Q and A

February 13, 2011

Q: Is there any genre of book that you have not read or didnít like?

A: I stick pretty much just to fiction and Iím not generally a fan of horror or Science Fiction. There are exceptions to those rules however; F. Paul Wilson has some great sci-fi novels from the ďLaNague FederationĒ and Iíve enjoyed a few Dean Koontz books, which would be classed as horror.

Q: I hear Sunny may be inducted into the HOF this year. If she is would you attend and/or speak at her induction?

A: I certainly wasnít a big enough part of her career to induct her, and I would not make the trip just for her induction either were she to get in. Jericho might be the only person Iím close enough to, to warrant a trip just to see their induction in person.

Q: When you work Indy shows, is it standard for someone to pick you up at the airport, drive you to the building, drive you to a hotel after the show, and then back to the airport the following day? Or is that all stuff you have to take care of yourself (i.e. transportation, food, etc.)??

A: Depends on who you are. If I were to agree to an Indy booking now, I would require someone to take care of all my trans, either picking me up and driving me everywhere I needed to go or to book and pay for a rental car for me.

Q: A discussion of the best wrestlers NEVER to hold the WWE Title came up recently which listed names like Ricky Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jake Roberts Ö more current names added to the list were Raven and Lance Storm. Do you feel your name belongs on their as a very solid worker who didnít get the belt because they didnít need the belt??

A: I think I was a very talented worker and I never did hold the title, so in that regard you can include me on that list. Going any further than that it gets into ranking workers which I hate and I obviously have a bias view when it comes to my career. I also think it absurd to say I didnít get the belt because I didnít need it. I didnít get the belt because there were far better options available at the time.

Q: Is there really such a thing as a manager's license in wrestling?

A: Not really but some places that have athletic commission so require guys to have licenses, and I recall at least one having a ďWrestlersĒ license and a ďReferee/ManagersĒ license. The idea was that requiring licenses allowed the commissions to ban someone by pulling the license and they had the two types, wrestler and non-wrestler.

Q: Would you train someone who has no ambitions to get into the business but just wants to know "what it's like"?

A: Would depend on the situation and the individual. I would imagine I have and the individual just didnít state so ahead of time.

Q: Do you like WWE Tough Enough as a concept and did or will you watch it?

A: I will check it out. As far as whether I like it or not depends on how they do it. Season 1 and 4 were done very differently, so Iíll have to wait and see how they do this new season. Iíve heard names like Steve Austin, Booker T, and Bret Hart attached to this season which certainly bodes well for it being great.

Q: Was the Chris Benoit situation and the subsequent, albeit lazy, media coverage that followed the catalyst in WWE getting serious about its wellness program in your opinion?

A: They started Wellness after Eddie died and took it pretty seriously at that point in my opinion.

Q: Why do you tend not to read wrestling autobiographies? Which ones have you read? Did you not like them?

A: Wrestlers are workers, and thus a lot of what you read is fiction. I find many autobiographies are simply an attempt to tell readers how great they were, and I have no interest in that. Iíve gotten enough of the real story on most of the people I care about by knowing them and hearing first and second hand accounts from others. There are exceptions of course. Iíve read the bios of The Dynamite Kid, Mick Foley (just his first), Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff, and William Regal. Some were great some not so much.

Q: Canít believe you think Jericho looks more like a champion than Miz! When Jericho first won the belt he had long girly hair! lol But I guess if you really saw him in real life... Hey, did he really beat up Bill Goldberg backstage once?

A: Long hair means nothing, in the 80ís and 90ís everyone had long hair. I wouldnítí say he beat Bill Goldberg up but Bill did go after Jericho and Chris front face locked him and took him to the ground and completely neutralized Goldberg until people broke them up. It was not much of a fight but Jericho definitely won. Jericho legit will not back down from any fight.

Q: If you were in a situation like Gregory Helms, MVP, Shelton Benjamin or just someone with a lot to give and anywhere to go today, where would you like to go? Or, what advice would you give to someone in that situation?

