Q and A

February 28, 2010

Q: Did Chris really tap to Keith Hart's kids?

A: I doubt Chris has even met Keith’s kids.

Q: Was Shawn Michaels supposed to be eliminated so quickly and easily at the 2003 Royal Rumble? Jericho seemed to have covered it well if it was a mistake but Nowinski came in so quickly after the match had started so I wasn't sure.

A: Believe it or not they don’t run all this stuff by me. I don’t even remember what I did at Royal Rumble 2003, let alone what Shawn was or wasn’t supposed to do.

Q: How do DVD royalties work as far as matches go? Is there a flat rate or does your rate go up if you're featured in multiple matches on the same DVD?

A: I don’t’ really know. I assume the more you are featured the more you make.

Q: According to media reports William Regal suffers from sleep apnoea – did you room with him during your tag team days and if so did he ever keep you awake with his snoring?

A: I did not room with Mr. Regal so this was never a problem.

Q: Read your column all the time and was wondering if you could give us examples of the best cardio for fat burning and toning. Being in my mid 40's it gets harder and harder to keep the stomach flat.

A: I don’t think there is a BEST method of cardio. It’s really just all about burning more calories than you take in. Any cardio will do, you just have to get your heart rate up to your target heart rate (varies with age) and keep it there for 30-45 minutes per cardio session. You do that on a regular basis and watch your diet strict enough you should be able to keep your flat stomach.

Q: When I've gone to Live WWE events, I've jumped almost every time the pyro went off because it was so extremely LOUD. How do wrestlers stand right under the pyro and not go deaf?

A: We all likely are a bit deaf from it.

Q: Not sure if you've been asked this before; sorry if you have. But have planned on or are you planning on writing an autobiography anytime? I think it'd be an interesting read!

A: Getting a publisher who is interested is a bigger issue than wanting or not wanting to write a book.

Q: Do you think it's likely that Dawn Marie will ever be asked to guest host Monday Night Raw to promote Wrestler's Rescue? If so, would you be interested in joining her, Justin Credible and Jason for an Impact Players reunion?

A: I would say there is ZERO chance of her ever being asked.

Q: If you were in complete booking control of TNA for just one episode of Impact, how would it play out?

A: If you are only doing one episode you aren’t really booking. With that short term of a goal you really just need to give people some good matches because angles are for long term planning.

Q: This is something I have wondered about as long as I've been a wrestling fan: When you apply the figure four to someone, is it supposed to be hurting the leg that's bent or the leg that's straight? There seems to be a lot of inconsistency with how it's used.

A: It really hurts the knee that is straight, which generally isn’t the leg the guy who is applying it, has been working. In the old days guys used to drop the leg they were working and grab the other one to do the hold, so the one that was “hurt” is the one that has the pressure applied to it, but most guys don’t both now. I don’t think many fans think it through that much and it looks more natural to apply the hold with the leg you are actually hanging on to rather than switching right before you apply a hold.

Q: Is it as unbelievable to you as it is to me that the Nasty Boys are somehow getting pushed in TNA?

A: Considering who is in charge I find it easy to believe, despite how illogical it seems.

Q: Does any moment stick out as being your biggest mark out experience as a fan?

A: Not really. I wasn’t a fan for that many years before I broke in and I never “believed” as it were, so I don’t think I had big mark out moments as a fan.

Q: Have you ever received any great gifts from your fans and if so, what were some of the coolest things you received?

A: I’ve received so very impressive art work from fans over the years.

Q: Was there any particular city or state that you always dreaded working in?

A: I never cared for working in California. No Cracker Barrel restaurants; what’s up with that?

Q: Regarding the workout theory section of your website, do you still follow what's posted there, or has it changed since you retired from active wrestling? Do you still try to hit the gym 3-4 times per week, or do you get enough exercise working with your students that you don't need to go quite as often? From the more recently posted photos you still look like your in great shape so I was just wondering if you'd tweaked your workout routine since that section was first posted.

