WrestleMania 25 Predictions

March 24, 2009

I’ve been doing my Mania predictions for a few years now, and everyone seems to enjoy it so I figured I better get to this pretty soon. My prediction percentage is not that spectacular and I doubt this year will be any different, but I do hope to redeem myself after last year’s debacle. I had a nice 63% batting average after Mania 22 & 23 but last year I posted an embarrassing 44% success rate, so my average is now down to a 58% prediction percentage. With the bar getting this low, I’m hoping to be able to improve this year, although with as unpredictable as the WWE product has become the matches I’m predicting finishes for this week, may not even be the final matches on the show.

HHH – Randy Orton (WWE Title)
This is a tough call for me and HHH is usually a missed prediction for me. I think the problem is that I know he has more creative input so I don’t trust my own instincts. Rather than predict what I think should happen I usually go with what is best for HHH and pick him to win and this prediction always bites me in the ass. Based on that I should pick Orton to win this year, but again I find myself second guessing because it’s been a while since HHH got a win at Mania and this year it wouldn’t just be Hunter who is jobbing it’s symbolically the whole McMahon family. All that being said I’m going with Orton winning the WWE Championship.

Edge – Cena – Big Show (World Title)
I don’t know what the hell to do with this match either. I like Edge as champ but if he retains and Orton wins that gives WWE two heel Champions, which I don’t think is good. So based on Orton winning the WWE Title I’m predicting Cena winning the World Title here. I also think it gives us the most entertaining options as far as Vicky giving her heart to the winner. I don’t see Big Show winning the Title and the Edge - Vicky love story may be played out, so Vicky giving her heart to someone who doesn’t want it is the most entertaining option.

Miz & Morrison – The Colons (Tag Title Unification)
I haven’t seen this yet (ECW is on Friday in Canada) but I’m told this match is now a Lumber Jack match. I assume this is just a means by which to get some extra guys from the roster on the show, but my students and I thought it would be cooler if they had past WWE Tag Teams as the Lumber Jacks. I’m not sure who all you could get but with this being the Anniversary WrestleMania and this being a Historic Title Unification match, we thought that idea would be cool. They could bring back Strike Force, The US Express, The Killer Bees, The Nasty Boys, Tully & Arn, The Bushwhackers, The Quebecers, Valentine & Beefcake, The Orient Express, and we can’t forget the Conquistadors. I doubt it will happen but it’s fun to fantasy book. I’m picking Miz and Morrison winning this one provided there is a decisive finish. I’ve already to 2 Faces winning Titles so I’m going with the Heel team of Miz and Morrison.

JBL – Rey Mysterio
If I were looking at this match alone I’d give it to Rey. I think JBL is getting ready to hang it up again and I would so rather see Rey as IC champ, but I’ve got three title switches already and just can’t predict another one. I’m picking JBL over in some cheap ass manor, with Rey or some other face defeating him down the road. Maybe they could build to career vs. mask for the title rematch at Backlash, to give that show a bit of a boost.

Hardy – Hardy
For me this is a no brainer, so without a doubt I’ll get it wrong. I’m picking Matt all the way in this one. It’s the first match in a program the baby face almost never goes over in this situation. If Jeff just beats him where do they go? Granted they could slide Jeff over and have Matt lay him out after the finish, but with Extreme rules I see them coming up with a way to protect Jeff and have Matt get the win.

Shawn Michaels – The Undertaker
Do I get extra points if I predict this is match of the night and it is? This match should be off the charts phenomenal, and is the match I have the most interest in seeing. I don’t see why you would have a guy beat the streak that can’t possibly get more over as a result. HBK is as made as you can get, there is no point taking something away from Taker when it won’t help Shawn. If they beat the streak it has to be with someone younger and more years ahead of him. Undertaker goes to 17-0.

Money in the Bank
This is always a percentage killer. It’s hard enough when you have a 50/50 chance of getting the winner right; with this match I’ve got only a 1 in 8 shot. I guess the only upside is you know there is going to be a definite winner. I’m picking Christian to win MITB. Christian has been awesome since returning and in my opinion is the most capable guy of caring the promos that will milk MITB on RAW, SD, or ECW. The briefcase will allow him to be on any show before or after the draft, so this is a way to really capitalize on his work rate and promo skills.

25 Diva Battle Royal
Do I get extra points if I predict this won’t be match of the night? I’m not even sure they’ve managed to find enough past Divas to fill the 25 spots. I’d only have a 4% chance of getting this one right if I knew all of the competitors and I don’t so this is just a wild guess shot in the dark. Gail Kim to win just because she is new (new again) so a boost wouldn’t be a bad thing. I think it would also be ironic if she re-debuts in this match so she can have both of her WWE debuts in Battle Royals that she wins. As a side note, if Santino dresses up as Cloudy and gets into this match I’m picking him to win.

Chris Jericho – The Legends
Having Jericho win this match would be such a downer that I have to pick the legends to be standing tall at the finish. That is not to say they are winning as I can see the match going two ways. The match gets thrown out somehow (DQ what ever) and then the Legends take turns hitting Jericho will all of their moves, perhaps finishing off with Flair putting Jericho in the Figure 4 and Randy the Ram hitting the Ram head butt of the tope rope. The other way I see this going is Jericho stealing some cheap ass win roll up and then the Faces hitting all this stuff and leave Jericho lying. I think either way I get credit for the prediction if the end of the segment is Jericho gets hit with the Figure 4 and the Ram head butt from Rourke.

Well that’s my predictions for this year, hopefully there won’t be any more matches added. If Swagger gets an ECW Title match added, I’ll predict he retains, we already have too many title switches. I get back from Hawaii on the 10th of April so I will get my recap and prediction percentage posted sometime after that. I hope to get another commentary up before Mania but I didn’t want to wait till the last minute and forget.

Lance Storm