The Streak

March 4, 2011

With the build to WrestleMania on the final stretch, everyone is once again talking about the Undertakerís streak at WrestleMania. The Undertaker currently stands at 18-0 going into WrestleMania and the match with HHH. Out of curiosity I went and looked up HHHís win loss record at WrestleMania to see how it compared to the Undertakers. I was very surprised to find out that HHH was only 7-7. When a guy like HHH is only batting .500 Takerís 18-0 becomes even more impressive.

This got me thinking so I decided to go back and look at more WrestleMania stats to see if anyone else even comes close to Takerís standing as the true Mr. WrestleMania. I did a lot of these all together in a rush so there is the possibility I missed one or two so if Iím off by one on some of these please donít email me to point out my mistake.

The Undertaker holds the record for the most WrestleMania matches at 18. I believe 17 of those were decisive wins with one being a weak DQ victory over Giant Gonzales where he was actually left laying at the end of the match at WrestleMania IX.

Shawn Michaels is a close second as far as WrestleMania matches but his win loss record is far less impressive. Believe it or not Shawn has an atrocious record at Mania with a 6-11 career Mania record. A few of these were early Rockers losses but I still never would have guess that HBK has lost almost twice as many matches as heís won at WrestleMania. I suppose the back to back loses to Taker at the end didnít help any.

HHH is next, in most matches with 14 and of course his 50-50 record of 7-7. With all the criticism this guy gets for not doing jobs and protecting his spot, who would have thought that in truth his win loss record on the grandest stage of them all was only 7-7.

Bret Hart is in at #4 with 13 WrestleMania matches across 12 WrestleManias; Bret worked twice at Mania X. Bret is the first guy outside of Taker to have a winning record at WrestleMania with an 8-5 tally. His record is actually a bit better than it looks when you consider 2 of Bretís Mania losses came in Battle Royals.

Kane is actually tied with Bret Hart in the number of WrestleManias at 12 but only has 12 official WrestleMania matches, to Bretís 13. That being said, if you count live pre-Mania matches, as official matches Kane jumps to 14 matches over 13 WrestleManias. Kane competed in a ďdarkĒ match at Mania 19 where he and RVD lost to Chief Morley and I, and he won a pre-Mania Battle Royal at XXIV which earned him his ECW Title a shot on the main card later that night. His official win loss record is 5-7 but if you count his pre-matches as well he would be 6-8.

The Macho Man Randy Savage faired quite well during his career with a winning record across 12 WrestleMania matches. Savage stands at 7-5 but this is a little misleading because he got 4 straight wins at Mania IV to become WWF Champion. If you just counted Mania events he won at vs. Mania event he lost at heíd only be 4-5.

Hulk Hoganís record is very similar to Bret Hartís in that if you eliminated Bretís Battle Royals from his record they would be identical, as Hogan makes my list at 8-3. There is another similarity in that they both worked twice on a WrestleMania (Hulk @ Mania IX, Bret @Mania X) where they lost in their first match and won the World Title in their second. So officially Hulk had 11 Mania matches at 10 WrestleManias and stand at 8-3.

Big Show and Chris Jericho come in next with 10 WrestleMania matches apiece, with both guys sporting losing records. Jericho faired much better with 4-6, while Big Show only managed a dismal 2-8 record at the show case of the immortals.

Edge slides in right behind Jericho and Show with 9 WrestleMania matches. Edge had a good win streak going early on, and if you donít count his MITB loss was undefeated going into his match with Undertaker at Mania XXIV. Unfortunately heís dropped a few more matches since then and is now just barely above 500 with a 5-4 record.

Up next is the Great One, and much like HHH, The Rock only processes a 50/50 record at WrestleMania. The Rock has had 8 Mania matches but managed to win only 4. Rock might have to drop ďThe Great OneĒ moniker since Iím not sure 4 Ė 4 is all that Great of a win loss record.

Austin and Cena are tied for the next spot on the list with 7 WrestleMania matches each, but Cena comes out ahead with one more victory. Steve Austin has a record of 5-2 while Cena is almost perfect at 6-1, with his only loss being at WrestleMania XXIV in a 3-Way match also featuring Randy Orton (who won), and HHH.

The bottom spot on my listed ended up a 4 way tie with Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Mick Foley, and Tito Santana all having 6 WrestleMania Matches. Of the 4 Rey came out the best with a winning record of 4-2, Randy right behind him at an even 3-3 , Foley in third with an odd record of 2-3-1, and Tito Santana bringing up the rear with a 1-5 record..

There you have it, for what itís worth those are the guys I managed to find who competed in 6 or more WrestleMania matches and their respective win loss records. Looking at the stats, Takerís Streak is far more impressive than I ever realized. Not only has he competed in more WrestleMania matches than anyone else, no one is even in his league when you consider longevity and win loss record combined. Only Five people have competed in more than 10 WrestleMania Events and only two of those have managed winning records:

The Undertaker 18-0
Shawn Michael 6-11
HHH 7-7
Bret Hart 8-5
Kane: 5-7

The Undertaker clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest as the true Mr. WrestleMania.