Q and A

March 4, 2006

Q; Do you do listen to music before a match to get pumped up, if so, what do you listen to?
A: I never did, no. I was never one who felt the need to get pumped before a match.

Q: When Vince passes away, do you think the wrestling business will go to all hell?
A: It will certainly change a lot but know I think the business will survive.

Q: Do you think it's the name of the promotion that draws these days? Rather than the name of the marque wrestler?
A: I think there is certainly a bit of both. ECW thrived on Brand draw more than name draw, but I think in WWE certainly players do draw.

Q: If Hogan and Austin give in and do WM22, should they just cop out and make it a draw so neither of them will end their respective careers with a loss? Why or why not? Thanks.
A: I think that would be a HUGE let down. I think they need to be professional (if it were to happen) and have a finish.

Q: Has anything beyond your control ever impacted on one of your matches. Along the lines of Mick Foley's ear incident, Eddie Gurerro being pushed off the ladder by that fan or Chris Jericho breaking the second rope (at the turnbuckle) while attempting a lionsault.
A: I was in a couple matches were the rope broke on Chris so yes it has. Nothing more major than that though.

Q: Will you be on ECW One Night Stand 2006?
A: That is still up in the air. If they offer me an interesting match and a reasonable pay day, I will.

Q: What do you feel is your all-time greatest match?
A: Iím not sure I could pick just one. My IC Title match with Edge is certainly up there.

Q: So you're coming out of retirement to face Bryan Danielson, that should be another Storm Classic, other then Danielson who else in ROH would you be interested in facing? (if there is anyone that is)
A: To be honest I donítí know enough about ROH to name names. Iíd have some interest in working with Joe if he is still with ROH.

Q: After you have this one match are there any plans for you to work more shows for ROH? or are you going back to retirement?
A: I guess that will depend on if I win the Title April 1st!

Q: Is there anyone in TNA that you would like to have a match with?
A: Iíd love to work with Christian again, Joe, Daniels, Styles, to name a few.

Q: I'm a huge Finlay mark, and in response to what he finish in WCW was, it was also the Tombstone. Now I'm sure you aren't surprised that he still has it, cause you've been putting him over huge in past commentaties, if there was a prospect of working a program with Finlay in WWE, would you consider going back? Or would you rather not have that kind of heavy schedule again?
A: I donít want the heavy schedule, but I would love a match or two with Fit. He is awesome.

Q: Do you think that Owen Hart would've made a good World Champion? Word is he would've eventually got the title had it not been for his tragic passing.
A: As much as I loved Owenís work, I donít think he would have been a particularly good World Champ. I think you need a lot of personality in addition to ability to make a great Champ and Iím not sure Owen had enough of a developed character to do the job. I doubt Vince would have ever put the title on Owen either. With the exception of his run challenging Bret Owen never got much of a push in WWE so I doubt a World Title run would have been in the cards.

Q: You mentioned in a previous Q&A that Dean Malenko wouldn't be a real ECW fit for you if they ever did a ONS 2, my question is who would be an ECW fit if that opportunity came up? Personally I think Dreamer would be a great match for you, but is he even able to wrestle anymore?
A: Dreamer, RVD, or Jerry Lynn, would be my picks.

Q: I love your single leg crab submission finisher! Was that move your choice to use as a finisher? If so, what made you choose that? If not, who made that choice?
A: Johnny Ace and I debated over my finisher before the US Title run, and decided it was the way to go.

Q: What was your opinion of Ultimo Dragon? (I think you worked in WCW for at least part of the time he was there.) Were all the titles he held real titles or just made up for a gimmick?
A: I worked with Dragon in WAR Japan, and loved working with him. He was a great guy in and out of the ring. He really held those titles. There was a Jr. Title unification show in Japan and they unified all those belts.

