WrestleMania Predictions

March 10, 2008

With WrestleMania XXIV only a few weeks away I thought I would offer my WrestleMania predictions this week. Iíve been flipping back and forth on when to do this, as I wanted to have as many Mania matches set as possible, but if I wait till too close to the event, things become more obvious not to mention booking plans leaking out. There are eight matches set at this point, so I doubt anything of too much significance will be added at this point, so now is as good a time as any.

Randy Orton Ė John Cena Ė Triple H (WWE Heavyweight Title)

- Iím going with HHH for this one. He put Cena over two years ago, and missed out completely last year, I expect him to take the Title this year. This isnít the finish I would book if I was in charge but if I were booking this wouldnít be the title match on the show either. Iím going with HHH to win (possibly with a heel turn), and a long spring and summer chase to regain the title for Cena.

Edge Ė The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Title)

- As much as I donít like the idea of switching both titles on the same show, I donít see them ending Takerís streak at Mania. I think at one point it should have been done to give a young guy a HUGE claim to fame but at this point itís become Takerís Legacy and Iím beginning to think it will never happen. My pick is Taker to win.

Big Show Ė Floyd Mayweather

- This is such an oddball match. I think the safe prediction is for this to be a terrible match. I donít see how they can do anything considering the style clash let alone the size differential. Boxer vs. Wrestler matches are traditionally a disaster, and in this case the boxer isnít even big enough to punch the other guy in the head. I expect Floyd to get some kind of win, since I doubt he agreed to come to WWE to simply do a job. I hate this match even taking place, as I just donít see how it is even remotely believable that Big Show doesnít just squash him like a bug, but I expect some kind of BS finish to allow Floydís hand to get raises.

Ric Flair Ė Shawn Michaels

- I know everyone is expecting this to be Flairís last match and thus he will lose to be forced to retire, but I want to go out on a limb and go a different way. Iím going to pick Flair to win this one. Flair losing on this show will be a huge downer, and the Floyd match will be downer enough for the whole show. Everyone is expecting Flair to lose so a surprise win would blow the roof of the place (if it had one). Itís not like Shawn needs the push of retiring Flair, heís Shawn Michaels for crying out loud. I would put Flair over and let him cut a promo on Monday thanking Shawn for the match of his life, and saying he doesnít see how he could ever top the emotion from last night and wants to go out on his terms. He got in the HOF Saturday, won the biggest match of his life on Sunday, and is calling it a career on his terms (not Vince McMahons) on Monday. Standing Ovation three nights in a row and well deserved.

Money in the Bank

- I donít think all the spots are even filled yet, but that doesnít really matter. In my opinion this will be Jeff Hardyís match. They have really stepped Jeff up and he has answered the call and the crowd loves it. Jeff is great in matches like this and he should absolutely get the win and the title shot, to get him back in the title picture at some point. Iíll even throw out another possibility. Jeff could jump to SD where he would have less competition for that #1 top spot. After Taker runs a somewhat lengthy run with Edge, Iíd like to see Jeff jump across and challenge Taker, and BEAT him for the title. You could then step Edge back into the picture to work with Jeff.

Batista Ė Umaga (RAW vs. SD)

- Iím going with big Dave in this one. Being in a match that feels this unimportant seems to be such a huge step down from his incredible match with Taker last year that I canít see them beating him too. Heel can get their steam back so much easier than baby faces, so Iím going Batista over clean.

Finlay Ė JBL

- I assume there will be a bunch of stipulations and or McMahon involvement in this match but either way the safe prediction is for this to be the stiffest match of the night BY A MILE. Iím picking JBL to win. There are a lot of Baby Face wins on this show and you have to balance that out. I expect some kind of strong finish with a ton of heat. This match wonít be pretty but it will look VERY real.

Candice & Maria Ė Beth & Melina

- This match should be an easy call, as I doubt they will be doing any kind of angle with the girls with so much else going on, on the show. There is no angle going in, and if they donít cut an angle to get out, you might as well put the new Playboy girl over clean and let everyone be happy and that is what I expect.

If they add anymore matches Iíll add to my predictions before Mania and then do the post Mania recap to see how accurate I was. I got 5 out of 8 last year and 7 out of 11 the year before so Iíve got a pretty consistent batting average.

Lance Storm