Q & A

March 2, 2007

Q: Last week you said that some times you are short with some questions because you are at your wits end. Do you even self edit, or is what you first type what we see?
A: Generally a spell check is all you get. I spend so much time on updates, doing edits and rereads would just add to that and reduce the amount of updating possible.

Q: A couple of months ago, you said there is a line as to what the fans can/should know and what they can't/shouldn't know. Where is that line drawn?
A: That line is far from a straight or clearly defined one and would be impossible to describe, I just take it on a case by case basis and go from there.

Q: With the WWE now inducting tag teams into the HOF, what do you think the chances of the British Bulldogs getting in? Back in their WWE tag champ days they were awesome from what video I have seen, and I think they should get in. Your thoughts?
A: I would love to see them get in; they were a big part of me becoming a wrestling fan. I donít know whether Dynamite would accept and show up which may hamper an induction. I still canít believe they didnít induct the Road Warriors in Chicago!!!!

Q: I was just wondering are you going to return to WWE one of these days or are you going to try and see if TNA will by chance hire you.
A: I have no interest in working in either place, which I have made very clear.

Q: Also what do you think of this whole thing going on with TNA possibly hiring Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, and possibly Rob Van Dam?
A: Iím sure TNA would love to have any of those three, but I would be willing to bet the farm that there is only a slight chance RVD will end up there, and zero chance of Hogan or Jericho joining TNA.

Q: Back in the older days of wrestling, throwing your opponent over the top rope would result in a disqualification. Do you know when about this tactic became legal?
A: I think that was more just an NWA rule, and it was always legal in WWE.

Q: Lance who do you think is the best all around Canadian wrestler in the business right now.
A: Iíd likely give the nod to Edge right now, as Benoit has really been outside the mix of late.

Q: I was wondering if the WWE made an 8x10 promo photo of you and Christian with the world tag team championship belts? I am a huge collector of promo photos and saw the studio shot of you guys on your website. I am curious as to what number it was. Thanks,
A: They took photos of us together but I donít think they actually produced any to sell.

Q: I was watching the Sky Diving J-cup 1997 tape which at the end thanks to Liger brought on the 8 man title tourney for all the cruiserweight belts in which Sasuke wins. On the tape I see you in the ring with Liger, Sasuke, Ultimo etc but what title were you holding with the Japanese gentlemen standing next to you? It looked like you were tag champs and did u understand what Liger was saying & or were you clued into what was going to happen before you were all in the ring?
A: Yuji Yasuroka and I held the WAR IJ (International Junior) Tag Team Titles at the time. I had absolutely no idea what the hell he was saying at the time.

Q: Thinking back to when you last wrestled in the WWE, I was curious, have you ever had a match with any of the 3 current champions (Lashley, Cena, Batista)?
A: I worked with and had matches with Lashley while training in OVW but none in front of a crowd. I think I worked with Cena once but am not positive. I donít believe Iíve ever been in the ring with Big Dave.

Q: I have been reading your articles for a couple of months and have enjoyed them quite a lot. As for myself I am a huge taker fan and am glad to see he is going to get a heavy weight title shot at mania. My Question is that when he wins, do you think that it might be his last year since he is getting a title shot.
A: I think ďIFĒ Taker wins the title at Mania it would likely be his last run as Champ, and a retirement could follow.

Q: What are your thoughts on Dusty Rhodes being inducted in to the WWE HOF? I thought it particularly special to see Roddy Piper make the announcement.
A: I think this is very deserving as are the other 2 inductions thus far this year. Dusty is one of those guys who are genuine legends. Curt Hennig was amazing as Mr. Perfect as well as a former AWA World Champion, one of the all time greats. Jerry Lawler is actually deserving of his induction on 2 fronts. I think he could be honored based just on his WWE run as a commentator/occasional wrestler let alone his HUGE impact in Memphis and status as a former World Champion.

Q: What is your personal favorite wrestling move/hold to perform? Do you even have a favorite?
A: I donít a favourite move really. To me it is about the match not the moves.

Q: Do you actually get any kind of income from your past career as a wrestler and what do you feel about people getting to see all of your work for free?
A: I still get quarterly merchandise cheques from WWE but they continually shrink as Iím not a part of any new merchandise or DVDs. As long as people enjoy my work Iím happy.