Q: In your opinion who has the largest repetoire? 2) What is more important to you, a wrestler with a limited amount of moves but a great worker and a good ring psycholigist or a wrestler with many moves and a good worker but not a great ring psychologist?
A: I have no idea who has the largest repertoire, but I can assure you who ever he is I donít like his work. Guys do too many moves and they all just blend together. I believe it is better to have fewer moves and get them established. Moves are OVER RATED. If the match doesnít make sense Iíd rather not watch it. I always use Bret Hart as an example, or Ric Flair. Bret didnít have that many moves and none of them were big, yet he was GREAT. Flair who is also one of the all time greats, doesnít have any moves at all. There will always be some new kid coming along who is willing to risk his life, who does more or bigger moves, he will end up with a short career and be forgotten when the next crazy move guy comes along. True talent, like, Bret will be remembered.

Q: If you could choose to have a match with any of the following wrestlers in the prime of their careers, who would you choose, in what type of match and why? Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race, Wahoo McDaniel, Magnum TA, Nikita Koloff, the Super Destroyer, Ole Anderson, or Paul Jones.
A: Steamboat without a doubt. He would have been a dream to work with as a heel.

Q: how do useless "storylines" (as you define it) generate income? I must admit, very few talents can pull off some very funny, entertaining storylines (i.e. SCSA, Angle). But for the majority of wrestlers it makes the show drag. Its easy to see how angles generate income for the promotion, but where do storylines fit in?
A: Storylines that donít lead to matches donít really generate money anymore. If they are entertaining enough to get people watching the show, fans may see other angles that will get them to House Shows or PPVs however. Back during the Monday Night Wars ratings were key so a funny Storyline might pull ratings and thus win the ratings war. Also back when RAW was on Spike WWE earned add revenue, and the higher the ratings, the more you could charge for ads, so ratings did generate money. Now on USA WWE doesnít get the ad revenue so rating donít actually generate money, so neither do directionless Storylines, IMO.

Q: You mentioned doing Pilates and it helped your back. I know the importance of flexibility, but unfortunately I don't share the same passion for stretching and cardio as I do weightliting. My flexibility is horrible and I hate stretching; would Pilates alone improve my flexibility/minor aches and pains?
A: I think it would help you yes. Stretching and core strengthening can do a world of good.

Q: I have three quick questions. firstly have you ever seen any wrestlers from England (past or present) not Regal, Chris Adams, Norman Smiley or the bulldogs and if so how did you rate them as wrestlers?
A: I worked with a lot of English guys. Some were great while others not so much. Like every Country you have your grade A and your duds.

Q: I grew up watching Bob Backlund as champion for half a decade. I'm not sure if you ever got to work with him but I was wondering if you had an opinion about his technical skills versus those of today's era of title holders.
A; I never saw much of Backlundís stuff so I cantí really comment.

Q: If you were in a similar situation as Rey Misterio jr is right now, if, for instance, Chris Jericho was suddenly found dead (knocking on wood), what would your reaction be if you were urged to start pointing to the sky, talking, joking with Jericho in heaven - Would you go along with that, knowing that your main event push was at stake?
A: Rey is a very religious guy, he may be doing that on his own. As for using a dead good friend to further an angle, I would be very much against it.

Q: Now, for question number one: I apologize if you've been asked this before, but as a man who loves his web design, who did your site? I love the menu selection. The buttons are all nice and flashy. You are getting your money's worth from this guy.
A: Iíll say I got my moneyís worth, he did it for free!! His name is Nick and his email address is on the front page. Nick has been doing my site for a couple years now and weíve become pretty good friends.

Q: When learning to wrestle, would you say there is a lot of stress on the lower back? As I mentioned, I have sciatic issues and worry about it being a liability if I ever attempt to learn to wrestle and just being active in life as well.
A: Wrestling in general is very hard on your lower back. If you have issues already I would avoid this as a career. Most guys start out perfectly healthy and end up with debilitating back problems. If you are starting off injured I doubt you could last.

Q: I read that RVD stretched strenuously prior to matches, more so than most other wrestlers. I believe he said this had to do with his lack of injuries. What did you usually do prior to a match? More specifically, did you have prematch routines?
A: I did some minor stretching and a small work out with exercise tubing to get a pump. I didnít have much of a routine.