A: I donít really understand the question. These guys are in different situations, and should do what ever they feel is best for their careers. All three of these guys are young, itís not about having lots to give, itís about earning a living and getting what you can for your skills in order to make a living.

Q: In the last Q & A you mentioned that fans should never come up and address you by your real name. Whatís it like when your in a new locker room? How do you introduce yourself to fellow wrestlers? Do you introduce yourself by your real name or by your performing name?

A: Almost no one uses their real name, which is why we tend to get annoyed at fans when they do it. With me itís easy since I would just introduce myself as Lance. Some guys will introduce themselves with their real name and that is the sign that it is okay for you to use it. I have never heard HHH for example introduce himself to one of the boys as Paul, so no one uses that name. So unless the wrestler you are addressing has introduced himself to you by his real name donít use it.

Q: I know you say that you would like to keep the details of how exactly the Royal Rumble works a secret. But I was wondering about this new 40 man Royal Rumble the WWE did this year. Without revealing the secrets, of course... do you think there was a change in how the bookers and participants had to plan this Rumble? Especially for those who have to stay in the match for a long time, or do you think the formula for planning a Rumble match would work the same for the 40 man as it would for a 30 man or even a 100 man match?

A: No offense but are you serious? What possible difference could 10 more people make? Other than you have more, ďYou are #-- you enter after -------, you get thrown out by ------- after #---, ------ makes his entranceĒ other than it becoming monotonous and repetitive a Rumble of 1000 would still be the same match booked the same way.

Q: Watching Royal Rumble 2002 after Maven eliminated Undertaker with the help of interference from The Hardys, I was disappointed and a little disgusted to see Taker damn near take Maven's head off with an unprotected chair shot that left a decent blood pulsating gash in his head. Obviously I can't know for sure what was supposed to go down and this was before the Benoit tragedy (which still isn't an excuse) but Taker didn't look that surprised by how accurate or legitimately damaging his delivery of the chair shot was. Whether it was Maven or Undertaker's call to not put his hands up to protect the blow, do you think WWE should help guys like Maven out like they're doing for ex employees who are addicts or are they already?

A: I donít recall the chair shot, but Iím not sure what kind of help you think WWE should be offering Maven. Are you suggesting that Maven is currently suffering brain trauma from this particular spot? The one time I remember Maven bleeding at the hands of the Undertaker was, I think, the RAW right after the Rumble and Maven was more than fine after the match. Taker is one of the most professional and safest workers Iíve ever had the pleasure of working, and I can assure you that Maven did not have a mark on him after that match.

Q: While you've been weight lifting almost your whole life, I wanted to ask you how often do you train your muscle groups, for example, do you work out chest and biceps Monday, rest Tuesday, shoulders and legs Wednesday, rest Thursday, back and triceps Friday, rest Saturdays and Sundays? If not, how do you organize your work out routine?

A: At this point in my life I try to train each muscle once a week. I vary what I train a lot and donít have a strictly set game plan anymore.

Q: Since youíre a UFC fan now, if you were in your early 20s again in this era today, would you consider training in MMA and compete in the UFC? And do you do any training involving MMA? Such as punching the heavy bag at your gym?

A: I donít do any MMA training. I hate this question because there is no way anyone can answer it honestly. It would depend on so many factors. There would have to be far more changes than just MMAís popularity to change my life enough to where Iíd consider going down a different career path than I did. There is also always the possibility that I would have gotten into MMA as a kid found out I sucked at it at an early age and ended up right where I am.

Q: Jericho's been around the world in spandex learning different styles of wrestling. From a technical perspective, what are some differences you notice between U.S. wrestling compared to Canadian?

A: There is almost no difference between Canadian and US anything, at least not enough to bother with. It would be like saying whatís the difference between wrestling in New York, and wrestling in New Jersey. There are differences but there are way more similarities. As fans we watch all the same product on TV.

Q: What is one place that you would love to go on a vacation to?

