This and That

February 16 , 2009

I’ve been meaning to get a new commentary up for a while, but I’ve just been way too busy. I’ve been getting a mountain of SWA email, which has been eating up my computer time and I’ve also been dubbing my old wrestling video tape collection to DVD for my wrestling library at my school, for students. I’ve got almost all of the tapes I had when I was a fan transferred and I’m now working through all my ECW PPVs. I don’t watch them all but I have been catching matches here and there while I transfer stuff, which has been a lot of fun. This weekend alone I managed to transfer 10 ECW PPV Events and hope to get the rest of them done this week. I’ve got a few things I want to cover this week so I will just take them one at a time.

If that didn’t keep me busy enough I actually had to watch ECW this weekend as well. ECW is the one show I almost always miss but with Christian’s return and the debut of Tyson Kid (TJ Wilson) I just had to tune in. Christian and I have been friends for years so I wanted to see his big return and while I haven’t know TJ as long I do know him and I was anxious to see how he did. I thought both guys looked great and I guess I’m going to have to make a point to watch ECW regularly now. I’m strongly considering skipping Impact (That ODB’s Angle this week did me in) and watching ECW instead. I’ll get better wrestling and save myself an hour each week. Jamie Noble and Tyson Kidd should produce some great matches and I’m glad to see Natalya in a roll she has a chance to stand out in better.

I’ve had a lot of people wanting me to comment on the Chris Jericho fan incident in Victoria last weekend. I haven’t talked to Chris since the incident but I did read several eyewitness reports and watched 3 different cell phone videos of the event. While I am not condoning hitting a woman I’ve got to back Jericho on this one. If fans want to heckle and yell at wrestlers that’s absolutely fine, but what happened in Victoria was way out of line and the fans involved in this incident and the piss poor job done by security are to blame for what happened not Chris Jericho.

I will offer that it would have been wise for Jericho to stay in his car, but he was trapped by a mob of fans and then physically assaulted first. You can say what you want about him getting shoved against his car and his reaction to it, but put yourself in the position of being grossly outnumbered and not knowing for sure who shoved you, how many more people are going to physically confront you next, or if they have any weapons on them and I think his actions were justified. I have no doubt he reacted on instinct figuring he better send a quick and clear message to the first person that attacked him to avoid others following suit.

Him punching a woman was unfortunate, and I am not condoning hitting a woman, but I do think there is wisdom in the old adage, “If you want to be treated like a lady, you should act like one.” Had fans acted appropriately in Victoria none of this would have happened. If security had done their jobs in Victoria none of this would have happened. Had Jericho not hit the first person that shoved him into the car, a much bigger physical altercation could have developed. When you back someone into a corner physically, I don’t think you have the right to complain when they lash back out at you.

One final comment on the movie The Wrestler. I’ve been inundated with email from people telling me my thoughts on the movie are incorrect, and then they go on to explain to me why. This actually made me kind of angry. I could not believe the amount of people that tried to explain to me that I wasn’t supposed to like Randy the Ram or that it wasn’t supposed to be a happy film, and because of this I was wrong. NONE OF THIS MATTERS! I didn’t say the film was bad or was made incorrectly I said I didn’t like it, and why. I like films that entertain me and this one didn’t, END OF STORY. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad film it just means it’s not one I liked.

I have no interest in seeing films about people I don’t like or care about, so my not caring about, nor liking Randy the Ram pretty much ruined the film for me. You also have to consider that one of the other big appeals to this film is that it “pulls back the curtain”. I’ve spent 17 years behind that curtain so getting a peak behind it isn’t really appealing to me. Not to mention that fact that said peak behind the curtain wasn’t 100% accurate anyway, so there really wasn’t anything left for me to like.

I know people will want to know what I didn’t think was accurate so I will cover this once, please don’t send me emails debating or questioning this further. The hardcore match with Necro Butcher was bullshit. I’ve seen a ton of guys do those matches (I spent years in ECW) and none of them ever came out as legitimately mutilated as Randy the Ram was in this one. Further more the Randy the Rams of the world NEVER do these matches. The guys who used to be stars only work matches they want to. They use their name value when getting booked and work smart matches, they never go out there and do hardcore matches they know nothing about and have no interest in.

Go see a Honky Tonk Man Indy appearance. Randy was supposed to have been a much bigger name than Honky was in his prime so he would get even better treatment than Honky does. Honky works who he chooses, does the match that he lays out, and doesn’t even take any bumps. Randy would have the pick of the locker room for an opponent and would never be in a position to be taking a staple gun from anyone, let alone bumping in glass and thumbtacks.

If there ever was a situation where a vet like Randy was in a match that involved a staple gun he would be smart enough to have two guns one which he would use and one the other guy would use on him and the other guys gun would be empty. If they were both smart they would both be empty. Again I’m not saying it was a bad film. It was likely the most accurate wrestling film made to date. I just didn’t enjoy it so lets leave it at that.

Lance Storm