Q: Was it difficult to keep a relationship with your wife while you were on the road? I've heard so many stories about wrestlers having marriage difficulties for whatever reasons but it seems like you have always remained "straight edge". Meaning, from what I can figure you didn't party or drink much and maintained a high level of professionalism. Did that have anything to do with it?
A: I think my clean life style certainly helped. My wife and I have a very strong relationship and great trust. It takes an amazing woman to put up with what we do and she deserves a lot of the credit for us making it. I went out of my way to earn and deserve the trust she put in me.

Q: Johnny Smith showed up with The Impact Players at the ECW Arena before Anarchy Rulz '99. I think it was supposed to be RVD/Smith at the PPV, but what happened instead was RVD/Balls Mahoney. Was there any reason why Johnny Smith didn't work the PPV he was advertised for?
A: I think this was a last minute call by Paul. I think he feared that since Johnny and RVD hadnít worked each other there was a risk of a bad match and he was trying to protect Rob. Oddly enough they worked on a show after that night and had an awesome match that was better than the PPV one with Balls.

Q: I just wanted to ask you a question about the UnAmericans gimmick on WWE. I personally loved that gimmick, including the theme song because it wasn't like anything else at the time. My question is did you enjoy the angle, and what would you have done differently? I personally think that angle could have lasted a long, long time. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and best of luck in the future.
A: I think it could have gone a lot further too. I would have put Jericho with us at the beginning, it would have made us a stronger faction and gave us a leader that we all could have agreed on.

Q: I keep hearing people rave about AJ Styles and how amazing he was, so i thought that i should give him a look. I've seen enough of his matches and i'm not impressed. Yeah he can do a bunch of fancy flips, but his matches don't really build, like a good story should. Plus he seems to do a bunch of fancy moves for the sake of it. I'd think that those two things would automatically disqualify him from being a great wrestler. Still, people rave about how great he is. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
A: To be honest I havenít seen enough of him to honestly say. Watching 5 minute TNA matches isnít a fair judgement. Iíd love to work with him though and find out first hand.

Q: What do you think of Rob Van Dam? was he easy to work with in both ECW and WWE?
A: I like Rob, although I would say he was easy to work with. Let me clarify. Rob is a unique style and you have to work very hard when working him. You can have GREAT matches with Rob, but they are not easy. Someone like Jerry Lynn you can have great matches with that seem effortless. I could work Jerry 7 nights a week. RVD on the other hand required effort and 7 nights a week your body would give out.

Q: So now its Marty Jannetty's turn to join the "Kiss My Ass Club".Why does Vince do this stuff?Do you think Vince making so many storylines centered around himself and his backside will ever stop?Do you miss working for him?
A: He does it because every time he does, people like you get all riled up and talk about it. It garners attention and usually ratings. Vince is all about getting attention and drawing ratings. If he has to be a jerk with his ass hanging out, heíll do it, if he has to be scared and pee his pants in live TV he will do that too.

Q: I was just curious, what are your opinions on Raven and CM Punk? Not just there work in the ring but how are they as people outside of it?
A: I havenít spent a lot of time with Raven outside of wrestling so itís hard to comment. We got along really well in ring and back stage, which surprised me, and likely him as well. Iíve never met Punk and only seen one of his matches so, I cantí really say anything about him.

Q: Hi lance, i always enjoy your work. i just want to know your opinion of samoa joe. i like his style, but i disagree with him being in the x division. He is talented but just too big. granted he can go move for move with the best tna has in that division, but at 275 pounds i would like to see him go against sabu, or rhyno, or someone in that class. I have been watching him and i seldom see him in the ring with a guy over 225lbs. until i see him able to take on a guy more his size with those moves i am still not 100% impressed. your thoughts?
A: I love what they are doing with Joe. X Division is a style not a weight class so he fits there too. The best thing about what they are doing is that they are getting Joe over, putting out great matches and when this is all done they can move him out of the division and he has a bunch of new programs. Itís VERY smart. If he started with the heavy weights working with the smaller X guys afterwards would mean nothing!!!!!