A: There are a ton of places Iíd like to go on vacation. Iíve seen so little of Europe I could likely spend a month or two and not see everything Iíd like to there.

Q: You are half-way through the WrestleManias, what is your top 3 or top 5 favorite matches so far? Do you have a WM MVP so far or a Mr. WrestleMania up to this point, as HBK would later be known?

A: Iíd probably go with Bret as my MVP to this point. I just skimmed back over my thoughts on the Mania events and 6 matches stuck out as favourites and Bret was in 4 of them. My favourites thus far likely: Savage Ė Steamboat, Bret Ė Owen, Bret Ė Austin.

Q: What is the "traditional" rule of the rope breaks while being pinned or submitted? Do you have to actually touch the bottom rope to break the pin or sub or are you just supposed to get past the invisible barrier of the playing field. If I remember correctly, there was a whole angle with Sid and Benoit had a controversy because Sid's leg was past the bottom rope when he got pinned but that was late WCW so it can't really be trusted.

A: Itís wrestling so they just make this stuff up as they go along and as they see fit at the time. Itís not like there is an official rule book. I would think generally the rule would be touching the rope or being beyond the ropes would count as outside the ring and warrant a break.

Q: Did you watch the Rumble? This was the first time in a while where I legitimately enjoyed the actual Rumble. What are your thoughts?

A: I did not see the show and thus donít have many thoughts.

Q: How much does the fact that you were a pro wrestler impact the way you watch it now? What I mean is, when you watch a match, do you find yourself seeing it as a fan and enjoying it, or seeing it as a pro and analyzing it more? Or does it just depend on the match?

A: It depends on the match. If it is well done I can enjoy it like a fan. When it is done poorly I find it very hard to get into.

Q: With all the women that worked in ECW over the years, did the company ever consider having a women's title? Not that there would have been much actual wrestling, but I'd figure a women's belt would make a useful plot device, so to speak.

A: Doubt they ever considered it. We didnítí have women wrestlers, we had valets and managers. I cantí think of a single regular womenís match that took place in ECW so why would we need a womenís title.

Q: Do you think women's wrestling can ever become really popular in the US? We have many good female wrestlers, but WWE and TNA seem unsure as to how much attention they want their women's divisions to draw, and the indie companies have no money. My theory is that if a promotion like Shimmer could get a spot on one of the women's networks (Lifetime, O) or maybe ESPN2 it could maybe work. Just curious.

A: I donít know if a Womenís only company could make it big, but I think good womenís wrestling should be a much bigger part of both TNA and WWE. TNAís Knockout Division at one point was awesome (pun intended). When Gail Kim and Awesome Kong were both there it was often the best part of the show. During the Trish, Victoria, Molly Holly, Jazz, etc, era in WWE it too was great.

Q: I recently read an interview with Ricky The Dragon Steamboat and he discussed selling the bell shot to the throat from Macho Man Randy Savage. He mentioned that it was a great angle but his biggest concern was taking time off to sell the injury and not being in ring shape for WM3. I've also read other interviews where wrestlers have said being in great cardiovascular condition means nothing compared to being in "ring cardio shape" for a match. I'm curious as to why that is.

A: Cardio shape when all you have to do is run or bike for a long time is so much easier because you just get into a groove and relax your breathing. When you are wrestling you have to run, jump, bump, sell, think, communicate, etc. Itís so much harder to relax your breathing when you have to do so many things.

Q: Hey, in your last Q & A, you mentioned, "NEVER use a wrestlers real name..." Have you personally seen some bad incidents because of this, besides the wrestler just telling the fan off?

A: Not really but it annoys most of us so out of respect just donít do it. As a general rule, just address someone by the name you were introduced to them as. If you only know me as Lance Storm from TV use Lance Storm.

Q: Have you read the Harry Potter books?

A: No.

Q: Who's the smelliest wrestler you've ever been in the squared circle with?

A: Iíve done mixed tag matches with midget wrestlers, but which was the actual smallest I donítí really know.