Q: Also you seem to know quite a bit about booking, Iíve always read how in ECW some guys had a lot of participation on that. but in WCW or WWE which are the best ideas you pitched to creative that were used, and which were the best that never happened?
A: Iím not sure any ideas I pitch in WWE were used. There was a deportation angle I pitched at one point that I thought was extremely good, but it would take far too long to get into that here.

Q: Who do you think is your biggest fan?
A: If Big Show likes my work I would say he is my biggest fan.

Q: How long do you plan to keep training people? Who are the oldest, youngest and most talented and most improved people you have trained?
A: I donít have a time frame as to when I plan to stop training people. So far in Storm Wrestling Academy my oldest student was 30, my youngest started on his 18th birthday. My most talented thus far would likely be Carlo Cannon from Australia. He actually came back and stayed with me after training and logged a lot of extra training and ring time, which really helped him improve. Carlo is turning in to a fantastic worker.

Q: Iím a big Fan of Gregory Helms' work but I feel that he is only "holding" the belt, and going no where, if you had to book WWE, what would you do with him?
A: Iíd make him the Mizís valet as a rib!!!! Seriously though I would move him up to the US Title picture.

Q: Do you think that WWE/ECW could be made a success with the actual talent pool but another people in charge of the booking.
A: Itís likely a success now in that it probably generates more money than it costs. To be honest I havenít watch the ECW show in months so it wouldnítí really be fair to comment on booking.

Q: Have you ever had a problem where a fan jumped the rail and came at you or came in the ring during a match?
A: I never had no. I either never had enough heat, or I had so much heat everyone was too afraid to jump the rail. Iím hoping it was the latter, but it may have been the former.

Q: How far out is stuff in WWE booked. I would assume the main events are booked a month or two out, but does that go for the lower card stuff as well?
A: There is no rule of thumb, stuff gets changed all the time.

Q: You mentioned that there were appropriate reasons to stiff someone in the ring. Any examples of when it is OK?
A: If the guy is being careless with you in the ring, if heís being uncooperative. Jericho worked a guy once who had obviously been drinking and smelled of alcohol. He stiffed the hell out of him and rightfully so.

Q: At Raw or a PPV how much of the backstage promo or backstage spots are really done live?
A: Again there is no rule of thumb. It depends on the day and what exactly the segments are.

Q: Any interest in just doing a 1 hot thing with WWE every now and then, like how they would use a local guy, like say Jake Roberts on Raw a few years ago etc, would you be interested as just showing up on TV for a cheap pop in Calgary or do you not want to due stuff like that?
A: Iím not sure I was a big enough star to warrant a 1 Time Big Pop, but would consider it if offered. If they had a house show in Calgary for example, working it could be fun for both the crowd and me.

Q: I know your not exactly a fan of TNA, but do you think TNA would ever be able to put WWE out of business one day maybe? I think if TNA keeps going the way it is and keeps using it's talent the right way they could, but what do you think?
A: Not to be rude but that is a completely absurd statement. TNA is losing 10 million dollars a year and of late their PPV buy rates have actually dropped. If they keep going the way they are going they will be out of business not Vince. That being said I think they have more than enough talent that if they could book their show better they could be a solid enough product to be a success.

Q: Have you ever met Bob Backlund?
A: Never had the pleasure.

Q: What are your feelings on some of the writers in the WWE (guys like Brian Gewirtz, etc....)?
A: I always got a long well with Brian and thought the majority of the stuff he wrote was very entertaining. Michael Hayes is currently doing SD I believe and I have a world of respect for what he does. Iím not sure who else is there in the creative department.

Q: If you were still wrestling today, how would you think you would do in the X Division (in terms of in-ring performance, not the comedy skits with Kevin Nash)?
A: I am likely too large for the X-Division and would be better suited in the Heavy Weight division. To allow the X-Div. To stand out they should let the younger faster guys be featured there.

Q: If you were in a match with a guy that wanted to stiff you (someone like a JBL or a Hardcore Holly), how would you be able to handle the situation?
A: Iíve worked with both of those guys numerous times and never had a problem. Guys tend to be professional in the ring. If guys decide to stiff you, you stiff them back and life goes on.