Q: Hello Lance, I was just wondering what is your family heritage? I'm guessing since you're in Canada it's French or English? Just curious.
A: My Dadís family is German (if you go back far enough) and my Motherís side (again going back several generations) would be from the UK. I consider myself Canadian.

Q: Was wondering since you're going to be in Chicago on April 1st for ROH, if you're going to meet up with Bret Hart, since Bret's going to be in Chicago that same day for the WWE Hall of Fame.
A: Sorry, but I thought this question to be quite funny. Bret and I live in the same City. Iíve been to his house. Iím not sure why we would have to meet up in Chicago. Iím also not certain he will be in Chicago; no one has actually said he is going to be there. WWE just said he is being inducted.

Q: Can anyone who does not speak the language well ever get over without someone being thier mouthpiece?
A: It can be done, but it is a lot harder. Joe is over in TNA and I donít think the couple times he has spoke can be credited for that.

Q: Any place for a male manager in today's wrestling world?
A: I think there would be but no one knows how to book them anymore.

Q: do wrestlers hang out with other guys on the road besides other wrestlers, like annoucers, ring crew etc.
A: Some must, I never did though.

Q: How important is a guys look now? could an over-weight guy like earthquake get as big of a push as he did?
A: Certainly. As long as you are unique and stand out it is possible. If you are going to be the ďover weightĒ guy you just have to be huge. To be a Bundy, Earth Quake type though you have to be close to or over 400lbs. When there are guys in shape at 300 you have to be huge if not in shape.

Q: ever work with Ted Diebase? What are your thoughts on him as a worker?
A: I worked on a show with him in 1993 in Europe, but never wrestled him. I really liked his work. He was a very skilled heel, with a lot of talent.

Q: Thoughts on kid kash as a worker?
A: I worked with him a couple times in ECW and enjoyed it.

Q: i've been watching tna and i've seen that the australian flag is on the NWA belt i was wondering if u knew if it ever was an australian belt and if u know why its there ???
A: I think it has several flags on it because it is a WORLD Title. The Australian one is just in a more visible spot.

Q: Do you like Mexican Lucha Libre? I live in Mexico City and I have seen many Canadian wrestlers work here for the EMLL, UWA and other promotions. You are a great technical wrestler and I hope to see you some day in Mexico.
A: Mexico is one of the few places I havenít worked that I would like to. I came very close once, but missed out.

Q: I was wondering if you have seen any of Matt Bentley's work, if so what do you think of his work?
A: He seems talented enough, but I am frustrated whenever I watch him. I never know what to think of him when I watch because he doesnít establish himself as a heel or face. He contradicts his character all the time IMO and Iím left emotionally detached when watching him. By this I mean he will act like a heel sometime, then do baby face spots. He will them play up the bounce gimmick with Tracey and get the crowd cheering then do Heel Spots. Iím left confused and in the end I end up not caring. I think he needs direction.

Q: When you were starting out on the indy circiut did you have a day job, and if so what was it doing?
A: I sure did. If you can support your self starting out on the Indy scene without a job, you must have more money than I ever did. I did all kinds of jobs. I did a full commentary on it once.

Q: I really enjoyed the New Blood Rising and also found that it was funny finish. I know from watching Straight Shootin' with Lance Storm (www.rohwrestling.com) that you were really unhappy with it. I agree that the match would have been a lot better if it was in the USA (more heel heat) but felt it went better than you thought. I also think that it didn't get Mike Awesome over at all as he supposedly pinned you three or four times but didn't actually win the match. To what extent did the Disco Inferno have creative input?
A: I assume you watched in on PPV and not live. The fans were VERY forgiving with me that night, but they shouldnít have had to be. That match slapped the live crowd in the face. I disagree about Mike. He beat me clean 4 times and still got screwed. That is great baby face sympathy. Disco was part of creative and from what I understand most of this finish was his doing.

Q: The Rock was amazing on the mic. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anyone better. In the ring, however, was a different story IMO. I've sometimes said I'm glad I'm not his wife cuz everything he does is so fast and sloppy. Were the guys in the back scared he'd injure them? Or, did he have better control than I give him credit for?
A: While I agree Rockís punches and kicks were at times fast and sloppy, he was in no way dangerous. Rock was GREAT to work with and I never got hurt or even stiffed working him. I doubt anyone had concerns working him.

