Indy Wrestling

March 24, 2007

After last weeks commentary on Indy Workers and the Indy Wrestling Scene I decided to take my own advice (Johnny Devineís advice actually) and support my local Indy Promotion. This past Friday night I took in the bi-weekly Stampede Wrestling show here in Calgary. Itís been a while since Iíve been to a Stampede Wrestling show, but I do keep somewhat up to date on the goings on as my brother helps out with the show and we discuss the show frequently.

Of the Stampede showís Iíve been to since retiring (maybe 8-10) this was by far the best. The booking has changed hands since I was there last and the show seemed a lot tighter and easier to follow, which made it much more enjoyable for me. Several of the boys have improved considerably since I was there last and I got to watch 3 of my students work, which was a lot of fun.

If you live in the Calgary area you should really come down and give this show a chance. Live wrestling can be a lot of fun, and it will also give you a chance to check out a few of my students. The next Stampede Wrestling show in Calgary unfortunately wonít be until late April, but they do have a couple road shows coming up in Saskatchewan some time in April as well. Be sure to check out for event details, and I will try to post a reminder when we get closer to the events.

There is another Indy promotion in Alberta worth checking out and that is PZW based out of Lethbridge. Iíve been to a few PZW shows and always enjoyed myself. PZW has also been really co-operative with me when it comes to booking my students. I think close to 20 of my students thus far have found work in PZW and enjoy working there.

There are 3 PZW shows this coming week, Tuesday March 27th in Lethbridge, AB, Wednesday March 28th in Brooks, AB, and then Thursday March 29th in Medicine Hat, AB. If you live in any of the forementioned Cities you should really make the effort to get out and support this company. Indy wrestling is the grass roots of our sport and we need to keep it strong. I think there is close to half a dozen of my past and present students working the events so your support would be greatly appreciated. For details on PZW and these shows you can check them out at PowerZoneWrestling.

If you get out to any of these shows Iíd love to hear what you thought and I hope you enjoy yourselves enough to go back next time and take some friends. Lets keep Indy Wrestling alive!!!!