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March 5, 2012

Q: I just read a comment from Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks/Generation Me talking about unprotected chair shots and saying back bumps are just as dangerous. He said that on back bumps the back of your head bounces off that canvas and compared it to a small car crash. So I'm asking your thoughts on this and how you would compare chair shots with back bumps in general.

A: I answered this on a radio show. The comment is absurd and if he said this he is either the world's dumbest human or the world's shittiest bumper, perhaps even both.

Q: I was at the Meadowlands the night Eric Bischoff was named the Raw GM in 2002. To say it was surreal is putting it lightly. Were you backstage that night? And if you were, what was the atmosphere like? Did you see him interact with the other wrestlers and Vince? Was it a tense situation?

A: I was there but have no memory of anything special back stage.

Q: During your time in ECW, WCW and the WWE would a wrestler have to get permission from upper management if that talent wanted to change their look? Hair, facial hair, wrestling wear, tattoos, etc.

A: I truly hate questions like this and I've answered them a Million times. EVERYTHING depends on WHO you are.

Q: What are your thoughts on your good friend Edge and the Four Horsemen going into the Hall of Fame? Will you be there to see Edge go in?

A: I am making the trip to support Edge yes. I'm glad for the Horsemen too.

Q: How do you like Brodas Clay's new thing, his last gimmick obviously wasn't going anywhere?

A: Obviously an old question. This gimmick doesn't seem to be going anywhere either. If you aren't figured in for Mania, debuting before Mania is the kiss of death.

Q: On SmackDown Daniel Bryan faced Big Show in a no disqualification, no count out match. Is this really wrestling? Chairs and stuff? This is hard-core wrestling, not the World Championship; shouldn't this be a separate division like hard-core used to be?

A: No the Hardcore division was one of the dumbest things this industry has ever done. Hitting each other with shit just because it's a "hardcore match" is ludicrous. This kind of violence is supposed to be used to climax and blow off a heated feud. Guys hit each other with shit because they are determined to settle a bitter feud, with a hated rival.

Q: What is your opinion on scaffold matches? Are they too unsafe for the sport? Did you see TNA's Elevation X? (I'm personally not a fan of them.)

A: IMO too dangerous yes. I did not see Elevation X

Q: What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Peach is great.

A: I'm a big peach fan, but Chocolate is the only correct answer to this question.

Q: In some of your commentaries you appear to get slightly annoyed at some fans "not understanding the business". But surely that's how it should be? The internet has pulled back the curtain on wrestling a lot but surely there's still a need to keep some things from the fans?

A: My annoyance usually comes from the fans that obviously don't understand the business but think they do and ask question like they are much smarter than they really are.

Q: When wrestlers travel what airline did you prefer? Lots of WWE wrestlers who arrive at my gym always tell me Southwest Airlines is the absolute worst. Is that true?

A: I wrote a huge rant on Southwest once. It's in one of my eBooks, "Storm Front" I believe.

Q: You've worked with Johnny Ace a lot in your career. Is he really that big of a dork, or is he just a good actor?

A: Why spoil it for everyone. Johnny is what ever makes you enjoy RAW and SD more.

Q: I hope all is well. I have a question regarding a worker who is leaving a company or retiring from wrestling all together. I'm an Indy worker having a debate on the subject of "going out on your back" with fellow workers. I explained it to them like this. If you are a popular baby face in your last match and you are going up against a hated heel. Let the baby go over. If you are a hated heel in your last match going up against a popular baby face. Let the baby win. It's simple. The bad guy should always lose in the end. If it's two babies then you let the one who is going to carry the ball after the other wrestler leaves win. Do you agree?

A: On the Indy level I doubt it even matters anymore. Fans all know it's a work so one finish one way or the other likely doesn't matter. When territories were booked right the guy leaving always put someone over on their way out and that is the way I would still leave regardless if I were a heel or face. Beating someone who is staying is just wrong in my books.

Q: Did you ever work with Crash Holly at any point in your career? If so, what was he like to work with? Many thanks for answering our questions!

A: I know we worked one match on Heat, but that might be it. We did my duck the drop kick spot. I only did it twice in my career, where I shoot him off the ropes and throw a super high dropkick and he ducks and runs underneath me like you would on a leap frog. I did it with Ultimo Dragon once in Japan too. Crash was a nice, very whacky guy.