Q: Quick question for your Q&A - the WWE has been sitting on Harry Smith (I've been waiting for his debut) for almost a year. I hear now they may be waiting so they can bring him in with Nattie and T.J. to form a new Hart Foundation. What are your thoughts on this and if you were the booker how would you bring them in (all together, one at a time, etc...)
A: At this point I would definitely wait till after Mania to bring anyone in. I think they could be good on their own or together, as long as they donít use the ďNEWĒ anything type gimmick. Those are always bad in my opinion. Give them their own identity but still acknowledge who they are and where they come from. They will have to be baby faces in my opinion because of their background.

Q: Sean Waltman called Chris Jericho the "Pete Rose of wrestling" because he busts his ass and he works harder than anyone. Sean said that Jericho was good, but sometimes he could be a little clumsy in the ring because he had lifts in his boots. While the first part is probably fair, the second part strikes me. What are your thoughts on this? I don't think that could be proven that Jericho is clumsy (really, is he clumsy at all?) because he had lifts in his boots.
A: I always get a kick out of this one as I hear it a lot. This is a bit of a case of perception becoming reality, I think. It gets said enough that people start believing it and it becomes fact instead of fiction. I donít even think Chris has lifts in his boots, other then the standard 1 inch sole in all boots. Jericho is just a bit shorter than I am and Iím 5í 11 ĹĒ tall, yet some how he has been labeled at times as been ridiculously short. I wrestle in amateur shoes so if he had lifts in his boots he would appear taller than me in the ring, which I donít think he ever has. As for him being clumsy again a bit of a misnomer, Chris is what I would call heavy footed, in that he is not light on his feet or graceful but still far from clumsy. If you are looking for a negative about someone, which most people do for some reason, this is about all that can be said about Jericho and again by guys continuing to say it people start believing it and it gets way blown out of proportion. I wouldnít take out bets on him winning Dances with the Stars any time soon, but I still would not consider him clumsy.

Q: Is it only Vince McMahon that decides if you get pushed, titles or a Hall of Fame induction? If this statement is true, your whole career is dependant on one man. This would seem to take away from any wrestling accomplishment such as titles or HOF. Should there be a panel of wrestlers or promoters that decides HOF inductions? What are your thoughts on this?
A: Ultimately it is up to Vince although there are a lot of people that offer their advice and opinions. It does take away from accomplishments to an extent, which is why I have never put that much stock into title reigns in my career. I think to a certain extent with the HOF it is best to decide for yourself who is deserving of that honour. Brunoís accomplishments for example are not lessened by his omission in the HOF, and while Bret was very deserving of his HOF induction last year, he should not be viewed as having accomplished more in his career because of the induction.

Q: I am unfamiliar with the way Indys work, but how do they work you into their program for just one night if you aren't a part of their storylines? Do they have running storylines, or are they just like TNA? :)
A: When a promotion (Indy) does not have TV there arenít as many long-term angles to worry about. If you run a specific town only once a month and have no TV you canít have much continuity so you can just announce a match of interest and deliver it.

Q: I was wondering if you knew what the issue is with Jesse Ventura/Vince McMahon? I mean, Jesse's voice is deleted from DVDs. To my knowledge, it is b/c Vince doesn't want to pay him royalties after he sued him and won years back. I know this is the reason why classic SNME clips are rarely ever used in DVDs since jesse's voice is all over them. However, Jesse's not deteled at all from Hulk Hogan's Anthology, which got me baffled. Is it just a case of "vengeance" stemming for a past lawsuit, or is there more to it?
A: You have most of the story right. I believe Jesse did sue saying that he should get royalties for any match that his voice was on, and won. I donít think it is so much vengeance though with Vince its just business. I think Vince has since changed his contracts with announcers so he doesnít have to pay royalties to them for commentary, so if he dubs out Jesseís voice he saves money.

Q: What do you consider the defining moment in your career?
A: I donít think there is one, nor have I ever looked for one. I just did my job and had fun.

Q: I was recently converting some old VHS' of mine to DVD format, and while watching Cyberslam 99 I noticed the fans chanting "Happy Birthday" during your "urine sample" promo, in great heel fashion you informed the fans that you were in the midst of something and that would be handled later. My question is, who's birthday was it exactly? yours? Dawn Marie's? someone off camera?
A: To be honest I donít remember. At a guess I would say mine. If that show was the beginning of April then definitely mine.

Q: What would be a harder task, making Jeff Hardy heel or RVD heel?
A: Neither would be hard they would just have to quit doing all of the cool stuff they do now, which people like, so what would be the point!!