Q: What did you think of the WWE showing footage of No Mercy 2008 on Raw Monday? It acknowledges Orton's shady heel past and gives Punk a GOOD reason to cost Orton the belt. Plus its an actual moral gray area now as to who is right and wrong in this feud.

A: I just like the fact that they acknowledged stuff from the past as mattering, things seem more real when they do that. As for the grey area, I think their current status trumps any right or wrong from the past. I personally donít think waiting 2 years to sneak attack someone from behind for revenge is the moral high ground, so Punk should still be able to maintain his heat as a heel.

Q: Are there any plans for your daughter to have her novellas published? I'd love to read them! Also, I know you mentioned how you didn't care for the latter Mitch Rapp novels by Vince Flynn. I'm currently reading his latest novel "American Assassin" which I guess is kind of a prequel to the Mitch Rapp series. I haven't read the other Rapp novels and started reading this one because I got a free copy but I was wondering if you've heard of this one and thought about giving it a try. I'm enjoying it so far.

A: It will greatly depend on whether I runout of other stuff on my really want to read still list. If I get a break and need to find something else I could give it a go. I actually just bought ĒPursuit of HonorĒ which is a Mitch Rapp book. I was at a big used book sale and everything was $1 so I figured it was too good of a deal to pass up. If I like this one I may get hooked again.

Q: What do you think of Vickie Guerrero? She seems to draw MASSIVE heat, I mean, people just despise her. I think she could be a very effective Bobby Heenan-type manager if she was given a staple of heels that feuded with the top faces. Being paired with Vickie certainly seems to helped Dolph Ziggler move up the card.

A: Vickie is awesome. I still canít believe they turned Eddieís Widow heel and she made it work. She is great at what she does and could get a stable over just as well as she does a single representative.

Q: If you had to sum up in a few words what a typical PWA show is like what would you say?

A: A solidly worked, entertaining Indy promotion.

Q: Have you read many books that have a female lead character? If so do you like them more or less than male lead characters?

A: I would say as a general rule I associate better with lead Male characters but there are a few female lead books I really enjoy. I love Janet Evanovichís Stephanie Plum series, the J.A. Konrath Jack (Jacqueline) Daniels series, Robert B. Parkerís Sunny Randle series.

Q: How do you feel about "shoot videos" of wrestlers so harshly burying one another?

A: It all depends on how it is done. If itís done honestly and not too unprofessionally during an interview type video, itís a guy just voicing his honest opinion, which is the point of such videos. If itís just a guy posting a burial on YouTube for the sake of trying to bury someone or get himself over, then I think they come off like idiots.

Q: Some big stars are famously accused of politicking, treachery, selfishness - do nice guys finish last in your business?

A: Not necessarily, but nice guys who push back a bit finish ahead of nice guys who roll over easily.

Q: Is there anyone from yesteryear you would you like to see get another good run in the WWE?

A: Not a run per say, but Iíd like to se Randy Savage make an appearance and get a farewell of sorts.

Q: What are your thoughts on Raven. The two of you are my favorite workers of all time and as much I have enjoyed your work, Raven has won out over the years (Sorry Lance, itís a close call. Hahaha.) Did the two of you work together often? I canít seem to find any matches online or any interviews with either of you mentioning the other.

A: We worked together a ton in ECW. When Raven returned to ECW we did a lengthy tag program against each other over the ECW Tag Titles. Raven and I are in a lot of way polar opposites that somehow get along well. He was the last person I thought I would get along with let alone like yet for some reason I did or rather do I guess. We still trade texts on occasion.

Q: What was your favourite angle that was done on Raw or SmackDown last year (2010)?

A: I think the build to Taker Ė HBK 2 held the most interest for me and produced both with a great match and a significant pay off.

Q: Just wondering if you had some sort of bucket list and if so what are some of the things listed on it?

A: Donít have a bucket list; my only concrete plan is to have a long wonderful life with my wife and family.