PWA 10th Anniversary

March 23, 2011

PWA 10th Anniversary March 23, 2011 This past weekend was the PWA 10 Anniversary show in Edmonton, and as I mentioned earlier on this site, I wrestled on the show. This was my first match since June of last year and I tagged with Brother Devon of Team 3D to face off against his former partner, Bully Ray, who Ray tagged with PWA regular Dylan Knight who is a former SWA graduate.

This was a really great weekend and I had a lot of fun. I hadn’t seen the Dudleys since The ECW One Night Stand PPV in 2005, so it was a long over due reunion. I first met Bubba and Devon back in ECW in early 1997, and worked with them briefly there before crossing paths again in WWE where we wrestled countless matches against each other as well as at least one match where we tagged in a 6 man match.

Both guys were great and I can’t thank them enough for coming up and working PWA and making the night such a success. Most of the night we sat in the locker room remembering great road stories from the past, like my first night in WWE where I had to help break up a legit fight between the two of them back stage after RAW. There were no real fights at this show, but Bubba did rib poor Dylan Knight by giving him shit for taking a back drop during the match, because, “They need to look strong”. The relief on Dylan’s face when Bubba couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and finally laughed, was priceless.

The match itself was also a lot of fun, and is likely already on YouTube. For those who care, Devon and I picked up the win after hitting 3D on Mr. Knight through a table. That’s right I had to do my best Bully Rey impression, doing his half of “3D” as well as “Whass Up”, and of course telling Devon to get the Table. All went smooth except that the table that Devon ended up getting was an extremely sturdy one, which neither of us was sure would even break. Thankfully Knight runs about 240lbs and with both Devon and I pulling him down as hard as possible we managed to break the damn thing.

After the match Devon did a post match speech thanking everyone for coming and we gave a few pieces of broken table away to some kids in the crowd and I think everyone had a great time; I know I did. Truth be told I had so much fun, I might even consider accepting some Canadian Indy dates in the future, if the right offer and opponent comes along.

Thanks again to all the fans that came out to support PWA, I hope you enjoyed the show and continue to support us, and special thanks to Bubba and Devon for making the trip and working with Knight and me. I had so much fun and I have no doubt Dylan is grateful for the experience.

Lance Storm

P.S. Just a side note: I want to remind everyone to watch Dancing with the Stars Monday nights to support Chris Jericho. He had a solid enough performance the first week (19 points), tying for 5th place out of 11 participants but is still going to need fan support (VOTES) to remain in the competition. The first elimination is next week so please tune in Monday and cast your vote. If you live in Alberta you need to vote before the show airs. This is really dumb but SHAW cable picks up the ABC feed from a station in a different time zone, so once the show airs here and they display the numbers to call and vote the poles are already closed. Next week I’ll try to get the number for Jericho posted on my fan facebook page as early as possible so you can call in and vote even if you don’t watch the show.

Backstage at PWA 10th Anniversary show