a new face enters the locker room, is it appropriate for them to approach the more established wrestlers and start a conversation or is this seen as "brown-nosing"?
A: You are expected to go up to EVERYONE and introduce yourself, but I would let them initiate a conversation.

Q: I've wondered for a long time why Val Venis has never really been pushed all that hard. He's been with WWE for years, is talented, has a good look, etc but he's almost always used as a jobber. Do you have any insight as to why he hasn't had any kind of a push in forever?
A: Val is one of those guys who are hampered by the fact that he never complains or politics for more of a push. He is well liked but gets lost in the shuffle because he is too nice.

Q: I was looking through some of your Q&A's from a few years ago...You stated that "the only true sibling combo in WWE is Victoria and I." Was that a rib or typo? Is there someone in WWE that is related to Victoria?
A: That was a several yearlong rib that just took on a life of itís own.

Q: By accounts, it appears as if you were in Otto Wanz's territory around the time that Larry Cameron passed away. Did you ever get the chance to work with him? Or know him all that well even though you trained with the Harts at different times?
A: I worked with Larry and we became good friends during our time in CWA. I was not there when Larry died as I went home between tournaments and got hurt and did not return for the Bremen tournament where Larry died. Larryís death hit me pretty hard, he actually left a voice mail message on my machine a couple weeks before he died. I still remember what he said, ďStorm, itís the Lethal one, donít forget my sirp (not a typo).Ē Larry liked pancakes but couldnít get good syrup in Germany at the time and I was going to bring him back some Canadian Maple Syrup when I returned. I was actually planning on naming my son Cameron part in tribute to Larry had I not had 2 girls.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm