WrestleMania Recap

March 31, 2008

WrestleMania XXIV is in the history books so itís time to take a look back at my early predictions and see how well I did. Over the past two WrestleManias Iíve managed a 63% accuracy rate, but this year my batting average took a HUGE nosedive. My percentage dropped so much that if it wasnít for the fact that the show was so great I might have been a little upset. So letís jump in and take a look at the matches and the fact that I might actually have done better just flipping a coin.

The show opened with Finlay and JBL, which was a way better match than I expected. This was a real solid match (both literally and figuratively) and the crowd seemed pleased with the return of Hornswaggle. I was a little surprised his return wasnít saved for a run in and false finish in the match, but either way this match delivered more than I expected. I predicted JBL to win and he did so at least I was off to a good start. (1-0)

Money in the Bank was next and for me this may have been the best one yet. Granted I missed last yearís so I could be wrong. This match was freakin awesome, with amazing stunts, awesome drama, and a great finish. I usually cantí enjoy these matches, because Iím too worried the guys will get hurt, but with this one I was so completely into it, I loved it. My pick was Jericho with a slight thought in the back of my head that MVP could take it. Not only was my prediction wrong, but MVP didnít win either. The Matt Hardy run-in was a great little bonus, and far more fun that just adding him to the match originally. (1-1)

Batista vs. Umaga wasnít a great match but to be honest I didnít expect it to be. Both guys worked hard enough and I really have no complaints, for a fairly cold match with no angle they delivered what they could. Was it just me or was the crowd more behind Umaga than Big Dave? I predicted a Batista win so things swing back in my favour; Iím now (2-1)

The ECW title match for me was a tough one. I originally picked Chavo to loss to Kahli, but when they bumped the Battle Royal off the show I decided to hold off predicting this match until I knew the opponent. Even knowing it was Kane I was on the fence. I was leaning towards Kane but figuring they were likely switching the other World Titles; so they would leave this one on Chavo. I made a lame fence sitting prediction of Chavo ďretainingĒ the title somehow, hoping to hedge my bets by not even picking a definite winner. Even with that I lost, because Kane beat Chavo in maybe 5 seconds. I wasnít even disappointed with the short match. I donít see Chavo and Kane having great chemistry so the quick choke slam was likely going to be more fun than a long match anyway. Kane is the new ECW Champ and even trying to hedge my bets Iím back to 500 (2-2)

This next match was my favourite of the night. Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels. I picked Flair in this one and even had the finish picked out in my mind. I pictured Shawn going for the Super Kick, Flair catching the foot, going for the Figure 4, Shawn Small Packaging Flair, 1...2Ö and Flair rolling the Small Package over 1...2Ö3. I thought a loss would be a downer for the crowd and Flair could win and still retire. I wasnít sure Flair would agree to win the match but I was hoping. In hindsight I see the wisdom in what they did and have to agree my finish would have been completely wrong. The crowd was there to see Flairís last match and they were expecting and okay with the loss. Had Flair won it would have left the crowd in doubt of whether they saw his last match or not and they wouldnít have been able to conclusively celebrate the end of the greatest career of all time. Awesome drama, I loved it. Unfortunately Iím now down to (2-3)

Boy I felt bad for the girls having to follow that match. I guess someone had to be up next, and this was the right choice. This wasnít much of a match but I doubt anyone expected it too be and even if it was, following Ric Flairís retirement and having a black out half way threw killed any chance of anyone caring. I expected the baby faces to win, figuring the finish didnít matter so why not leave people happy. Shows what I know Beth with the win, and Iím starting my downward spiral. (2-4)

I was really happy to see the WWE Title match on next. The World Title has played second fiddle so many times I was glad it got the top spot tonight. The three-way match was solid enough but I was still riding my Ric Flair high and not into this match much. Iím not a fan of three ways to begin with which didnít help. I picked HHH to win the title with a small voice in the back of my mind saying Orton could retain. I didnít listen to that little voice, which is a shame as that could have kept me above 500. Orton pins Cena and Iím now (2-5)

Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show was a pleasant surprise for me. I didnít think there was a hope in hell of these two guys pulling off a good match. I figured the size difference was too great and I didnít think Floyd would be willing or able to do too much. I was wrong. I loved this match. I thought it told a great story and Floyd did way more than I expected. Iím hearing a lot of people complain about the finish, but realistically no big celebrity from another sport is going to come in for a show like this and lose. I knew Floyd would be going over and the finish protected Show enough and Floyd took enough of a beating, I was more than fine with it and enjoyed it very much. Floyd was also my pick so my percentage is crawling out of the gutter. (3-5)

Main Event time and like I said Iím glad SD finally got the slot. I think Taker deserves it and I was thrilled that my buddy Edge got to be the legitimate Main Event World Title match at WrestleMania. This was a damn fine match with only a slight lull in the middle, before building to an awesome finish. Oddly enough the only ďboringĒ part of the match came when Edge was using my finisher, Go Figure!!!! Even with as much as I hate the Gogoplata choke, it worked here and made a logical finish to a great match. I picked Taker to keep the Streak alive and he did not disappoint. I finished up (4-5) just below 500.

All in all WrestleMania XXIV was a great show that I predicted horribly. My accuracy rate dropped from 63% in past years all the way down to 44% this year, but you know, what Iíd rather be happy than right any day, and I was happy with this show. Every match was as good or better than I expected and I got to see Ric Flairís last match live; that in itself was worth $55.

Lance Storm