Knee Surgery and Stuff

February 20, 2008

I just wanted to do a quick commentary to address my pending Knee surgery as well as a few other topics. Tomorrow morning (February 21/08) I am finally having my knees scoped. Itís been almost a 2-year journey but Iím finally getting them done, and I am so looking forward to it. Itís been almost a year since Iíve been able to do any cardio at all and my knees have been bad enough that at times I walk with the assistance of a cane. Hopefully all that will be behind me as of tomorrow and I can get back to walking my dog and doing some cardio in hopes of leaning out for the summer. Obviously I wonít be back on the treadmill tomorrow but Iím told recovery time is very short and I could be back to regular physical activity in at most a week.

For those of you who are interested in hearing about the results of my surgery, I will be doing my first post-surgery interview on Wrestling Observer Live, Sunday night. You can catch WOL online or on Sirius Satellite Radio on channel 122. I wonít be posting anything on my site about the surgery before WOL so that will be your first chance to hear how Iím doing. I will be co-hosting WOL with Bryan Alvarez Sunday night and you can find information about the show here: Wrestling Observer Live

As a bit of a tie in I want to also promote Sirius Satellite Radio. I bought a new vehicle last summer and it came with a Sirius Satellite radio and I absolutely love it. Oddly enough I had no interest in Satellite radio when I bought my truck, but now that I have it I canít imagine living with out it. I have since bought a Sirius radio for my wifeís vehicle and bought an adapter kit so I can listen to it at home or elsewhere on the road as well. With Sirius I listen to Howard Stern in the morning on my way to work. I didnít expect to be a big Stern fan but it turns out I was very wrong. Stern does some great interviews and the majority of the shows are awesome. Iím a huge fan of Artie Lange, who is a regular on the show and is hilarious. One of the funniest things Iíve ever heard in my life was when Artie Lange rapped along with this one very heavy rap song. You have to hear it to get it but itís the funniest thing EVER!

Also on Sirius is Fight Network Radio, which is awesome. Fight Network Radio is on Hardcore Sports Radio channel 186, from 1 pm Ė 2pm MST (3 pm Ė 4 pm EST) Mon Ė Fri. This is great for me because I train students till 1 pm and listen to Fight Network Radio on my drive to the gym or home after training. Fight Network Radio covers MMA, Boxing and Pro-Wrestling so it hits all the bases. Also on Hardcore Sports Radio channel 186 is Live Audio Wrestling, which airs Sunday Nights. In addition to the talk radio aspect of Sirius there is an unbelievable array of music to listen to also. There is a channel for just about every possible taste in music including Disney, which is great if you have kids like I do. To use my catch phrase on more time: If I can be ďSiriusĒ for a minute, Sirius Satellite Radio is an absolute must. I only wish I had this when I was still on the road.

I also want to remind everyone that there is about 6 weeks left to take part in my current Book Marks Book Club selection. The deadline for ďThe MarkĒ by Jason Pinter is the end of March and Mr. Pinter is offering some amazing give aways. One lucky reader will get to have a character named after him in a future Jason Pinter novel. For more information on Book Marks: Click Here

On one last note, I just caught last Fridayís SmackDown show and popped huge for me buddy Edgeís singing. Something tells me Bryan Adams may no longer be his close personal friend. I also want to say Kudos to Vicky for taking one hell of a bump for Rey. VERY COOL SPOT.