Q: What was the hardest move for you to learn or what move took you the longest time to feel like you were executing it properly?

A: To be honest I picked everything up pretty quickly. Read Jericho's first book, he covers this.

Q: Other than chair shots or the Razor's Edge/Celtic Cross, what move did you not want take or regretted taking?

A: The Alabama Slam and the Kahli Tree Slam deal are both dangerous as far as banging your head. The A.S because of the rotation speed of your head and the K.T.S because you are 100% at his mercy as far as rotation and control.

Q: After you took that NASTY looking top-rope power-bomb from Chris Candido, did you suffer any affects from it? If you took the move in stride: Incredible selling!

A: I had a headache for a minute but that was it. I'm sure there was an undiagnosed concussion from it but I suffered no discernible effects from it at the time.

Q: Of the following three non-wrestlers, who do you think was most credible as world champ? Vince McMahon, David Arquette, or Vince Russo? (My money would be on McMahon).

A: Obviously he was at least in shape and muscular.

Q: What's your opinion on Ring Ka King? If you heard of it!

A: Heard of it but haven't seen any of it.

Q: I work local Indy shows as a referee. I'm 6'3" and often taller than the wrestlers in the ring with me. Could that potentially cause a problem for getting booked? Often I'm actually looking down at a wrestler as I'm telling him off which I think looks just wrong.

A: If I was hiring and I had a shorter option who was about as good I would not book you.

Q: What is your opinion of Shane Douglas, in and out of wrestling?

A: I've always gotten along with Shane in and out of the ring. He was a great guy to work with in the ring and a fun guy to hang around with outside of it. I'm actually over due to return a phone call to him and catch up.

Q: What exactly does "Tough as they come" mean, is it a saying wrestlers use? For instance is Brock Lesnar "Tough as they come"?

A: This is a pretty common expression, you seriously don't understand it? Bill Gates is as rich as they come, The Pope is as religious as they come, Water is as wet as they come, Brock is as tough as they come. Your question is as d--- as they...Oh never mind.

Q: In WWE, who assigns referees to matches? And if one of the top guys insists on a particular ref, is he likely to get him?

A: I've honestly never thought about this or cared. I assume if you are a top top guy you get who you want, because at the end of the day what does it matter.

Q: Did anyone else other than you and Chris obviously make it into the business from your days at the "Dungeon"? And do you keep in touch with any of them?

A: We were the only ones from our year and I have not heard from any of the others in years. Justin Credible was 2 years later and I still hear from him occasionally.

Q: You recently posted "Alternative Impact" where you did alternate booking for TNA, did anyone currently working for either of the big two wrestling companies contact you about it?

A: No one that I don't talk to on a regular basis already.

Q: While I appreciate your candid and sometimes terse responses to idiots (myself likely included)...would you be offended if I started referring to you to my friends as "the soup Nazi, but for wrestling questions"?

A: Not in the least.

Q: Do you think it would be a good idea for WWE to, once, have a 45 minute to 1 hour match on RAW or SmackDown, unannounced, to showcase 2 midcard wrestlers (for instance, Gabriel v. Rhodes or Dibiase v. Swagger)?

A: No I do not. Very few people could hold fans attentions that long, least of all guys who fans aren't conditioned to care about. Matches that long only work if fans genuinely care about the out come. With most TV matches being closer to 5-7 minutes even a 10-15 minute match would be a long showcase.

Q: What are your opinions of the Rock as a wrestler? To me, he seems very similar to Cena, sells great, fantastic showman, but otherwise mediocre in the ring?

A: Rock is WAY above mediocre in the ring. There is being a great worker and being a great technical wrestler. Rock while not the greatest technical wrestler is most definitely a GREAT worker.

Q: I understand it's necessary for heels to be hated for something but in my opinion cheating doesn't make them an interesting or entertaining wrestler. Would you rather see heels cheat or win legitimately?

A: You are trying to look at a multi faceted job by discussing only one minor element of that job. It's pointless to even discuss this.

Q: Congrats on the release of the eBooks! Could you share a little on the process of publishing these? It's something I've been interested in and I was curious if you had any suggestions, warnings or other thoughts on the process.

A: It's really not that hard. Getting someone else to edit is a big plus. I had this for the second but not the first. Formatting is a bit of a pain but once you figure it out it's not too bad. Get a Kindle app for your computer so you can format and convert a few test runs first to make sure all the glitches with formatting are correct before uploading to Amazon. Line spacing is slightly different on the Kindle app than it is on the actual Kindle which is a bit of a pain. Headings space better on the actual Kindle.

