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February 28, 2014

First and foremost please stop asking me for my thoughts on the WWE Network. I live in Canada, specifically Calgary...Alberta, Canada, and thus cannot get the Network. I know there are dubious means to circumvent national locations online but I am not interested in any of them so please stop offering me ways to obtain a US IP address also. I will consider getting the Network when it officially launches in Canada.

For all of you who have got the Network and have been watching some old ECW I want to address my old blonde ponytail. Everyone seems to be getting a big kick out of it, and I've been inundated with tweets of people asking what I was thinking. This is nothing new, in most of my SWA sessions I at some point address this question and when I explain to them the logic behind my infamous hairstyle they generally give a long quiet "oooh.. I never thought of that" and we move on. So here is the story behind the great blonde pony tail.
-- When I broke into wrestling in 1990, pulling hair was a big part of a heels repertoire in the ring. A baby face needed to have long enough hair for the heel to be able to pull it or drag him around by it. While this is still done, it's not done to the extend it was at the territory level in wrestling in the late 80's early 90's. Almost every baby face in that era had long hair so in an effort to be different I kept me short flat top hairstyle, which I thought, suited my personality better. Mullets were as common as long hair and there were even a couple of dudes with flat top mullets back then so I decided to be different and just do the small pony tail. This provided enough hair for my heel opponents to work with while still giving me a unique look.
-- As for dying it blonde, that was just an attempt to make it stand out even more so it was identifying and memorable. A lot of people call it branding now but it's something I was trying to do then and I still preach to my students at SWA. You want your look to stand out and be remembered. You don't want to be 1 of 10 guys on the show with long hair, wearing long tights. Or in today's marked 1 of 50 guys with short hair, squared off trucks and kick pads. My blonde pony tail stuck out and was remembered. I wasn't on TV much back then yet I got recognized in public because of the tail. If a fan on a show told his buddy he liked Lance Storm, and his buddy asked him, which one was he, he could say the guy with the blonde pony tail and his buddy would immediately know who he was talking about. A non fan asks you which guy on RAW is John Cena, you immediately say the guy in the jean shorts and sneakers.
-- So if it was so practical why did I get rid of it? I got rid of it when I turned heel in ECW and was on National TV and established. As a heel my opponents no longer needed to be able to pull my hair and as a fairly established performer on television I no longer needed the easily identifiable marker. To this day I hate working with a baby face that has short hair or is bald. There is nothing more heelish than picking a guy up off the mat by a hand full of hair with a look of utter disdain on your face.

I was very happy to see the Nevada State Athletic commission ban Testosterone Replacement Therapy this week. In my opinion it was always just a legal loop hole, which allowed for easy cheating and I'm glad the loop hole is finally closed, at least in Nevada. I hope other States follow suit. I'm certainly not naive enough to think this will completely clean up the sport, but it is a step in the right direction. More random, surprise testing and stiffly enforced penalties should be the next step.

I went to see my favourite comedian Brent Butt this week when he performed in Calgary. The show was great and he was promoting the release of his new film "No Clue" which opens nationwide in Canada March 7th. I will be checking it out, and hope many of you will as well. For info on Brent and his movie:

As mentioned in my last blog. I'll be part of the Mid Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fan Fest in Charlotte, NC July 31st. thru Aug 3rd. I'm one of the trainers for the 4 day training camp, which I understand is almost booked full. In addition to me the other trainers will be, Dr. Tom Prichard, Les Thatcher, Nigel McGuiness, and Gerald Brisco. It will be a great opportunity for wrestlers at all levels to learn and step up their game. They are also offering to non-wrestlers the opportunity to sit in on the training camp as an observer, to see what it goes into a camp like this and offer fans a behind the scenes peak into what goes into training to be a good wrestler. Information on the fan fest and the training camp can be found at

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