A: I miss more days now that I am “retired” but I still try to hit the gym 4 days a weak. I don’t lift as heavy and I try to do more cardio now that I’m not wrestling 4 days a week. My goal each week is to train each body part once, get three sessions of cardio in, and hit abs 2-3 times.

Q: Whatever happened to Yuji Yasuroka? How was he as a wrestler and tag partner?

A: Yasu was awesome to work with. I think he suffered a back injury and retired but I’m not sure.

Q: I live in Port Kennedy, (a small suburb south of Perth, Western Australia) and there is a local independent wrestling promotion in my area that is run by one of your wrestling school graduates. My husband and sons go and thoroughly enjoy themselves. They even managed to get Raven over to wrestle at their last show. Do you keep tabs of any of your Australian SWA graduates? Was there any Australian wrestler that has passed through your school who you thought was a real talent?

A: I keep in touch with a lot of my students and get frequent updates from them. I’ve had quite a few talented Australian’s pass through my doors. I’d rather not name them because if I miss one by mistake people will assume I didn’t consider him talented and left him off on purpose.

Q: Hey Lance I just read a statement made by one of the TNA Impact regular fans, who much like old ECW fans always attend the shows, and at least try and sit in the same place every time, it made me laugh to read how full of himself he was, stating "you probably recognize me as the guy who wears a shirt and tie", calling himself and like 10 other guys the "Crucial Crew", and that they hold up a C hand signal in recognition of that. My question is did fans like this who seem more into themselves than the show ever bug you? As I know Steve Corino & Raven have in the past become really annoyed by fans like that, especially Corino in regards to the "infamous" Green Lantern Fan, Was there ever a show when those type's of fans got under your skin, or did you just ignore them if there were fans like that around.

A: I’ve never put much thought into it, but I think it’s kind of funny. I’ve watched a lot of TNA and have never noticed any specific fans ever. In ECW everyone new the guy in the straw hat but other than that, fans are generally fans, and if they think they are more than that, no harm done, but bragging about it is a bit silly.

Q: Just wondering if you have ever watched The Wire?

A: I did watch The Wire and enjoyed the show very much.

Q: I enjoyed reading your Workout Theory but I would be interested in knowing if you were consistent with your workout plan or did you have weeks where you deviated from it because you were too tired or just didn't feel like working out? If you ever felt like that, what did you do or think about to get yourself motivated?

A: I never missed time while I was working; it was an important part of my job. My motivation came from wearing spandex on TV and not wanting to look like crap. I occasionally miss a week now, but I have more responsibilities at home now and training isn’t as crucial to my job.

Q: Do you think Vince McMahon will just get it over with one of these days and just change the name of the company to World Sports Entertainment?

A: No it costs too much to change the name; I doubt they want to go through that again.

Q: What do you think about that red cage they use in TNA? My first thought was that it looked like a jungle gym painted red and made out of cardboard. I'm not trying to be insulting or sarcastic, that was literally my first thought. What do you think of it?

A: I don’t like the red dome match. I don’t even like escape rules in regular cage matches. To me it makes it seem more like a race than a wrestling match.

Q: What is your opinion on Vic Grimes?

A: I really don’t know the guy well enough to have much of an opinion. My only memories of him are just of a big guy who jumped off stuff.

Q: Did you ever work the club (Club La Vela I think) that WCW would run Nitro every Spring Break? Whether you did or not, what are your thoughts on that venue.

A: If that was the place the final Nitro was held then yes I worked it. It was fun wrestling out side but the locker room set up was a pain in the butt.

Q: I had a couple questions for you regarding Goldust/Dustin Rhodes. He seem s to have lost weight and at least from my novice point of view sharper in the ring than he's been in a long time. My questions are 1) Have you worked with him? What's your opinion of his work 2) Can you picture a scenario where he gets a big push? 2) In a program with Cody Rhodes, which brother would you see best working heel?

A: I worked with him a ton during my WWE run, and always enjoyed it. Dustin is a very good worker, and just a fantastic guy to be around. I doubt they will give him a big push at this point though. I believe he is older than I am so WWE will likely focus on pushing younger guys.