Q: I was watching some old stuff and noticed that the Walls Of Jericho/Liontamer used to end with Jericho putting his knee in the middle of his opponent's back, as opposed to the full-on Boston Crab it became for most of his WWE tenure.. Do you know when/why this was changed to the full crab?
A: He switched because he started working with bigger guys and guys who had bad backs or injuries and found it uncomfortable to be put in it the other way.

Q: Do you feel your vast international wrestling experience attributed to your success later on in your career? Where would you recommend up and coming wrestlers get the best experience to attain any kind of goals / success in the wrestling business?
A: I think it helped yah. It helped make me the diverse worker that I am. That is the one down fall of developmental in WWE. Everyone learns the exact same way, and end up working a lot alike.

Q: During training do you wrestle with your students to know what it is like to be in the ring with the real deal? Would you ever consider wrestling in the Stampede promotion or being a commissioner / personality / commentator on the show to help the promotion or to help in enhancing the talent?
A: I wrestle with all of my students yes. I donít have any plans to work for Stampede wrestling currently, but that does mean I would never consider it.

Q: Do you ever expect to put pen to paper and write a book? Your positive and honest outlook might be a refreshing change from most of the wrestling books available. Did you enjoy the Dynamite Kid's Book? My favorite by far - blatantly honest. He was the first wrestler who really got me really interesting in being such a fan. I read that he met up with several of the WWE's wrestlers several years ago and seen a picture of him and Mick Foley. Were you on the show or with the company then and get to meet up with him? What are your impressions of the Dynamite Kid from your personal standpoint?
A: I had started writing my book when I had a publisher interested (back when I was in WCW) that fell through when Vince bought WCW. I had spoken with ECW Press about doing the book and they seemed real excited but seem to not follow through on things very well. I should probably pursue getting it published but havenít put forth a real effort to get a publisher. I enjoyed Dynamiteís book but was not on the tour that you mentioned.

Q: I purchased a Bad New Allen video a few years ago because I was a big fan. The quality was not quite up the par, but really enjoyed his stuff from Florida that I hadn't seen and am glad I purchased the video. Would you ever consider putting out a video of some of your matches from around the world you have in your collection? I think people would be interested in seeing this stuff.
A: I hadnít planned on it, but I suppose there is always the possibility. It comes down to the amount of work entailed and the potential income generated. That and you have to be sure someone else doesnít own the matches you use. Obviously I couldnít use any ECW, WCW, WWE type stuff.

Q: Regarding the recent injury of Joey Mercury at Armegeddon...... When a Superstar legitimately injures themselves during a match, who foots the bill? The superstar or WWE? I'm sure in the Indy's its everyman for themselves like your recent throat injury.
A: WWE has a medical insurance plan to cover the talent who get injured at work. Indyís on the other hand it is very much every man for himself so if you get hurt you get the bills.

Q: I've heard raven and kurt angle say that RVD was not that good of a worker and that he gets over by doing a bunch of highspots. Do you agree with them or is he a better worker then they give him credit for.
A: I donít like trying to rate and judge people. People always try to say they are better than someone else because. Rob is talented and got over, does the rest really matter?

Q: I was a huge wrestling fan in the mid eighties i was wondering your take on the following teams.....hart foundation..killer bees...bulldogs...demolition ...last but not least ..the bushwackers
A: I was a HUGE fan of the Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation. The Killer Bees, had a fun gimmick but I wasnít a big fan. Demolition I always though were just cheap Road Warrior rip offs. As for the Bushwackers, I saw them as a comedy act and didnít care for them. All of these teams were from the era when I became a big wrestling fan.

Q: If tomorrow Paul Heyman was brought back and given 100 percent creative control of ecw could he save it or is it too far gone? I know it'll never be the real ecw, but at least make it watchable?
A: It all depends on what you mean by save. I think the show is most likely a profitable project as is, so it isnít too far-gone now. Even with Paul it is NEVER going to be the old ECW, which people just have to accept. If you want the old ECW back it is definitely too far gone, it was before the first show ever aired.

Q: How exactly did RF video work back in the day? Did ecw get a cut of the money or were all the tapes and shirts technically bootlegs?
A: RF Video has a deal with Paul (donít know the financial details) where I think they paid him a certain amount of money and he gave them permission to tape and sell the live events, so they werenít bootlegged.

