March 1, 2009

I was going to do a long TNA rant this week, God knows last Thursday’s episode of Impact deserves it, but I decided to take a different approach. Part of my motivation to change directions was the total burial of the show on the Wrestling Observer / F4Wonline website. As you should know by now I’m a big fan of the Bryan and Vinny show on the site and Bryan absolutely hated Impact last week and Bryan and Vinny debated whether or not this was the worst Impact ever. Granted there was an abundance of crap on this show, not too mention a 56 minute stretch with no wrestling what so ever, but in no way shape or form was this the worst Impact ever, in some ways it may have been one of the better ones.

Okay before everyone jumps on message boards to debate whether I’ve just been hired by TNA or recently committed to a mental institution, let me explain. I’ve talked here many times about what the point of Impact should be. Its job is to foster a fan and encourage that fan base to purchase the product. It’s not a ratings game it’s about convincing fans to order PPVs, attend house shows, by merchandise, etc, and when you look at that goal I think this show succeeded on one level.

In the past I’ve watched episodes of Impact where they managed to completely kill any interest I had in their up coming PPV Event, and those episodes need to be considered the biggest failures. This past week’s show, despite all the crappy segments (and boy there were a ton of them) did create interest in a Kurt Angle vs. Sting match up, which is actually the Main Event match on their next PPV. Even better than that and this is were TNA usually really screws up, but got it right this time: Kurt Angle is the heel in this angle and the fans dislike him; Sting is the baby face in the angle and fans like him. TNA has correctly cast both characters and has managed to make the fans actually wants to see them fight. As dumb as everything else on the show was, the Angle - Sting stuff succeeded in creating interest in the up coming PPV Main Event and because of that, this show cannot be considered a complete failure, or one of the worst Impacts ever. It succeeded on ONE level. Let’s hope they don’t screw this up next week with a swerve!

Believe it or not I was going to break down the Don West segment and discuss the millions of ways that segment sucked and made no sense, but I started several times and just kept spinning in circles. There was so little foundation for this angle (none in fact) that it cannot even be discussed or explained. Regardless of what basis you create for this angle it still makes no sense and contradicts itself as an angle on every level. And if that isn’t bad enough it’s between two people we couldn’t possibly care about or lead anywhere that would draw money. Whoever wrote this needs to be fired immediately because they either have absolutely no idea what they are doing, or they are writing things on the show for their own personal amusement, which is sabotaging this companies chances of success in the long run an need to be stopped.

That’s my 2 cents,