Q: I don't recall you ever discussing the Taker/HBK match at last year's Wrestlemania. Did you ever get a chance to watch it? Have any thoughts on having the rematch this year?

A: Still haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen the Bret Hart – Steve Austin Mania match either. I’m working through my Mania DVDs in order so I will eventually get there.

Q: You probably get asked this a million times but what are your thoughts on Bret Hart going back to WWE?

A: I’m very happy for Bret. I think it is great he will get the chance to do a proper good bye to fans now that he and WWE are on favorable terms. I’m really enjoying the Bret – Vince stuff.

Q: With Ezekiel Jackson turning face on the last ECW, every single WWE African-American male wrestler is now a face. Do you think it has anything to do with Barack Obama being President or is it a huge coincidence?

A: I think you are stretching for that one. So if the US ever gets a woman President they will have to turn all the girls face?

Q: Just wanted your observations about ring ropes and the tension of them. It appears in the old videos that any momentum from the ropes was solely from the legs of the performer and not the rope.

A: Ropes were loser back in the day, but spring boards and other top ropes moves made it important to tighten the ropes up.

Q: Just watched the classic Bret v Owen WrestleMania 10 encounter again for the umpteenth time. On that note, I was wondering if you or anyone in any company you ever worked in over the years ever re-created a famous match just for the hell of it (obviously on a house show rather than TV or pay-per-view)?

A: Guys steal spots but I doubt anyone has ever tried to recreate an entire match.

Q: I've been watching wrestling since i was 6 yrs old, I’m sure you've heard this before, but i really believe that i have a passion your business, I TRULY understand what goes on behind the scenes and the work that people like yourself put into it. I believe I have a TON of things to offer to your business, but what concerns me is that a lot of people in the business make it seem like there is no room for people like me to be in the business, i am an athlete but i don't possess the physique you need to truly make it in your business as a performer, however i feel i can contribute in other ways, but it seems that people like me are honestly unwanted in your business. While I feel this isn't fair i understand life isn't either. My question is how am I supposed to show my passion for professional wrestling when there is no outlet for me to do so? Or should i just say to myself "tough shit" and continue to watch and wish?

A: To be honest your question and point of view annoys me a little. I hear from fans like you all the time. What exactly do you think you have to contribute? I can only assume you mean contribute as a booker or writer, because that is the only job that really doesn’t have a physical aspect to it. Like EVERY OTHER industry you have to have qualifications to get a job in our industry. Name one industry that is accepting of people with NO EXPERIENCE and No QUALIFICATIONS entering their business in an important role. Just watching or following an industry as a fan does not count. To be a Booker/Writer you either need extensive experience in the Wrestling Industry or a degree and experience as a professional writer. I read a lot of books, am friends with a ton of authors, and have a pretty good grasp of how the publishing industry works, but unless I have a degree, and some experience in the publishing industry, NO major publishing house is going to hire me just because I feel I have a passion for literature. Working in the wrestling industry, at the top level is a legitimate career that requires legitimate qualifications. If you want to work in the wrestling business and contribute to this industry in a creative fashion, go to University and study to get a degree of some kind in writing. Then pay your dues finding work as a writer. Once you’ve got experience writing in either TV or Film apply to WWE and try to get a job. It took me 10 years of hard work to make it to WWE once I decided I had a passion for this business. I didn’t sit home claiming to have a passion and put the blame on WWE not hiring people with no experience. I went out and did something about it.

Q: I just finished watching the AJ Styles vs Daniels vs Samoa Joe match from Turning Point and i gotta say i don’t think the WWE has had a match that has come close to that for a long while with the only exception being 'Taker/Michaels at WrestleMania. I keep thinking to myself, with all the talent and ability they have in their ranks, how are they not doing better than they are now? I know this is something you write about alot but if you were say put in charge of creative for TNA, what would you first act be?

A: My first act would be to FIRE Vince Russo. IMO Russo has no understanding of the wrestling business and how to book or writing anything people could possibly care about. He hotshots every angle, he writes overly complicates things and almost without exception adds stupid comedic elements to everything that makes it impossible to emotionally invest in anything in TNA. Because of this all the talent in the world (and TNA has a ton of it) won’t make for a product people will care enough about to make TNA a success.