Q: Tom Cruise is a horrible choice to play Jack Reacher in the movie adaptation of One Shot. Cruise is just 5'5" tall and a pretty boy, while Reacher is 6'5" and is described as rather rough looking, maybe even ugly. What current and/or past wrestler would you cast to play Reacher? I think Bradshaw during his APA days would be a good choice, and as far as a current wrestler, I could see Tyler Reks with a haircut in the role. Maybe Kane if he grew his hair back.

A: I was really struggling with a choice but Bradshaw would be a pretty solid choice. Barry Windham in his prime would be good too.

Q: If Dolph Ziggler were given a championship run as Shawn Michaels did in 1996, would you be willing to manage him the way Jose Lothario did if it meant only doing TV?

A: Like every question like this it would come down to schedule and money. I might be able to adjust my SWA schedule to accommodate TV if the pay was right.

Q: I've been to wrestling shows from all the big companies, and I've noticed that TNA does something no other company does. They sweep the mat, and wipe down the ropes between almost every match. Have you ever seen a company do this? I could see how it could help with some of the cruiserweight matches but not much else.

A: Most companies do this before the doors open.

Q: Besides not paying you, what's the worst thing a promoter has done to you?

A: One promoter a few years back cancelled my booking a week or two before the event, but then still advertised me locally and when fans showed up told them I no-showed.

Q: Last month you didn't like the idea someone presented to you of having John Cena as a chicken shit heel, but Hulk Hogan was that type of heel when he was with the NWO in WCW. At least it would be something different as opposed to always seeing the Cena Superman comeback. Your thoughts please?

A: I don't think John would be a good heel, and the business was a lot different 15 years ago. I wouldn't describe what Hogan was doing back then as a chicken shit heel either. If you are sick of his comeback wish for him to change his comeback.

Q: I don't know if you remember this, but several years ago someone asked you which member of Team Canada in TNA would possibly go on to win the world title and you said Robert Roode. How about another prediction? Who do you see as WWE champion by the end of the year? Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes or Kofi Kingston.

A: By year end I doubt any of them, at least not a meaningful run.

Q: Have you ever met Kevin Dunn and is there anything interesting you can tell us about him?

A: I assume I have, but have no memory of it.

Q: You say you're not a fan of nostalgia acts but you liked old school Raw, what's with this?

A: They are good for a 1 shot only, not a permanent part of your show.

Q: At Survivor Series when Sin Cara injured himself did that confuse thing's for the wrestlers as far as who eliminates who?

A: How would I know? I wasn't there and haven't even seen the match.

Q: This may be the stupidest question you have received. When I traveled a few years ago I would go to the library when I was home on weekends and get a book to travel with for the week. With the Kindle, it is much easier to travel and read without having to carry around a bunch of books, though it is a little more expensive since I find myself buying more books (I'm cheap so it's bothering me but the convenience can't be beat).When you were on the road, did you purchase books and have to carry them around and how much of a hassle was it since I imagine you would pack lightly for extended trips.

A: I've always BOUGHT books. I believe in supporting the industries I enjoy. Thankfully most trips were short and 2 books were enough. Long over seas trips I'd have to bring 3 or 4 books which was a pain. With my Kindle I almost wish I was back on the road.

Q: Do you, or have you ever read comic books like Marvel, DC, Wildstorm, etc? While we're on the subject of ridiculous fights between guys in colored tights, what do you think about Chikara?

A: I was never really in to Comics nor do I really care for Chikara. Neither were or are my cup of tea.

Q: Why do you think TNA guys don't make a jump to WWE more often? Some would say TNA does such a crappy job of building there top guys, that WWE doesn't notice them, your thoughts?

A: I think WWE doesn't figure any 1 guy from TNA will change their business so they are, for the most part, content creating their own talent through FCW.

Q: How long does it take you to read a novel? Just curious for me it depends on how the thick the novel usually takes me couple days. Your thoughts?

A: Yes the time it takes me to read a book depends on how thick it is. Although in the age of eBooks I'm not sure the term "thick" applies anymore. If I really get into a book and have the time I've read one in a day or 2, sometimes it takes me more than a week. I used to average between 55 and 65 books a year.

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