Q: Within the wrestling community what is considered the most prestigious Heavyweight belt? And given the opportunity, which one would you have loved to have held the most?To me, I would think holding the NWA belt would be the pinnacle for a wrestler because of the history behind it - going back to the 40's, and with greats like Orville Brown, Lou Thesz, Whipper Billy Watson, etc... being past champions.But with WCW and the WWE being front and centre for the last 25 years, and the NWA being under the radar for the average fan, are those belt's (now the Raw and Smackdown championship belts) considered the pinnacle? I could see how being the Raw champ might be considered being at the top of the game but...
A: This is a matter of opinion but I think it would be a WWE Title and maybe the one Kurt holds. The NWA lineage got all screwed up once WCW dropped the NWA name from itís title. To me at least the NWA title history that goes back to Thesz etc. was the one Flair held and became the WCW Title. That titles lineage then got screwed up with the WCW WWE unification and then the reintroduction of the Belt with HHH. WWE is still the big dance and I canít take the silly spiny belt serious, so I would say Kurtís. The TNA belt has the NWA name but it has a distorted lineage. It fell into obscurity when WCW broke away and stopped using the NWA name. Then I think it was brought back with the tournament that Shane Douglas won, but he threw the title down and started the ECW title. Then it was restarted again with a tournament won by Chris Candito and was traded a couple times in obscurity. Itís really only been since TNA brought it back that it has had any credibility again. It may date back to the 40ís but there is about a 10-year gap in the 90ís. All title lineage is so screwed up now, itís a shame.

Q: What is your thought on what looks to be a very poor card for Mania this year? Do you beleive Bret will get involved in the Micheals vs McMahon match? And do you beleive that they need to attract some stars to the card ie Hogan, Austin to get people excited? I think the Rock would be the perfect guy to come in even for just a appearance since we have not seen him on WWE tv in a long time.
A: I donít believe Bret will have anything to do with HBK or Vince at Mania, Iím not even sure he will be at the HOF induction. For me personally throwing other ďBig NamesĒ at the show doesnít add to it to me. Mania for me is supposed to be the climax of feuds and matches.

Q: There is a lot of talk on the rumor mill about you being offered a position in TNA, firstly if you do sign a contract what capacity would you like to be used? (I think the heavyweight division needs more well rounded wrestlers)
A: These are complete rumours. If I were offered a spot I think I could make the most difference as an agent. They have a lot of talent but I think they need some experienced direction. An agents gig would interest me the most.

Q: What made you decide to come out of retirement for your April 1st match in Chicago? You seemed to be pretty happy having your match with Jericho at ONS being your last.
A: Read my last commentary!

Q: I'm 6' 6" and around 270+. As a result I have a lot of problems with my knees and back when travelling. Can you offer any suggestions that you've picked up from some of the larger people in the business about making travel easier?
A: There is no trick to this it just sucks. I wouldnít be surprised if it was travel issues that led to more of the boyís drug problems over the years than injuries from the ring. The 16-hour flight to Australia had me almost considering drugs or alcohol! That sounds bad but Iím not really kidding.

Q: What are your thoughts on Edge winning the WWE title and Christian winning the NWA title? Secondly, I've heard you came out of retirement. Congratulations, but when are you coming back to Edmonton?
A: I was happy for both of them. Iím doing a guest ref spot for PWA in Edmonton March 25th.

Q: Do you happen to know what happened to the old ECW title belts? Did Rhino get to keep the World and TV belts, and Doring & Roadkill keep the Tag Titles?
A: They likely kept them. If I was owed what they were at the end, I would have never given it back. Hell they likely sold them.

Q: Do you think that other WWE wrestlers that are frustrated with how their careers are being handled, will now follow Christian's example and voluntarily choose to leave WWE for TNA now they can see the opportunity they would be given?
A: Itís not just about the push, which fans have a hard time understanding. Just because Christian went to TNA doesnít mean it was the right move, and others will follow. He is happy and it was the right move for him, but everyoneís situation is different. You have to look at all the factors and see what works for you individually. Schedule, Money, Travel, Exposure, Push, Calibre of Opponents, are all factors and have different levels of importance for everyone. What is perfect for Christian might be a horrible move for someone else.