Q: If Matt Hardy's not the most underrated wrestler right now, would you at least say he's the most over guy going no where? People seem to LOVE that guy but how many nontitle matches were he and helms gonna have???
A: The non-title matches were a blessing for Matt. They did that because Matt was too big and considered a Heavy Weight. If they had dropped him down to a cruiserweight he would be in an even worse spot.

Q: You recently mentioned how Taz and Samoa Joe used chokes as finishers and I was wondering what the difference between a choke and a sleeper? I remember back in the day, play by play announcers would say how a sleeper wasn't a choke and refs would even stick their hand between one wrestler's arm and the others neck to see where it was placed. I never really understood the difference.
A: Remember this is wrestling so there is no actual rule book to refer to and everything is just explained or justified as they see fit at the time. A sleeper cuts off the blood supply to the brain (legit but happens way faster than we illustrate in matches) and is actually quite dangerous. A choke by definition chokes off your air supply. All Chokes you see in UFC/MMA cut off your air supply. I think the idea with Taz and Joe was to get them over as more of an MMA legit shooter with the choke out finish. The fact that it contradicts pro-wrestling rules would just be ignored.

Q: I want to know what you think about this. I have come to the conclusion that finlay and cena have similar wrestling styles. Think about it, they are very smash mouth and I think a heel cena would wrestle even more like finlay. Do you think they are similar as far as styles go? I also think a cena/finlay program could do wonders for cena. What do You think?
A: They both run ropes, throw clotheslines and punches on occasion, but other than that I have no clue where you could come up with a comparison like that. You might as well compare Jillian Hall to Barbara Streisand because when they sing they both use microphones.

Q: I was wondering if you could provide your opinion on why Steven Richards hasnít ďdone better.Ē Heís a great talker, heís a good worker, and heís in great shape. Is he simply too small to contribute significantly to WWE/ECW? Is he another case of a guy who may not be politicking for himself enough? I would have liked to see him in the IC hunt, but now I wonder if that will ever come to be.
A: Stevie is one of those guys who for whatever reason be it size or look or what ever, has just been labeled as a under card guy and I doubt very little effort is put into coming up with anything for him. When you get into that limbo it is nearly impossible to get out. They perceive you a certain way and because of that they never put you in a spot where you can prove them wrong. I remember a Heat match I had with Stevie once. I was still more often than not on RAW at the time and when I came through the curtain my agent was like, ďMan that was a great match, awesome stuff.Ē And I replied to him, ďItís easy when you are in there with a guy that knows how to work.Ē Stevie came through the curtain then and the agent just looked and him and shrugged and that was that. He never considered that Stevie could actually be more than he was perceived to be, or that the great match was partial due to Stevieís efforts.

Q: If you were booking a Kurt Angle/AJ Styles Program, what would be the best way in your opinion to bring the most out of this feud?
A: I certainly wouldnít have booked their first match to be a 3-minute squash, like TNA did. I think in a perfect world you book that program with Kurt as the heel and AJ the face. You donít need a lot of angle, much like they didnít need much with Kurt vs. Shawn. AJ has been a top performer for TNA Kurt was a top performer in WWE they come together fans are just going to want to see the match and find out who is better. With AJ being younger and more identified with TNA I would even put him over in order to help elevate him to Kurtís level, and help make established TNA stars look equal to or even better than guys viewed as WWE stars.

Q: Who usually comes up with the names of finisher and signature moves? Y do they usually personalize the name?
A: Anyone who thinks of a cool name, sometimes it the guy himself or sometimes an announcer might think of a cool name, etc. I think guys personalize them to help establish their own name and gimmick. The Vandaminator for example, if someone else does the move and fans still think of it as and call it the Vandaminator, RVD gets over not the guy steeling his move.

Q: How was it working with Masato Tanaka?
A: I donít have any specific recollections of matches with him. He doesnít stand out as a ďman he was great to work withĒ or a ďman he was tough to work withĒ.

Q: I remember reading where you criticized Cena's in ring ability as...and im not quoting here....being sub-par. I'm curious to what you think currently, I am by no means, and will never claim to be, a person who decides who is a good wrestler and who isnít. With that said...I believe he has much improved here lately, I mean hell, he's no Lance Storm...but he's definitely better...in my opinion anyways....whats yours?
A: He is certainly having better matches, but he is also working with GREAT guys (Edge, Orton, and HBK). I just want to be clear if I said he was sub-par, I meant strictly that his actual in ring wrestling ability is sub-par for a guy in that top World Champ spot. John is an amazing promo and one hell of a performer, but technically his wrestling skills are not up to par with what I would expect of a World Champion.

