Yoga time

February 16, 2014

A lot of people asking me about Yoga, now that I have tried both Trish Stratus' Stratusphere Yoga and Dallas Page's DDP Yoga. While I will not pick a favourite, out of respect to them both, I thought I'd give you a bit of a breakdown of each in hope of helping you select one, should you want to give yoga a try. Both programs are very different so depending on what your goals are you may prefer one over the other.

If you are someone out of shape needing to make a life change in hopes of losing weight and feeling better and need motivational help to get your butt in gear, DDP Yoga is probably a better fit. Page is a very motivational guy and his presentation is very friendly, very casual, and not intimidating at all. Trish is more matter of fact and just gets into the work outs and just busts through them. Page has more "Average Joes" doing the routines with him, while Trish has 2 very fit people doing it with her. For someone like me who has been training for years and is more a matter of fact guy, the Trish presentation suits me better. I've never needed motivation so DDP presentation is at times lost on me.

From an actual workout stand point again they are very different. Stratusphere yoga has a bit more of a strengthening focus to her yoga which has a more traditional workout feel to it. The DVD I have has 5 different 10 minute workouts with each focusing on different body parts (Abs & Core, Chest & Back, Shoulders & Calves, Legs & Glutes, Arms) You can custom design a workout selecting which of the 5 programs you want to do. The strengthening exercises are combined with Yoga poses and area a really good workout. The Ab & Core program is amazing and if you want a similar program to going to the gym and lifting weights without having to go to the gym and lift weights this is a great alternative. I like combining the Ab program with Chest & Back, Arms for one work out and Abs, Legs& Glutes, Shoulders & Calves for the other. This gives me two 30min work outs that kick my butt and leaving me with a good muscle pump. I also use her fit gloves when I do Stratusphere yoga, and may start wearing them for my DDP yoga too.

DDP yoga feels more like an overall conditioning workout to me. There is a real focus on getting your heart rate up to your target zone throughout the workout to maximize the cardio benefits of the workout. While there are strengthening elements to DDP Yoga I feel like there is a more over all conditioning feel to the program, and I don't notice a muscle specific pump to the workouts. Don't get me wrong I can feel my muscles are getting a work out, it's just not as area specific training as Stratusphere yoga. You've got a lot more options with DDP Yoga as well, in that there are 3 different DVD with multiple workout programs per DVD. I've got 2 DVDs and there are programs as short as 10 minutes and ones as long as an hour. All programs are easily modified to your ability level and Page does a great job of explaining all of your options as you go. These programs are really easy to follow because of DDP's presentation and motivation.

Which is right for you, well that's best for you to decide. I'm going to continue doing both. As I get older the no impact cardio element of DDP yoga is really appealing to me, as is the improved flexibility and toning that I'm noticing already. There is a Red Hot Core program in DDP Yoga that is real good, but I prefer the Abs and Core routine in Stratusphere Yoga, which will be a permanent part of my training program moving forward. I'm enjoying Yoga so much I'm actually considering completely switching from weight training at the gym to doing Yoga at home. If I do I will probably do an hour of DDP yoga 3 or 4 days per week and mix in the 2 day spilt of Stratusphere yoga to satisfy my 30+ year habit of muscle specific training.

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