WrestleMania Predictions

March 25, 2006

This is the first year Iíve been able to do this, because I no longer work for the company. Let me just be very clear, I have not talked to anyone from the office or anyone on the show about the event so I have no knowledge of the outcome of the events other than what I get from watching RAW and SD. The following is what I think will happen and why this coming Sunday. Letís see in a week if Iím even close.

Chris Benoit vs. JBL: Iím going with Benoit here as I have too many other title changes and they wonít switch all the belts on one show. I also think it could open the show and I like a happy start to a show.

Booker T vs. The Boogie Man: I donít see them beating Boogey Man so if there is a finish Iíll go with Boogie Man but Iím calling a non-finish.

Kane & Show vs. Carlito & Masters: Iíve got to go with Master and Carlito in this one. The champs have killed everyone including these guys in the past so the only way to make this anything but a pointless squash is to switch the titles. I see Carlito and Masters pulling a huge screw job win and then playing arguing partners as champs in the future.

Lingerie Pillow Fight: Does it matter? Val and I got bumped as tag champs off Mania 19 for the Miller Light girls and now MNM (The SD MVPs, and the best tag team in the industry, in my opinion) are off the show and this match gets on. This is a travesty.

Trish vs. Mickie James: Iím so glad this match got on the show, when they announced the pillow fight I was afraid this one got bumped. I was going to go with Mickie in this one but following the same logic as the Benoit match Iím going to say Trish retains. Trish may not win but Iím predicting she retains the title somehow.

Taker vs. Mark Henry: Taker all the way. I donít see the Dead Man losing his Mania streak to Mark Henry.

Edge vs. Mick Foley: Iíve got to go with Edge on this one. Edge has more in ring years left and needs to be protected more than Mick, and Mick has always be a pro in the past so I see him doing the honors.

HBK vs. Vince: Iím going with HBK. It just doesnít make sense any other way. HBK is one of the best performers ever and a multiple time world champ he should not be losing to a 61-year old non-wrestler, regardless how big and in shape he is. I think this will also be a WAY better match than most predict. Vince while not a wrestler is a great performer and you know they will pull out all the stops in this one.

Money in the Bank: Iím going with RVD in this one. Iíd like to pick a SD guy because that show could use the push of having a SD guy win, but with who Iím predicting as SD champ it just doesnít make sense. I think RVD is both due and deserving of winning this match, and moving on to a Title shot.

HHH vs. Cena: This is such a forgone conclusion in everyoneís mind it would be great to swerve everyone and have Cena retain but I donít see it happening. I see win number 11 for HHH. The only way they could keep in on Cena (IMO) would be to turn him but that would leave HHH as a face, which I donít see either.

Angle vs. Orton vs. Mysterio: Up until a day or two ago I was going with Angle. I know a lot of people are thinking Orton, but I figured there were too many title changes already on the show, which is why I was leaning to Angle retaining. There has been some mainstream press of late on Rey and the fact he could be the smallest Heavy Weight champ in history. Vince loves mainstream press and Rey winning could generate a lot more of it. Add to that POD playing his theme live at Mania and they could make this one big special night for Rey. Close the show with a VERY over baby face win, and ride any press that comes of it. He could also dedicate the win to Eddie and make it a double touching night. You want a WrestleMania moment this is it!!!!!

Till after Mania,