Q: Did you ever work with Steve DiSalvo? Also, do you have any theories of why he never made it big in the wrestling business? He had a great physique and good mic skills, so it beats me why he didn't have a long, successful career in WWE.

A: I never had a match with him but I did know him. Steve co-promoted a local Indy show I worked for in the mid 90s. I was always told Steve was STIFF as hell in the ring and not the easiest guy to have matches with, which may have been the deciding factor in him making it in WWE.

Q: What do you think of the guest host gimmick on Raw? Any favorite hosts?

A: I don’t care for the gimmick; I find they usually detract from the over all show. The wrestling personalities are my favourites because those weeks the focus is usually more on the show.

Q: What do you say to people who say Hogan and Bischoff killing TNA is just a storyline and that the likes of The Nasty Boys won't be a permanent thing? I welcome reality but not predictability; especially when what I'm predicting isn't something I'm looking forward to.

A: I have tried to give the NEW TNA the benefit of the doubt, but thus far I have not cared much for their show and this past Thursday show I outright hated. TNA has spent a ton of money, brought in a bunch of new people and they are already back to pulling a 1.1 rating.

Q: If you could choose 2 wrestlers in the business today to go one on one in the main event of WrestleMania who would you choose? Mine would be CM Punk vs HBK.

A: I’m really excited to see Edge and Jericho, which WWE is actually giving me. They have never had a PPV singles match, and are both awesome.

Q: I was surprised to see John Morrison getting a DVD release especially when we are still waiting for a Jericho box set. What do you think of this and does Jericho have grounds to feel aggrieved?

A: I’m all for a Morrison DVD but yeah we are SO overdue for a Jericho DVD set it’s absurd.

Q: I was just rereading your "Retirement" article and I had a question. I seem to recall in one of your post retirement matches that you were injured, your knee I think, by your opponent. Can you remind me of the match and circumstances of that injury and how long it was until your next match. Did the injury have something to do with inspiring you to come out of retirement one last time?

A: I broke a bone in my throat working with Christian on a BSE show in Toronto. I didn’t have another match scheduled so I was fine well before I even considered another booking.

Q: I often hear wrestlers say that when they workout they can't lift heavy weights because "they'll never recover". I've heard Randy Orton say that. Chris Harris as well. In a bodybuilding magazine, Muscle and Fitness I think, Bobby Lashley says he does at least 4 sets of heavy benching before he lightens his weight. Do you or don't you agree with this non heavy weightlifting method and why?

A: I’ve trained heavy and never had a problem that is not to say I think you HAVE to train heavy.

Q: Was it ever hard for wrestlers in the original ECW to say no to Paul Heyman when he wanted them to do something dangerous and crazy like get powerbomed onto a flaming table?

A: You don’t understand what things were like in ECW. Paul was not the one coming up with these ideas and then asking guys to do them. Most (if not all) of the crazy things done in ECW were thought up by and done by guys who WANTED to do them.

Q: I was just wondering if you have ever gotten the chance to work with Big Bully Busick and what your opinion is of him as a man and as a worker.

A: I’ve never even met the man.

Q: I was wondering what you think of the Miz, and how he has been booked? I've personally have always been a fan of the Miz, and I agree with the Observer voters who voted him "Most Improved Wrestler" for the last two years.

A: I agree he has improved a lot, but his character and gimmick is not one I care for. It generates heat with me but unfortunately its turn the channel heat. I’m not even sure why I feel this way but I do not care for watching the Miz. It’s not Miz the person but Miz the character.

Q: I'm sure you've been asked this before, but I probably missed it; Would you guest host Raw if asked?

A: Of course I would, but I doubt that call is coming.

Q: You have been signing autographs all your professional life. Have you ever, by mistake, signed “Lance Storm” on a bill or cheque?

A: Yeah, I’ve signed Lance Evers a few times on autographs and had to redo them too.

Lance Storm