Q: WrestleMania is about to be headlined by two (thus far) face vs face World Title matches. WWE has a lack of people who can truly get over as a top heel in this day and age, which I'd say would only included Edge, Orton, and Booker. Kennedy would be more of a "cool" heel, something I saw Edge mention in an IGN interview, which is something I'm sure we'll see even more of. Do you see more and more face vs face main events and rivalries being more common in the near future?
A: I donít think this will be the norm but it is harder and harder to get over and stay heel. Most who have any heat as heels are guys who fans perceive to be heel type people in real life. If you are just being a great heel smart fans tend to cheer for you nowadays. Iím curious if Edge didnít have the Lita, Matt Hardy heat if fans would have been able to not cheer for how hard he worked and how great he was this past year.

Q: Would you ever consider mopping floors again at the WWE restaurant? (best promo ever, BTW) That was probably the funniest promo I've seen in wrestling. It's odd how you can work your ass off for years and years to be one of the best workers you can possibly be but the most memorable thing you ever did was that promo (to me at least).
A: There isnít a restaurant anymore so that promo will not be redone. I hope that wasnítí the most memorable moment of my career but it was fun to do. I still have the WWE New York Black Chefís jacket I wore for that skit.

Q: Hey Lance, I'm sure you've been asked this a million times (and sorry if you have) but what would you say were you top three highlights in your career (ECW, WCW and WWE)?
A: There is so much to pick just 3. WWE maybe the Summer Slam IC Title match with Edge. WCW my 3 Title Run, ECW so tough, maybe the Tag match at the Arena with Jado and Geto.

Q: I was wondering if guys get any heat for "stealing" moves. It has come up recently regarding CM Punk using moves from KENTA, among others. I think I remember you once writing that you used the dragon screw leg whip once Muta had left WCW, because it was ok as long as he wasn't in the same fed? Just curious.
A: Everything is stolen, so I donít know why people get upset. Everything has been done before by someone. Donít take signature stuff from guys in the same company as you, or stuff that your fan base will associate with someone else, but other than that STEEL away!!!!!

Q: Why were ECW and WCW able to correctly promote cruiserweights, and the WWE cannot?
A: Iím not entirely sure, but it sure is the case. I think to a certain extent there might be a bit of fear in an incentive based company that if you give the cruiser weight division too much freedom it might get over and over shadow duller top matches, so there is a lot of politicking to keep them down. I think that is definitely the case currently in TNA. There is also just such a huge size bias in WWE that when push comes to shove the smaller guys always get pushed to the side. In ECW and WCW people were more secure of their spot and were secure enough to let the cruisers do what they wanted and not worry about it.

Q: Hey Lance, as a Canadian, who do you think will be the next "Bret Hart?" I really believe Harry Smith might be able to?
A: There wonít ever be another Bret Hart and no one should try to be the next one. Harry shouldnítí even try to be the next Davey Boy Smith. Harry should just be the first and best Harry Smith.

Q: Whose power bomb was the least stiff to take?
A: I donít recall having much problem with any. Sit-out power bombs are generally easier.

Q: What are your views on Triple H as a performer? He has had some great matches, and seems to be one of the few 'genuine' heels that WWE has, although he is face at the moment. Also, who would you class as the perfect heel, given your experience, and inside knowledge over the years?
A: HHH is a great performer no doubt, and I prefer him as a heel. Iím not sure there is a perfect heel. Finlay is a fantastic one. Flair was an amazing one in his prime. He never got cheered and always made his baby face look like a million bucks.

Q: What would you say your greatest accomplishment in the wrestling business is?
A: This may sound odd but I am completely serious. Surviving my career, drug free, and getting out on my own terms.

Q: My question stems from your latest commentary, when talking about Japan and the beer incident between Mike and Horace, you say beer and lager beer. Being English, if someone offers me a beer it's pretty much lager all the time. So what's the difference in these two beers? Maybe it's just an American / Canadian thing, apologies if this comes across about thick on my half LOL.
A: Me not being a drinker Iím not even sure, but they seemed to think it was a pretty big deal.

Keep the questions coming,
Lance Storm