Q: How did you think of Dean Malenko as a wrestler overall? I thought he was probably one of the best technical wrestlers in the game. Understandable that he didn't get a huge push when he was working for the WWE, in surprises me in a sense, seeing how he was in WCW. How was he as a person also? Just out of curiosity.
A: Dean was a great wrestler. I think I would have loved working with him. I donít think Dean had the size or personality to really excel in WWE. I absolutely loved his Japan stuff.

Q: Will you ever return to the WWE a wrestling? Something behind the scenes?
A: I doubt it. Every job would have schedule busier than I would like. The one thing I would jump at would be if they offered me a developmental system here in Calgary. I enjoyed working with WWE but donítí want to do it on the road.

Q: I know in the wrestling business, playing politics is how many wrestlers keep their "spot". I was wondering, when a wrestler is told that they are going to job or put over another wrestler, how does a wrestler go about changing the outcome of his or her match by playing politics? Doesn't Vince McMahon give the final say on who gets the W?
A: Vince does have final say but there is more to it than that. I donít like getting too much into questions like this because I think fans still should be in the dark to how the inner things work, but let me just say this. When deciding who is going to win or be champ, things are considered and debated quite a bit (to make sure the right decision is being made) Those who politic push their own case hard in hopes that when the final decision is made it will be in their favour.

Q: I am a big fan of Hogan, but the dirt sheets seem very negative towards him and I don't know what to believe. Have you ever met Hogie and what is your opinion of him?
A: Believe what makes you happy. If you liked Hogan, like Hogan, who cares what others think? Iíve met and worked with Hogan and he treated me well enough.

Q: Out of wrestlers that never wore the "big gold belt" (mainly WWF/WWE and NWA/WCW), who do you think were some of the most deserving?
A: maybe my brain is dead tonight, but I canít come up with any.

Q: You seem to mention that you had some initional involvement in MNM, I was wondering how much involvement did you have with them? Also, who else were you involved in working with in OVW?
A: Worked a lot with MNM in OVW. I Helped Melina a lot as a Valet/Manager, and I worked a ton with Joey and Johnny as an agent for their matches. Joey and I were real tight in OVW and he was smart enough to pick my brain for all it was worth. I think I had a strong effect on their ring psychology and knack for being a great team. Tag Team psychology is a dying art, and Iím glad they are keeping it alive. They would have still been great without me but I take a lot of pride in how they turned out and love watching them. I see a lot of what we worked on together in what they do. Joey in particular, heís awesome.

Q: In one of your last commentaries you said that WWE should start doing angles instead of storylines, what does that mean? Also, does TNA, ECW, or WCW do angles or storylines?
A: I explained this in my last Q and A you should look back for it. In a nut shell: Angles are the drama created between 2 or more people which leads to a match. The Rey Ė Orton stuff using Eddie, would be an angle in my opinion. It created tension between them, which made you want to see them fight. The Shelton Benjamin stuff with his Momma is what I would call a storyline. There is a lot of drama and stuff going on but it doesnít build to anything. There is no match for us to see. It really only involves the one performer.

Q: How much creative input does a wrestler have? How does it vary from WWE to ECW and WCW?
A: Itís different for everyone. HHH would have considerably more than say Paul London.

Q: In Bret Hart's dvd, he mentioned how he was going to do a cowboy gimmick but eventually nixed the idea. I was wondering was there ever any gimmicks that you were offered and refused? Also did you hear of any gimmicks that guys were offered that never aired?
A: There were a ton of things that were on the table for guys. The only stuff I ever heard for me was what we did. Oddly enough the first guy Jericho and I worked for wanted Jericho to be a Cowboy too. Chris said he would quit the business first.

Q: what entrance music do wrestlers come out to at indy events?
A: What ever they want to.

Q: Is the WWE locker-room as back-stabbing/power hungry as some people make it out to be? Where guys are only looking out for #1 and nothing else.
A: I think it gets blown out of proportion at times. Like every job there are guys who are team players and there are those who are all about number one. With the pay difference between the #1 spot and the #10 spot power plays are understandable.

Q: a lot of more seemling credible reports online cite a "backstage source" did you ever know anyone or get contacted to be a "source"
A: I wasnít no. I think most sources seek out the report writers, as a means to spin their own agendas. A lot of promoters leak the things they want or leak negative things about others to serve their own purposes.

Q: Does the Ultimate Warrior get $ from his WWE DVD in royalties or are guys without active contracts out of luck?
A: I still get royalties for anything Iím in, I assume he would as well.

Q: Maybe I missed you but at the end of One Night Stand where all the guys are in the ring, I did not see yourself or Jericho any reason why?
A: We werenít asked to and we had no interest in being there so we werenít. I would imagine Chris was left out because he wouldnít fit. He was a pro ECW guy but a big WWE player. I just finished a run in on the main, so I had no interest in it.

Q: how do you think Joey Stlyes is doing on Raw? Seems like 3 man booth is pretty crowded
A: I donít much like 3 man teams, but I love what Joey is doing. I think he is great and I love hearing him call the action every Monday.

Q: How often are ring ropes in WWE replaced?
A: Not my department. I donít how often they wash the canvas, or when Vinceís Office gets vacuumed either. Sorry if that sounded rude but itís late, Iím getting tired, and it sounded like a silly question.

Q: How often for canvas, do they have to clean it off after a really bloody match or just toss it?
A: How funny is this? I didnít read this question before typing the above answer. I think the ones they us on TV are brand new, so they look nice on camera. I assume they then use them on house shows. If they get bloody they would chuck them I assume. Indy promoters unfortunately use them until the have more diseases on them than a rabid dog in a leper colony.

Q: Why in your mind did Tajiri not get over much in WWE?
A: He got over to an extent, but he wasnít pushed consistently. If you lose more than you win and donít have any important angles you wonít get over much.

Q: Do you think that ECW One Night Stand 2 should be more of a ECW showcase, or keep the WWE Invasion angle used last year? Also, would you like to be part of a long term ECW 'invasion'?
A: I have no idea how they will do it this year. Iíd rather not do another Invasion.

Q: What exactly does 1:08 mean? I keep seeing you referencing that in past Q&A sessions, but don't understand the meaning.
A: This is so old and Iíve explained it 100ís of times. It refers to an IC Title match I had with Edge at MSG in NY. It was on RAW and it lasted 1 minutes and 08 seconds. 1:08. Fans were outraged that I would be booked to lose in that short of time, so Storm 1:08 was born as a bit of a cry for respect and better treatment for me.

Q: Is the man who played "The Sandman" in ECW and the Wrestler "Gangrel" the same person? I ask because some websites say they have different real names but I believe they are the same guy.
A: Not even close, they are two very different people.

Q: What is your opinion on squash matches? Do you feel they properly promote a character or just eat up time and end predictably?
A: I plan to do a whole commentary on this soon, as it is too long to get into here.

Q: Why in your opinion would a past Great wrestler, fan favourite and 6 time World Champion in WWE and WCW like Randy Savage not be in WWE's Hall Of Fame yet when guys that can't stack up to him from his era are in there in bunches? Is there really still bad blood between WWE and him about his leaving for WCW in 94' over a decade later?
A: The HOF is a little political, in my opinion. Here is my take on it all. Vince wants those being inducted to attend and be involved. Some people havenít been able to come to terms on this so thus have been left off. I donít think Randy and Vince are at a stage where they are on the same page. I would imagine Vince wants Savage in but again they have to be able to agree on how it is done. Iím not positive Bret and Vince have come to terms on this yearís. My guess (and I havenít talked to either side about this) is that Vince went ahead hoping to pressure Bret to appear. I doubt Bret will be in Chicago, which is why it has never actually been said he will be. Hogan being there strengthens my opinion.

Keep those questions coming.